Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BREAKING. The SABC's head of public broadcasting services, Lulama Mokhobo, resigns.

You're reading it here first.

I understand that the SABC's head of public broadcasting services, Lulama Mokhobo has resigned after five years at the broadcaster. She is leaving the South African public broadcaster and today is her last day.

I can tell you that she told the SABC that she is leaving for ''greener pastures'' and that Lulama Mokhobo's resignation comes about two or three months before her contract as group executive: public broadcasting services (PBS) at the SABC would have come to an end.

I just spoke to the SABC and Kaizer Kganyago, SABC spokesperson confirmed Lulama Mokhobo's departure. ''She said she wanted to move on. She's moving on elsewhere to greener pastures,'' he tells me. The SABC just released a statement in which Lulama Mokhobo says she has ''spent an incredible five years at the SABC'' and that she wishes ''the organisation at large every bit of success as they continue the mammoth task of turning this critical institution into the highly respected and successful entity it should be''.

I'm also aware of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Somebody from MultiChoice's DStv will soon be joining On Digital Media (ODM)'s TopTV but the person's colleagues at DStv don't know yet that the person is jumping ship to a rival pay TV operator! This will be fun.

EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION! Watch The Bridge and win a 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player with Sony Entertainment Television.

A great new TV drama in 13 episodes, The Bridge starts on Thursday, 1 July on Sony Entertainment Television (DStv 113) at 20:30.

I've watched the first two episodes already of this police drama with Aaron Douglas as Frank and Paul Popowich as his partner Tommy on the screener I was sent (really good, I promise). I liked this new show so much that I've decided to do a giveaway with The Bridge: one lucky TV with Thinus reader can win an amazing Sony 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television.

Click on READ MORE below for a rundown on The Bridge starting on Thursday evening and my review, and all the details on how to enter the competition for the Sony Walkman player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television!

BREAKING. ''Aikona, sisi!'' SABC2's new Sunday sitcom Skwizas will be starring Mara Louw from August. At the same time she's on M-Net's Idols!

You're reading it here first.

I can exclusively reveal that in August viewers will be able to see Mara Louw on two South African TV channels at the same time. And believe you me - SABC2 and M-Net will NOT be happy about this.

Not only can I be first to tell you that SABC2 has a brand-new sitcom called Skwizas in the works, but I can also reveal that this new SABC2 Sunday evening sitcom in August stars none other than the dear Mara Louw in this local production. Yes. I hear you. So say it with me. ''Aikona, sisi!'' Of course in one of those most surreal, surrealest twists of fate in the TV world, Mara Louw will be appearing as one of the judges in the new sixth season of Idols on M-Net as well. Broadcasters simply HATE sharing on screen talent - and that's not even when its at the same time. Imagine then how much worse it then is when one of the famous faces from one of your premiere local production's are also popping up on a rival channel during the same production run.

Sources tell me that SABC2's Skwizas will also star Lillian Dube, Mary Twala, Dolly Malunga and Rina Nienaber who are struggling with growing older as well as dwindling pensions and careers.

BREAKING. Larry King just announced he's ending his Larry King Live talk show on CNN.

In a breaking and developing news story, talk show host Larry King (76) just announced that he's ending his long-running talk show Larry King Live on CNN after 25 years on the air at the global news network.

Larry King Live can be seen in South Africa on CNN International (DStv 401) weekdays at 11:00. His current contract ends in June 2011 but now he'll most probably end his show by the end of November 2010.

 ''Before I start the show tonight, I want to share some personal news with you. Twenty-five years ago, I sat across this table from New York Governor Mario Cuomo for the first broadcast of Larry King Live. Now, decades later, I talked to the guys here at CNN and I told them I would like to end Larry King Live, the nightly show, this fall and CNN has graciously accepted, giving me more time for my wife and I to get to the kids' little league games,'' says the iconic talk show host known for his suspenders.

''I'll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry King specials on major national and international subjects. I'm incredibly proud that we recently made the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest running show with the same host in the same time slot. With this chapter closing I'm looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it's time to hang up my nightly suspenders."

CNN says: ''Just as CNN redefined the news business, Larry King defined the art of the television interview. His candor, curiosity and compassion are legendary, and his ability to interview people from all walks of life - world leaders, celebrities and everyday people - has made him an icon. Having conducted nearly 50 000 interviews over 50-plus years in broadcasting, Larry deserves to take some time for himself and his family. After 25 years at CNN, he will conclude Larry King Live on his own terms, sometime this fall.''

