Friday, August 31, 2018

BREAKING. Dumisani Hlophe appointed as the SABC's new political editor.

The political analyst Dumisani Hlophe has been appointed as the SABC's new permanent political editor in the long-vacant position at the South African public broadcaster.

Dumisani Hlophe will take over as SABC political editor from Monday 3 September. The caustic and so-called Hlaudi Motsoeneng enforcer, Sophie Mokoena, was acting SABC political editor until she quit in July.

The SABC in a statement says Dumisani Hlophe's "new role at the SABC News and current affairs division will include managing and guiding the news political team in ensuring a high level of authoritative, accurate, engaging and fair political journalism; the values SABC News treasures in ensuring constant fulfillment of its mandate and in providing content in a balanced and unrestrained manner".

Dumisani Hlophe previously made appearances as political analyst on SABC News (DStv 404), eNCA (DStv 403) and the now shuttered Gupta-news" channel ANN7 (DStv 405) (rebranded Afro Worldview).

In its statement the SABC says "the South African Broadcasting Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dumisani Hlophe as a political editor SABC News and current affairs" although his appointment is to the only position of political editor at the SABC - there are not more than one or other political editor positions at the broadcaster.

The SABC says Dumisani Hlophe "has vast experience in the political, research and content programming fields emanating from working as a political science lecturer, writer, political analyst, and political editor among other responsibilities he was previously entrusted with".

Dumisani Hlophe in a prepared quote issued by the SABC says "it is an honour to be part of a public broadcaster that seeks to strengthen the country's democracy; and to be joining a seasoned media personnel who strive to do their best in delivering quality news content to the South African citizens and the continent".

"His appointment [is] yet another step taken by the public news service to consolidate its position as an independent and impartial news provider," says Phathiswa Magopeni, the head of SABC News and current affairs.

"He comes in during a transitional stage where we are not only strengthening our adherence to the public mandate, but also strategically transforming our newsroom by examining our editorial processes to ensure credible and trusted content to the public of South Africa and beyond."

"We are therefore confident that with the experience and political expertise he brings, Dumisani Hlophe will add value to our political coverage, especially with general elections coming in 2019. We look forward to working with him and wish him the best".

Dumisani Hlophe has a master's degree in political science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, a certificate of executive leadership and management from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GBIS), a certificate in advanced research  methodologies from Stellenbosch and is currently working on his PhD in political leadership and state performance at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Fixed-term contract and freelance producers and staffers at the SABC News channel on DStv out of work after today as their expired contracts haven't been renewed.

Fixed-term contract and freelance producers and staffers who started 5 years ago working for SABC News (DStv 404) are out of jobs from tomorrow after SABC management decided not to sign new contracts.

This comes despite MultiChoice signing a new channel carriage agreement for SABC News with the SABC earlier this month.

The SABC News staffers joined when the South African public broadcaster's launched its second try at a TV news channel on DStv in a controversial deal with Naspers' MultiChoice 5 years ago to replace the shuttered SABC News International.

The fixed-term contracts and contracts with freelance producers and staffers are expiring today at the end of August, with multiple SABC insiders they won't be showing up for work from tomorrow, and wondering how SABC News will function.

"From Saturday we're not coming to work because our contracts were not renewed. SABC corridors gossip is that from Saturday only permanent SABC News channel people will be working," said an insider.

An insider also said "all the producers who started with the 404 channel don't know where they stand. We are told there is no money but MultiChoice gave us money. Out future at the SABC at this very moment is on the edge".

A source says: "We have been with SABC News for 5 years, working understaffed and being exploited and now they just want to get rid of us."

The SABC was asked for comment on Thursday morning about the freelancers and fixed-term SABC News contract workers and why contracts haven't been renewed, and what staff will be used to run the SABC News channel and whether they will be enough.

Neo Momodu, SABC spokesperson didn't respond with answers. If there's any official comment from the SABC it will be added here.

Ironically, Madoda Mxakwe, SABC CEO, said the signing of a new channel carriage agreement with MultiChoice would save jobs at the SABC and bring stability and certainty to the SABC and SABC News.

In a statement Madoda Mxakwe, SABC CEO, said "the SABC welcomes the new agreement with MultiChoice which will bring certainty to our viewers and our staff".

While the influx of new millions of rand from MultiChoice to the SABC might indeed save jobs at the SABC, it's apparently not helping to save jobs at SABC News specifically.

