Monday, June 28, 2010

With retrenchments happening, is this the end of wannabe pay TV operator Super 5 Media's dimming dream?

Is the end looming for the struggling Super 5 Media (formerly Telkom Media, before Telkom sold its share to Shenzhen Media SA) and its increasingly dimming dream of starting a pay TV service?

I hear that Super 5 Media is letting people go. Of course, all my attempts to talk to somebody there to verify this, is falling on deaf ears. Nobody at Not-so-Super 5 Media is returning any email or voicemail left for the obviously struggling and super secretive company. Super 5 Media is not reacting to any media enquiries, while the company is now facing doom: Super 5 Media has to start broadcasting and making use of its pay TV licence that it got from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) in 2007 by the end of September 2010 or lose it.

As I've chronicled here time and again, Not-so-Super 5 Media has made umpteenth empty promises - even just this year to start in February, then March, then May, then June and now . . . nothing. Radio silence. Now they're apparently also letting the last of the last workers go with voluntary severance packages after the previous round last year which also saw Super 5 Media shed workers. Of course I can't ask Super 5 Media what's going on because they don't reply or answer the phone. Yet they want to do pay TV. Maybe Super 5 Media should start with the telegraph. Or the grammophone. Or simpler yet . . .smoke signals?

Super 5 Media, if they at all still have any intention of launching any kind of credible pay TV service of any kind in South Africa, needs to communicate (even if you severed ties with your spokesperson last year). Talk. Tap out morse code, even if its an SOS. Send that smoke signal.  The South African journalists covering television are vigilantly looking for a sign. Any sign . . .

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