Larry King first announced the news on Twitter of all places. I have that, as well as CNN's internal memo to staff if you click on READ MORE below.

Imagine . . . shows with a perpetual ''P'' for product placement? British broadcasters must now indicate product placement in shows.

Imagine's stream of crass and in-your-face unabated advertiser funded shows having to indicate on  your TV screen that its littered with product placement - as I'm sure that Pick n Pay's Fresh Living TV starting in September on which I told you about RIGHT HERE will undoubtedly be.

Imagine whole half hours on in prime time or episodes of hour episodes of 3 Talk with Noeleen on SABC3 (when its ''Woolworths' winter recipes'' or ''Woolworths' summer fashion fun'') with a big letter ''P'' in the corner? A P that will indicate to viewers that the TV channel has actually largely given their independent, editorial control away within that show to advertisers who are getting the opportunity to showcase and push their products on a largely unsuspecting TV audience through product placement?

That is how it will now be working in Britain where Ofcom, the British communications regulator - the United Kingdom's version of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) - has now ordered broadcasters to tell viewers which TV programmes contain product placement. New Ofcom rules state that TV channels have to show the P symbol (similar to the S, V, L, N, 18 which we have come to know for sex, violence, language and nudity) to indicate where commercial consideration is given to products, outside of straight forward TV ads.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

INTERVIEW. Bridget Masinga on All Access: ''If I'm a diva then so be it. Divas go on to be fifty and have empires worth multi million dollars!''

You're reading it here first.

I just love All Access presenter Bridget Masinga after this funny, witty, honest (and did I mention funny?) interview I did with her at Friday night's birthday party when M-Net's weekly entertainment magazine turned one year old.

In a bubbly interview Bridget Masinga told me how she really feels about working on this production, and what high profile celebrity she talked to during the past year that changed her outlook on life completely. Find out why she made a vow to herself to be more assertive, and more forthright about what she wants in life and in the entertainment industry.

Why does Bridget Masinga call herself ''such a hermit!'' Really? And how does she balance a personal life with the glam and jetsetting lifestyle of doing All Access? Who does she really still want to talk to and which celeb escaped her clutches? I have all the answers . . .

For my full interview with Bridget Masinga of M-Net's All Access click on READ MORE below.

Man soap alert: All (junior) hands on deck as Deadliest Catch returns for a 6th season to Discovery Channel in September's ''Life on the edge'' month.

The stormy sixth and latest season of Deadliest Catch will be back on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) in September in South Africa - a month which Discovery is billing as their ''Life on the edge'' month.

''September sees the return of our biggest franchises and our biggest shows,'' says Paul Welling, the vice president head of channels, emerging markets for Discovery Networks' Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. ''The latest Bear Grylls adventure will be back in September with the 5th season of Ultimate Survival, our continuing man soap Deadliest Catch is back for the latest 6th season and we have two brand new series as well. Bear Grylls is also in Worst Case Scenario which is a new show, and Surviving Disaster.''

I asked Paul Welling why he's using the brilliant term ''man soap'' referring to Deadliest Catch which revolves around cameras capturing the drama filled life-or-death jobs of five king crab ships, their skippers and crew in the Bering Sea.
''When I use the word 'man soap', its in the sense of the success of hit Discovery shows such as Deadliest Catch and Swamp Loggers,'' says Paul Welling. ''Men I think - and I'm generalizing - watch TV because they primarily want information, facts and drama. For me Deadliest Catch does two jobs. The men come to it for the information and the high end drama, where women like the backstory and the storyline. The man soap element of Deadliest Catch is that its so riveting that it keeps viewers coming back again and again, where the mesmerizing story works like a soap.''

In the sixth season of Deadliest Catch viewers will get to see how Captains Phil and Sig's experiment trading junior deckhands turns out - and real-life tragedy strikes the crew of the Cornelia Marie when somebody dies.

BREAKING. MultiChoice SA added 450 000 subscribers; now reaches 2,85 million South African homes.

Naspers released its annual results this morning that includes the operations of its pay TV business MultiChoice.

Naspers' pay TV businesses added 634 000 subscribers in its latest reported financial year ending on 30 March 2010. That is 19% higher subscriber growth than in the previous financial year that ended 30 March 2009.