On Friday morning staffers were told to clear out their desks.

SABC denies that it's paying for 'Brooke Logan's' flowers, spa treatments or anything else around Katherine Kelly Lang's South African visit while multiple local producers are still owed millions by the broadcaster.

Did Katherine Kelly Lang buy flowers for herself to be handed to her at her airport arrival? The SABC is denying that it's paying for "Brooke Logan's" flowers or anything else around The Bold and the Beautiful actress' South African visit, saying the public broadcaster "did not incur any costs".

It comes amidst the basically bankrupt South African public broadcaster still owing a litany of local production companies millions of rands owed for content, with shows like Uzalo on SABC1 that has completely shut down production with cast and crew that downed tools due to non-payment by the SABC.

The SABC, a R7 billion corporation, has only R26 million left in the back and owes 27 times more - R694 million - to producers and other service providers who haven't been paid as the broadcaster awaits a another possible government bailout.

SABC viewers, the public, actors and producers are now wondering where the SABC gets the money from to participate in the nationwide marketing blitz of the iconic The Bold and the Beautiful actress visiting South Africa this week and next week with the American weekday soap that is broadcast on SABC3.

While SABC TV head publicist Zandile Nkonyeni welcomed Katherine Kelly Lang at the airport with flowers and joined her for spa treatments, Katherine's team or someone else is apparently paying for the flowers and everything else, not the SABC, according to the broadcaster.

Katherine is making several public appearances together with the SABC and banner-headlined by SABC3 in cities around South Africa.

After a game reserve safari and spa treatments this week, Katherine Kelly Lang will appear on SABC3's Real Talk with Azania on Tuesday, film scenes for SABC3's local soap, Isidingo, and do a profile interview insert on Top Billing following a flurry of brunches, radio interviews and viewer meet-and-greets.

Vuyo Ngcukana, an actor in The Queen on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) crystalised the thoughts of many onlookers this week, wondering "who is picking up Brooke Logan's bill for being here, I see she's getting royal treatment with spas and flowers but Uzalo actors are fighting for money they've worked for that hasn't been paid, so who brought and paid for Brooke?"

The SABC says it's not paying a cent for Katherine Kelly Lang's visit.

Neo Momodu, SABC spokesperson tells TVwithThinus in response to a media enquiry that "the SABC did not pay for, nor sponsor Katherine Kelly Lang’s visit to South Africa."

"The Bold and Beautiful and Katherine paid for the visit as part of long standing plans for Katherine to compete in the 2018 Ironman World Championship taking place in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, 1 September. SABC3 piggy-backed on this visit and therefore did not incur any costs."

MAKE SURVIVOR SA GREAT AGAIN. From a mankini, a sleeping bag on Lion's Head and a dog ornament from grandma's house, the hilarious - and heartfelt - entry videos for the 7th season on M-Net will make your jaw drop.

As entries are flooding in to "help make Survivor SA great again", ordinary South Africans are surprising with their eye-popping homemade videos that range from funny to heartfelt, and interesting to zany as people show and explain why they want to be contestants in the upcoming 7th season of M-Net's Survivor SA: Island of Secrets.

There's the man in the neon green mankini, the one who recreated tribal council with grandma's glass dog ornament, the one in a sleeping bag on Lion's Head and the woman who reveals her struggle with infertility.

The new season of the Afrokaans produced series that will be shown on M-Net (DStv 101) in 2019 is for the first time only accepting video auditions, with the producers who figured that cellphone camera use in South Africa has become so ubiquitous that it wouldn't limit the type and quality of entries they get. They were right.

Even more surprising - and not that it's necessary for people who enter to do that - is the level of video editing skills displayed by people, who have to tell the producers about themselves in their video, what they do, why they want to be on Survivor South Africa, and why they would make a great contestant.

In just two weeks South Africans using their cellphones have recorded and uploaded humorous and fascinating videos trying to get the producers attention, with entries for Survivor SA: Island of Secrets that close on 30 September at

Jason Brookstein who hilariously wants to "make Survivor SA great again", wants to build a wall that separates the tribes and says he has "lost count how many fish I've caught with my bare hands". As an engineering draughtsman, he says he will build better shelters than previous contestants did on the show. Tarzan is his spirit animal.

Noma Ngubane (36) from Pretoria who says she's a staunch fan of Survivor SA, says former winner Hykie Berg was the best and that she's "ready - physically, mentally - I am so ready. I've been ready".