Interesting to note is that Naspers says that the cost of TV content has risen - mostly due to competition in the TV market as well as more local production. In South Africa the subscriber base of MultiChoice South Africa grew by 450 000 subscribers to 2,85 million homes (now offering nine different DStv bouquets). A big subscriber driver in these available bouquets, just like in the previous financial results, remains DStv Compact that ''with a strong content offering of soccer, general entertainment and movies, attracted many customers''.

In the 47 countries in the rest of Africa where MultiChoice Africa operates, ''a focus on local content and additional sport delivered 184 000 additional subscribers, taking the subscriber base to 1,1 million homes. The Compact and Family bouquets stand at 447 000''. Hausa and Yoruba language content was added in Nigeria and SuperSport is now one of the main funders of local sports leagues across the African continent. That says Naspers, means higher content costs for the group. ''However, if African sport is to become globally competitive, it needs funding by someone.''

Mobile TV operations were launched in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria, while the media group is still awaiting a mobile TV licence in South Africa.

INTERVIEW. Producer Paul Venter on All Access turning one: ''We just want to do what we do even better.''

You're reading it here first.

All Access on M-Net, the weekly entertainment magazine show Fridays at 19:30 just turned one since its high gloss debut last June on the pay broadcaster. In a comprehensive interview I spoke with All Access producer Paul Venter from Homebrew Films about the show's success, how All Access decides what makes it to air (and what not), as well as the logistical challenges of putting together such a show on a weekly basis behind the scenes.

Paul Venter talks about some of the difficulties All Access faced in the first few months and how it changed and reveals how the show keeps working to get international access to TV shows and celebrities. See what All Access insert of the past year he calls ''just magical'', what he says he enjoys the most about his work and how as a producer of the show he sees All Access moving forward.

For my complete interview with Paul Venter about All Access, click on READ MORE below.

BREAKING. Oprah Winfrey named the most powerful celeb by Forbes magazine for the 4th time.

Oprah Winfrey (56) is back at number one as the most powerful celebrity in the world. The talk show queen who will start her own television network next year has just been named by Forbes magazine as the most powerful celebrity in the world for the fourth time.

Last year's number one, Angelina Jolie, fell to the 18th place. In a press release Forbes is saying that Oprah Winfrey earned $315 million last year from her TV and magazine empire. The top rankings are based on income over the past 12 months, as well as web references, press clippings, broadcast mentions and major magazine covers devoted to the celebrity, says Forbes. Oprah Winfrey is followed by the singer Beyonce Knowles, Avatar director James Cameron, singer Lady Gaga and golfer Tiger Woods.

The rest of the top 10 are singer Britney Spears, the Irish band U2, actress Sandra Bullock, actor Johnny Depp and singer Madonna. Other new names on the top 100 list on Forbes this year include the Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the Black Eyed Peas, Robert Downey Jr. and talk show host Chelsea Handler of E! Entertainment (DStv 124).

You can find the complete list of this year's Forbes Celebrity 100 RIGHT HERE.

EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION! Watch The Bridge and win a 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player with Sony Entertainment Television.

A great new TV drama in 13 episodes, The Bridge starts on Thursday, 1 July on Sony Entertainment Television (DStv 113) at 20:30.

I've watched the first two episodes already of this police drama with Aaron Douglas as Frank and Paul Popowich as his partner Tommy on the screener I was sent (really good, I promise). I liked this new show so much that I've decided to do a giveaway with The Bridge: one lucky TV with Thinus reader can win an amazing Sony 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television.

Click on READ MORE below for a rundown on The Bridge starting on Thursday evening and my review, and all the details on how to enter the competition for the Sony Walkman player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television!

BREAKING. Radical Rasdien, formerly The Joey Rasdien Show, now set to debut on SABC2 in September.

You're reading it here first.

I can exclusively reveal that the upcoming The Joey Rasdien Show on SABC2 has been retitled as Radical Rasdien as the new working title and that it will debut on SABC in September.

After some behind the scenes drama I told you about RIGHT HERE in March on the set of the show I can now tell you that SABC2 has set a September premiere date for Radical Rasdien as a variety/comedy show loosely based on the comedian's own (crazy) family life.

''It's a property that we're very, very excited about,'' Nivasha Hardev, SABC2 marketing manager tells me. ''It has Joey Rasdien talking to a whole of people about a whole lot of issues. Radical Rasdien has comedy, it has variety and everything will be centred around Joey Rasdien himself. Radical Rasdien is really going to be talking to our coloured TV audience which is a viewership segment that we're hoping to attract more to the channel''.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Graeme Watkins' advice for this year's M-Net Idols hopefuls: ''Don't party too hard and get a good night's rest. Otherwise . . .''

You're reading it here first.

First of all his hairstyle now reminds me of those My Little Trolls. Dunno why. Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest. And I'm not nasty with last year's Idols top three finalist Graeme Watkins, I really like the dude - who I ran into at the first birthday party of All Access on M-Net Friday night.

I immediately asked Graeme Watkins for his expert advice - having been there done that - what his advice is for the new crop of hopeful Idols contestants when they get to the dreaded Theatre round (which we'll be seeing in August on M-Net) and when they progress beyond that to the live performance spectaculars.

Graeme Watkins immediately had a warning for the Idols contestants for the Threatre phase  - and some really wise advice . . . about advice!

Click on READ MORE below to read everything Graeme Watkins told me and all his Idols advice for the sixth season contestants.

Cindy Nell's newest biggest fear . . . high definition (HD) TV: ''What if I get this big zit that's pushed into people's faces on television?"

You're reading it here first.

I ran into Cindy Nell (the former Survivor SA Santa Carolina celebitant on M-Net, and now Woza Lunchtime presenter on SuperSport during the 2010 FIFA World Cup) when she glided over the red carpet at All Access' first birthday party Friday night in Johannesburg.

In a dramatic black creation befitting a former Miss South Africa, I cornered Cindy Nell for a little chit chat and the tall and leggy model as always graciously obliged. Cindy Nell revealing only to me her biggest new fear as a Woza Lunchtime presenter on SuperSport: high definition (HD) television that shows everything! Not that Cindy Nell honestly has anything to worry about. Her skin is flawless.

I asked her about her new presenting gig for the new daily SuperSport show during the World Cup and doing it all in HD, whether she has anything like a ''normal'' day, and what she's enjoyed doing the most so far.

For my red carpet interview with Cindy Nell, click on READ MORE below.

With retrenchments happening, is this the end of wannabe pay TV operator Super 5 Media's dimming dream?

Is the end looming for the struggling Super 5 Media (formerly Telkom Media, before Telkom sold its share to Shenzhen Media SA) and its increasingly dimming dream of starting a pay TV service?

I hear that Super 5 Media is letting people go. Of course, all my attempts to talk to somebody there to verify this, is falling on deaf ears. Nobody at Not-so-Super 5 Media is returning any email or voicemail left for the obviously struggling and super secretive company. Super 5 Media is not reacting to any media enquiries, while the company is now facing doom: Super 5 Media has to start broadcasting and making use of its pay TV licence that it got from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) in 2007 by the end of September 2010 or lose it.

As I've chronicled here time and again, Not-so-Super 5 Media has made umpteenth empty promises - even just this year to start in February, then March, then May, then June and now . . . nothing. Radio silence. Now they're apparently also letting the last of the last workers go with voluntary severance packages after the previous round last year which also saw Super 5 Media shed workers. Of course I can't ask Super 5 Media what's going on because they don't reply or answer the phone. Yet they want to do pay TV. Maybe Super 5 Media should start with the telegraph. Or the grammophone. Or simpler yet . . .smoke signals?

Super 5 Media, if they at all still have any intention of launching any kind of credible pay TV service of any kind in South Africa, needs to communicate (even if you severed ties with your spokesperson last year). Talk. Tap out morse code, even if its an SOS. Send that smoke signal.  The South African journalists covering television are vigilantly looking for a sign. Any sign . . .

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ALSO READ: Yawn. Super 5 Media misses May; now promises June as its ''new starting date.

BREAKING. SOS congratulates SABC board; again calls on SABC board chairperson dr Ben Ngubane ''who can't be trusted'' to resign.

You're reading it here first.

The Support Public Broadcasting (SOS) public pressure group just congratulated the SABC board ''for beginning to address the serious corporate governance breaches at the SABC'' but also said ''further action'' is necessary.

This follows after the news that the SABC board chairperson dr Ben Ngubane has backed down from his unilateral decision to have Phil Molefe ''appointed'' as the SABC's new head of news - something which the SABC board immediately opposed and called ''null and void''. It took the minister of communications, genl. Siphiwe Nyanda to have a strongly worded meeting with dr Ben Ngubane, before word leaked that the process to appoint a head of news will resume and continue as per the SABC's corporate governance regulations which states that the SABC board will make the necessary appointment.