Guy Dalamakis (20) from Stellenbosch who lives off of grass and plants and who "can sleep just about anywhere" says he will be able to survive on a barren island with little water since he's from the Western Cape.

Nolene Wessels (22) says one of her skills is finding clear water and that she's excellent at building a shelter.

Peet Liebenberg (29), a civil engineer from Cape Town who says being on Survivor has been a childhood dream of his and still is and that he loves the sound of "Island of Secrets", got testimonials from his friends who says "he can braai and he's proudly South Africa", and that he can "definitely cook rice".

Kagiso Katametsi says he would "represent the technical guys, the blue-collar guys" and that "after many years of watching the game I feel like the time has now come for me to enter the game".

Wedding photographer Aline Strydom (29) said she wants to be on Survivor because she is a survivor and revealed her struggle with infertility for five and a half years in her video entry. She says she knows how to "find common ground with all types of people and relate" and that "I want to show that I'm much more than infertile. So choose me, pick me. Let me be a castaway on that Island of Secrets."

The politics student Phumezo Jijana from Port Elizabeth says Survivor "is the best reality game created on Earth. It's gold." He says "it would be a huge check off my bucket list. This is the game to be in".

Frances Bezuidenhout (27) told the producers she's living "in a land far, far away from any paradise. Pretoria". In her video she searches for immunity idols and explain why she should be picked. In the end she lifts her dog out of the plants.

Steven van der Merwe (27) from Benoni who rode a bicycle from Durban to Benoni says he has been working in sales for the past 8 years and can influence people.

Dino Paulo who does skydiving asked friends and family to weigh in on if he should enter, as well as the cat, Bella.

Jason Moses (26) says he's a master builder because he builds Lego with his son. He says he wants to be a contestant to show that "you're more than just an everyday worker".

Marius Heyns (32) from Krugersdorp sat on the stoep, complete with torches, and apologises for not having a Nico Panagio or a fancy dragon at tribal council "but what I do have is "a common little glass dog that I borrowed from ouma's house". If he gets a place on the show, he says he will miss his "sanity sticks" (cigarettes).

Lenny Gorgulho (38) says "I love the game of Survivor. It reflects life greatly, you've got to make the right decisions, the best alliances".

Wayne Vorster (36), a personal trainer who've entered every Survivor SA since the beginning and who says he compares himself to Zavion Kotze, says "I've made a promise to my dad before he passed away that I'll be in Survivor one day and that I'll actually win it. And this is still a promise that I want to keep".

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Walton Goggins replacing Mark Strong in the second season of the spy drama Deep State on FOX that will soon be filming in Cape Town, South Africa.

Actor Walton Goggins (46) has replaced Mark Strong in the second season of the espionage drama series, Deep State on FOX (Dstv 125 / StarSat 131 / Cell C black 201), that will soon be filming scenes in Cape Town South Africa, as well as in the United Kingdom and Morocco.

Deep State, produced by Red Arrow's Endor Productions, is Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa's first regional scripted series commission specifically for the Europe and Africa territory, with the second season comprising 8 episodes that will be broadcast sometime in 2019.

The first season revolved around the former MI6 field agent Max Easton, with the second season of Deep State that will focus on Walton Goggins' character, Nathan Miller, a former CIA agent.

Walton Goggins is also an executive producer on the show.

Other new characters who will appear during the second season of Deep State include Victoria Hamilton as a Republican senator, Lily Banda as the aid worker Aicha Konaté in Mali en Shelley Conn as Nathan's ex-wife.

Joe Dempsie, Karima McAdams, Alistair Petrie and Anastasia Griffiths from the first season will appear in the second season.

"At the heart of this project is this major new character, Nathan Miller, an ex-CIA agent, who now acts on behalf of the deep state," says Matthew Parkhill, co-creator and director in a statement.

"Our aim for the show is to move beyond the first season, expanding the shadowy world of the deep state and encourage viewers to delve deeper into how it goes about ruthlessly achieving its goals."

"We are thrilled to have Walton Goggins join our team," says Sara Johnson, vice-president of scripted and executive producer for FNG Europe & Africa.

"He brings the highest calibre of experience to season two. Led by the creative vision of Matthew Parkhill and the expertise of Hilary Bevan Jones, Paul Frift and the team at Endor, Deep State stretches the traditional boundaries of the contemporary espionage genre and continues the rich history of compelling entertainment content that has made 21st Century Fox a leading entertainment brand globally."

TITILLATING. Lillian Dube asks SABC1 Sport at 10 anchor Thomas Mlambo: 'You don't suck a titty? What do you suck?'

On Wednesday evening the South African public broadcaster dished up some titillating television as viewers' jaws dropped when actress Lillian Dube made an appearance on SABC1's Sport at 10 and asks the sports show anchor Thomas Mlambo if he sucks "titty" or what he's sucking on.

During the interview that turned awkward as part of the South African public broadcaster's Women's Month campaign, Lillian Dube point blank asked Thomas Mlambo: "You don't suck a titty? What do you suck? You've got to suck something. What do you suck?"

The anchor was speechless.

On his social media account Thomas Mlambo afterwards said: "Awkward does even get close to describing the corner I was in. Nowhere to hide...and you just have to respect when a mother figure is speaking".

Lillian Dube who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, said she encourages men "to suck those titties".

She has been outspoken after her cancer diagnosis and treatment, encouraging the sucking on breasts to help detect lumps.

She has also advised women to play with men's testicles to also help with the detection of cancer, saying on Real Talk on SABC3 "women must play with those balls" as the easiest and quickest way of detecting if there's anything wrong with their partners.

In a recent newspaper interview Lillian Dube revealed that she has a wide selection of sex toys and owns 7 vibrators.

Will M-Net and MultiChoice's mistake-filled Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards sink or swim this Saturday in Lagos for the 6th time around on Africa Magic? The live broadcast will once again tell.

Will the mistake-filled Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards done by M-Net on MultiChoice's DStv pay-TV service sink or swim the 6th time round in 2018 when the pan-African awards show is broadcast live this coming Saturday on Africa Magic?

Viewers and TV critics are waiting with baited breath as to whether M-Net and MultiChoice Africa will be able to clamp down on the always-ridiculed awardcast and its odd red carpet pre-show when the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards will get televised across Africa this Saturday on the various Africa Magic channels.

The 3-hour broadcast of the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards red carpet pre-show that had dubious production values the previous 5 years and always create unintentionally hilarious mistakes, will start at 17:00 on Africa Magic Epic (DStv 152), Africa Magic Urban (DStv 153) and Africa Magic Family (DStv 154) this Saturday.

This will be followed by the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards live awards show ceremony at 20:00 until 23:00 (theoretically if there's no run-over as in the past) on the same Africa Magic channels.

As previously reported, the award show is called the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards although the "viewers' choice" part has actually once again been cut down further and reduced this year from 16 to just 7 categories.

Viewers now only get to actually choose 7 out of the 27 winners of the supposed pan-African TV and film competition that continues to be basically heavily Nigerian-filled with a sprinkling of participation from East and Southern Africa included.

The in-show experience of the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards , once again taking place at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, is different from the actual telecast - the actual broadcast has a lot more self-evident and obvious mistakes, with the ballroom audience only seeing the most obvious like the opening of wrong envelopes, wrong clips being played or awkward on-stage incidents and banter.

IK Osakioduwa and Minnie Dlamini will both be back as hosts of the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards - the 3rd stint for both.

"We are delighted to once again celebrate outstanding achievements in the African film and television industry on the platform of the AMVCAs," says Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, Africa Magic channel director.

"As always, we promise a night filled with exciting and stellar performances led by some of Africa's biggest names in the music industry."

"Our viewers at home will not miss a moment of the event as they tune in to all Africa Magic channels on Saturday 1 September to see who wins the coveted AMVCA titles."

ITV Choice Upfront 2018: Neale Dennett has replaced Katherine Wen as ITV Choice channel director; content showcase unveils late-2018 and upcoming 2019 programming.

ITV's ITV Choice (DStv 123) held its 2018 upfront presentation on Wednesday afternoon in Johannesburg, with Neale Dennett who has replaced Katherine Wen as channel director, unveiling the remainder of its 2018 programming highlights and 2019's upcoming shows.

The 2018 ITV Choice upfront held at The Park at the Hyde Park Corner shopping centre was for Johannesburg media and ad buyers only, but this year ITV Choice beforehand did alert and notify press nationally that it would be taking place.

ITV Choice also shared the programming booklet handed out physically at the showcase event with national media not present.

Donel Mangena (17) the British-Zimbabwean who was a contestant in The Voice UK, appeared and performed at the ITV Choice upfront.