''The SOS congratulates the SABC board on beginning to remedy the serious corporate governance breaches at the SABC as regards the appointment of the head of news,'' the pressure group just said in a statement. ''SOS is heartened to hear. . . that in line with good corporate governance practices an interview panel will continue its assessment of candidates for the position and make recommendations to the SABC board.''

''However, SOS believes strongly that these corporate governance breaches can not be laid to rest here. [We] believe that it is still imperative that action is taken against the chairperson of the SABC board. SOS still calls on dr Ben Ngubane to resign. This is in light of the fact that he can no longer be trusted to lead the SABC. Dr Ben Ngubane unilaterally decided to appoint the head of news, thus circumventing the SABC's own internal processes. Further, SOS would like to know what action is being taken against the SABCs group CEO, Solly Mokoetle. Solly Mokoetle initially implemented dr Ngubane's illegal decision to appoint the head of news, Phil Molefe.''

EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION! Watch The Bridge and win a 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player with Sony Entertainment Television.

A great new TV drama in 13 episodes, The Bridge starts on Thursday, 1 July on Sony Entertainment Television (DStv 113) at 20:30.

I've watched the first two episodes already of this police drama with Aaron Douglas as Frank and Paul Popowich as his partner Tommy on the screener I was sent (really good, I promise). I liked this new show so much that I've decided to do a giveaway with The Bridge: one lucky TV with Thinus reader can win an amazing Sony 2GB Walkman mp3/mp4 player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television.

Click on READ MORE below for a rundown on The Bridge starting on Thursday evening and my review, and all the details on how to enter the competition for the Sony Walkman player courtesy of Sony Entertainment Television!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FIRST LOOK! The first birthday party of M-Net's All Access is a red carpet, super-swanky, star-studded affair.

You're seeing it here first.

The party Friday night to celebrate the first birthday of All Access turned into a megawatt celebration, luring local A listers from soap stars to musicians, beauty queens to TV presenters and models.

M-Net's superglam weekly magazine held its All Access first anniversary party at Scarlett Ribbon at the Stoneridge Lifestyle Centre in Johannesburg where the show's stars all gathered, together with a falanx of local A listers in attendance all welcomes by party planner to the stars, the glowing Edith Venter. From Cindy Nell, Loyiso and the dudes from Locnville to Liezel van der Westhuizen, Graeme Richards, the soap star crowd from Binneland Sub Judice, Kerishnie Naicker and Vanessa Carreira, to specially invited ordinary viewers and fans of the show - all partied up a storm till late in the night.

I took great photos and talked to the stars on the red carpet - a red carpet that was rolled out by All Access themselves this one time and who can themselves usually be found alongside it. I have a complete wrap-up of was was excellent (and not so excellent!) of this wonderful birthday party.

Click on READ MORE below for a complete wrap-up of the All Access first birthday.

BREAKING. TopTV looking into newer content for its Top One and Top Movies channels.

You're reading it here first.

I can exclusively reveal that TopTV is working on newer movies and better content for its premium Top One (TopTV 150) and Top Movies (TopTV 100) channels since some viewers and some of the new pay TV platform's subscribers are not very impressed.

I can be first to tell you that TopTV's favourite channels at the moment are Natura (TopTV 310), Discovery Science (DStv 302), GOD TV (TopTV 351), Top Junior (TopTV 250) and Top Explore (TopTV 300) and Top History (TopTV 301).

Regarding feedback from viewers on TopTV's premium entertainment channel, Top One, TopTV tells me is ''has been mixed''. ''People who have not had pay TV before like it quite a lot, and people who have been exposed to pay TV before have seen some of the programming so they feel the content is a bit dated,'' Elouise Kelly, On Digital Media (ODM) chief marketing officer tells me. She says TopTV is working hard on content improvements for both Top One as well as Top Movies.

''Top Junior, Top Explore and Top History are receiving favourable feedback,'' she says. ''Our Top Movie channels not as much due to the older movies. However, newer movies will be seen on Top Movies in the coming months. Other compliments we have however received are that people understand the concept of Top Movies, Top Movies +2 (TopTV 101) and Top Movies +24 (TopTV 102). They understand the repeat schedule and can therefore plan around it.''

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MultiChoice won't release any subscriber numbers for its new DStv Lite bouquet.

How many subscribers does MultiChoice have for its new DStv Lite bouquet it introduced on 30 April, a day before TopTV launched their service on 1 May?