Neale Dennett has now replaced Katherine Wen as ITV Choice channel director.

Neale Dennett who has had several roles at ITV, remains director for pay content and packages at ITV in the United Kingdom, but has added the ITV Choice channel director position.

"It is my huge privilege to have joined ITV Choice as channel director in timeto introduce the programming highlights for the remainder of the year and going into 2019," says Neale Dennett in the programming booklet.

"Over the past 12 months ITV Choice has continued to grow its presence in Africa, reaching record new audiences and increasingly delivering on our promise to bring TV viewers the very best of Big British Entertainment."

"Looking forward, we are very pleased to be building on this success with a wide range of big new and returning drama, comedy and entertainment shows."

"We will be bringing back our classic detectives Vera and Endeavour with more crimes to solve, and enabling audiences to dip back into history again with the latest seasons of Victoria and Poldark. For something a bit more light-hearted though, we're very pleased to be premiering new series Girlfriends, following the complex relationships of life-long friends Linda, Sue and Gail, and also the moving-yet-funny Cleaning Up, starring Sheridan Smith."

ITV Choice will have another season of Doc Martin with Martin Clunes, and in 2019 programming which the actor takes viewers on his own personal tour of the United States. The Voice UK and The Voice Kids will be back for new seasons in 2019.

"Following huge interest in ITV Choice live coverage of the wedding of Harry and Meghan earlier this year, we'll be taking a closer look into the lives of Prince Charles and Camilla, with a selection of royal programming, as Charles turns 70 and prepares to take over the throne," says Neale Dennett.

Girlfriends   September 2018
For life-long friends Linda, Sue and Gail, the years have flown by, yet their lives seem more complicated than ever. For these girlfriends, it's clear their lives have changed over the years, but true friendship remains the same, no matter how much time has passed.

Cleaning Up   First quarter 2019
Sheridan Smith can be seen in the role of an ordinary working class mum caught between two contrasting worlds - the everyday grind of suburban life and the high-risk game of insider trading.

Cheat   First quarter 2019
A psychological thriller. With two fiercely intelligent minds unwilling to back down, Cheat will keep audiences guessing from the start, exploring how far people are prepared to stand up for what they believe in, and at what cost.

Hatton Garden   To be announced, sometime 2019
This drama tells the inside story of a heist, in the vault of the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company in London's jewellery quarter. This ended up being the biggest burglary in the history of Britain, totalling around $200 million.

Dark Heart   November 2018
Across a stifling week during a London heat wave, William Wagstaffe, a workaholic whose personal life is as complex as his day job, investigates a string of horrifying murders in this crime thriller.


Doc Martin IX   Third quarter 2019
Martin Clunes will return for this final season as the grumpy medic investigating cases.

Poldark V   Third quarter 2019
The fifth and final season of this British historical period drama will be back in the third quarter of 2019 and is set in the late 18th century and based on the novels of the same title by Winston Graham with Aidan Turner in the lead role.

Grantchester IV   First quarter 2019
The Anglican priest and former Scots Guards officer Sindey Chambers (James Norton) and the overworked detective Geordie Keating (Robson Green) forge an unlikely partnership in solving crimes.

Bancroft II   First quarter 2019
The second season of this dark thriller revolving around detective superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft, a female detective with an explosive secret.

Victoria III   First quarter 2019
The third season of this drama series recounting the history and next chapter of Queen Victoria's life.

Line of Duty V   To be announced, sometime in 2019
Set in the fictional police and anti-corruption unit, AC-12, this series is a cat-and-mouse thriller that takes a probing look into modern policing and corruption.

Vera IX   First quarter 2019
A new season of the crime series with Brenda Blethyn as the unorthodox but brilliant detective Vera Stanhope, investigating more chilling crimes.

Endeavour VI   First quarter 2019
In this British detective drama series Shaun Evans portrays the young Endeavour Morse, beginning his career as a detective constable, and later as detective sargeant, with the Oxford City Police.

Murdoch Mysteries XII   Second quarter 2019
Set in Toronto at the dawn of the 20th century, this drama series explores the intriguing world of William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), a methodical and dashing detective who pioneers innovative techniques to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders.

Shetland IV   To be announced, sometime in 2019
Crime writer Ann Cleeves' best-selling detective series returns for a 4th season. Set in the remote Scottish Shetland Islands, the series stars Douglas Henshall as Dr Jimmy Perez,facing a gripping new mystery.


The Voice UK 2019   First quarter 2019
Jennifer Hudson, Tom Jones, and Olly Murs will be back for another season of this singing talent reality format show.

The Voice Kids   Second quarter to fourth quarter 2019

Dancing on Ice 2019   To be announced, sometime 2019
Twelve British celebrities strap on their ice-skates and with professional partners, the novice skaters must perform challenging dance routines to win the approval of a panel of judges and the British public's vote.

Wedding Day Winners   December 2018
Happy couples. Amazing challenges. One epic wedding day. Two engaged couples, their friends and families go head-to-head in order to win prizes and the most extraordinary wedding ceremony ever.

Take Me Out XI   December 2019
Paddy McGuinness is back for the 11th season of this show in which 30 single women compete for a dream date. The single man is revealed through the "Love Lift" and has to do his best to impress the women in a series of rounds in which the man's friends or family members give revealing comments.


Prince Charles: The man who will be king   November 2018
With 5 years of unprecedented access to Prince Charles, this documentary follows his charity causes and shows conversations about his hopes and aspirations.

The Real Camilla   November 2018
A documentary following a year in the life of Camilla. Family, friends and the people who know her best talk about her.

Inside Balmoral   November 2018
Exploring the history of Balmoral, a 50 000 acre estate twice the size of the city of Manchester, which stretches across the Scottish Highlands. Cameras explore the impact that events behind its walls have had on the current owner, Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal Recipes II   November 2018
Mixing social history and cookery, Michael Buerk meets with chefs and food historians to celebrate some of the food served to British monarchs, from George IV to the present day.


Britain's Brightest Family II   First quarter 2019
Anne Hegerty is the host of a brand-new quiz show in which 16 families take part in a knock-out tournament as they attempt to win the holiday of a lifetime.

Tipping Point IX   First quarter 2019
Four players take on the show's distinctive machine in a battle of skill and luck. Contestants answer a series of questions, and every time they get a correct answer, they take control of the machine.

Tipping Point Lucky Stars V   First quarter 2019

The Chase XIII   Second quarter 2019
The 13th season, presented by Bradley Walsh. Four contestants take on one of Britain's finest quiz brains in order to win cash.

The Chase Celebrity version VIII   To be announced, sometime in 2019

Catchphrase VI   Second quarter 2019
Stephen Mulhern is the presenter of the 6th season of this game show. Players compete to guess the familiar phrases hidden in animated clues. One lucky contestant will go through to the Super Catchphrase for a chance to win fifty thousand pounds.


Second Chance Summer   To be announced, sometime in 2019
Set in Tuscany, 10 strangers get to fulfill their dream of starting a new life abroad in an experiment that could change their lives.

Martin Clunes: Islands of America   No date
Martin Clunes visits the diverse islands of the United States, starting at Alaska and ending in Hawaii.

Judge Rinder's Crime Stories III   To be announced, sometime in 2019
Judge Rinder is stepping out from behind the bench to take on real-life cases.

This time next Year III   
To be announced, sometime in 2019
Davina McCall is the presenter of this life-transforming programme. People from across Britain share with viewers what they pledge to change in their lives in a year's time.

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next   
September 2018
The show has reunited over 100 people with their long-lost relatives. In this show the series revisits the searches to find out what happened after the families were reunited.


Cannonball Xmas Special   December 2018
Freddie Flintoff plays Father Christmas and his sack is soaking, thanks to four of the most fearsome challenges ever seen on water

Keith and Paddy Picture Show Xmas Special   December 2018
The comedy duo return for a Christmas Special in which they recreate the classic film Gremlins from 1984 with the help of their troupe of celebrity guests.

What Would Your Kid Do? Xmas Special   December 2018
With comedian Jason Manford as presenter, the show challenges parents to guess how their children will behave in a variety of classroom challenges and real-world activities.

MultiChoice adds a 2-week World Wars pop-up channel from A+E Networks on DStv during November looking back at a century of global conflict.

MultiChoice will be adding a pop-up channel from A+E Networks looking back at the World Wars for two week during November.

The 100 Years of War will run for two weeks from 29 October until 11 November on DStv channel 199 as a History spin-off channel to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice when the guns on the western front finally fell silent and signaled an end to "the war to end all wars" on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November 1918.

It's not clear yet what DStv subscribers will be having access to this MultiChoice pop-up channel.