Whereas On Digital Media (ODM) now has in excess of 90 000 TopTV decoders in the market, MultiChoice is not willing to disclose how many people have signed up for the new DStv Lite bouquet. TopTV's basic bouquet and DStv Lite compare very closely to one another. Given TopTV's aggressive sign-up numbers, wanting to make a comparison between TopTV's basic service and DStv Lite, stands to reason. Besides launching at the exact same time, keep in mind that TopTV's basic bouquet package cost R99 for 24 TV channels. DStv Lite also cost R99 for 25 TV channels.

Whereas TopTV is blowing the trumpet about how well its doing, which conceivable further fuels subscriber growth as potential subscribers see TopTV as viable business and pay TV option, potential subscribers to DStv Lite are not able to get a sense of whether DStv Lite is popular as a pay TV option. Often, when people make a decision about a potential purchase, the amount of already sold or subscribed customers to a particular product or service, factors heavily in their decision. ''If a lot of other people bought and got it, then I will be safe getting it too because it must be good or value for money,'' is what consumer psychology will tell you. Solid DStv Lite subscriber numbers since MultiChoice launched this bouquet, could indicate to potential subscribers that its a good buy.

I asked MultiChoice for the number of DStv Lite subscribers, but was told that MultiChoice doesn't disclose subscriber numbers for specific bouquets. ''We only disclose audited subscriber numbers as published in the Naspers financial results twice a year''.

BREAKING. Phil Molefe NOT the permanent head of news at SABC, dr Ben Ngubane gets a dressing down from the minister of communications.

Phil Molefe is NOT the permanent new head of news at the SABC, with the SABC board vindicated in their battle against the SABC board chairperson dr Ben Ngubane who unilaterailly told the SABC group CEO Solly Mokoetle to appoint Phil Molefe in the position.

The SABC board said the decision does not rest with dr Ben Ngubane and that Phil Molefe's ''appointment'' was ''null and void''. Now, after a meeting with the minister of communications on Thursday, genl Siphiwe Nyanda, dr Ben Ngubane has backed down after - as I've been told by sources - dr Ben Ngubane was told to ''get his house [meaning the SABC/SABC board] in order'' in so many words.

The SABC didn't want to comment, telling me I need to talk to the department of communications. The minister's spokesperson told me I need to talk to the SABC. ''It's entirely an SABC matter,'' he told me. ''For the minister to say anything at all will be seen construed as interfering in the matters of the SABC and the SABC board. This is the SABC and the SABC board's responsibility.'' Dr Ben Ngubane didn't respond to voicemail at the time of posting this story. I understand that dr Ben Ngubane got quite a dressing down from the SABC board as well as from the minister this week. The process of looking for and appointing a head of news at the SABC will now once again continue with the SABC board getting to make - and approve - the final decision. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BREAKING. All Access' first birthday party tomorrow all set to be a superglam and fantastic Friday night affair.

You're reading it here first.

M-Net's weekly entertainment magazine show All Access turns one tomorrow with the glammest birthday party of the year and only I have all the inside party gossip and party planning secrets!

Simply everyone who's anyone is already trying to get an invite to tomorrow evening's super VIP night when All Access will be celebrating the show's first birthday at the brand new, super stylish and ultra modern Scarlet Ribbon function venue at the Stoneridge Lifestyle Centre in Johannesburg that will be turned into celebrity heaven tomorrow evening at 19:00 with a dress code that states: ''strictly fabulous''. I can exclusively reveal that socialite party planner to the stars, Edith Venter will be organizing this glamma-do, and quips a source closely connected to the event, ''we can only expect the biggest and the best!''

I can reveal that the VIP All Access guests will be sipping on Krone Champagne that will be popped to celebrate All Access' first birthday, Val de Vie wines will be flowing non-stop and the renowned caterer Vicki Crease will be in charge of the culinary delights that will surely entice the bevy of celebrities who already RSVP'ed. Guest can get ready for a Decadent Dessert Table as well as the widest selection of amazing cheeses ever.

Guests can expect Brigitte Willers on the decks early during the evening with Loyiso rocking the house later, and then some energetic electro hip-hip grooving with Locnville later. All Access presenter Koula will also take the dance vibe higher with her own set of songs from the DJ box. ''It's going to be a night to remember,'' a trusted source tells me. Guests include stars from television (from Brümilda van Rensburg to Nadia Velvekens will be in attendance) to film and music (Heinz Winckler) and radio (Jeremy Mansfield) as well as all 9 All Access presenters ranging from Mark Bayly, Pabi Moloi and Jason Greer to Tammy-Anne Fortuin and Ewan Strydom.