The 100 Years of War channel will look at the impact and legacy of war worldwide through the 20th century and beyond and how conflict and war shaped nations, international relations and the world today.

Besides shows about the two World Wars, the 100 Years of War channel will also broadcast feature documentaries about the Angolan Civil War, the Gulf War and the Boer War. The channel will show 6 hours of fresh content daily.

The channel will look at how the collapse of the old European powers in the first half of the 20th century gave rise to the era of super power conflict and arms race in the second half, and how this led to battles in so-called "spheres of influence" from the war in Vietnam as well as wars in Africa and the Middle East, to the end of Apartheid in South Africa and Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The 6-part series, The World Wars, focuses on the leaders of World War II including Churchill, Roosevelt, Hitler, Mussolini, Patton and Stalin.

The series contains a mix of dramatic re-enactments, archive footage as well as interviews with political figures like the late American senator John McCain and the former US secretary of state, Colin Powell

South Africa - The Land of Hope, is a three-part series that examines a time span from 1652 to 2010.  The legacy of apartheid is examined.

Honor Deferred looks at the stories of seven black Congressional Medal of Honor winners who were among the million black Americans who served within the US army's segregated ranks.

"We want to give our customers access to a wide range of entertainment across different genres. Documentaries such as the ones featured on this pop-up channel, tell the stories of where we come from and help us to make sense of our world," says Yolisa Phahle, CEO for general entertainment at MultiChoice.

"The 11th of November marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War. Our channel is a fitting homage to commemorate this," says Yusuf Nabee, A_E Networks Africa general manager.

"100 Years of War will run for two weeks with more than 80 hours of exclusive war content, including untold short stories related by veterans, victims and survivors of these wars."

Editor: MultiChoice and A+E Networks creates unintentional humor, making it sound as if John McCain and Colin Powell fought in the First World War. 

"Through a mix of dramatic re-enactment, archive, and interviews with political figures such as the late US Senator John McCain and ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the series chronicles how their experiences as younger men in the First World War shaped them into the war leaders they became," they say in the press release announcing the channel.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Nigerian court says injunction against MultiChoice Nigeria's new DStv price hike remains in effect, as the shocking court action of the country's belligerent consumer council damages the country's free market perception.

A Nigerian court has said MultiChoice's has to stick to the injunction after the pay-TV operator brought an appeal application to set aside a temporary injunction, granted last week, prohibiting MultiChoice Nigeria from going ahead with its latest DStv price hike that came into effect since August.

In August, MultiChoice Nigeria increased DStv Nigeria subscribers' monthly subscription fees for the first time since May 2017.

DStv Nigeria subscribers using the service of Naspers' pay-TV arm in the West African country are still paying the least in sub-Saharan Africa for the same content, compared to what DStv subscribers in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa have to pay and where price hikes happen like clockwork annually, despite having better economies and stronger currencies.

Although Naspers' DStv and GOtv pay-TV services are non-essential, luxury services, many consumers - including in Nigeria - have developed a warped consumer mindset where they perceive having DStv or GOtv in their homes as a must-have necessity, like basic services.

Although in theory a free-market economy, Nigeria's sliding economy with it's constantly weakening naira currency, now seems set to want to legislate what private companies, providing private services or products, are "allowed" to charge customers - for instance what a Gucci bag or an Emirates flight ticket in Lagos might be priced at.

Nigeria that struggles with a rampant inflation rate currently at 19%, and the ongoing weakening of the naira, wants to force private companies not to charge what a consumer market will freely bear or reject, but rather legislate blatant artificial price fixing.

This is something that is going to drive private multinational companies away from Nigeria as a possible investment destination and give international companies that have not yet fled the nation's tanking economy pause as to whether they should continue to invest in Nigeria.

Meanwhile biased and uninformed naija press, marinating in the public hate-stew that's been building against MultiChoice Nigeria the past few years, are salivating over running salacious headlines since last week like "MultiChoice battles Nigeria". 

Last week Nigeria's belligerent and corrupt Consumer Protection Council (CPC) got a temporary injunction against MultiChoice Nigeria on 23 August, forcing the company to somehow halt its subscription increase weeks after it already went into effect.

Nigeria's Consumer Protection Council has done nothing to improve Nigeria's rampant, daily electricity blackouts or to address exorbitant data and cellphone service prices, but continues to target MultiChoice Nigeria.

Yet Judge Nnamdi Dimgba of the Federal High Court Abuja granted the injunction, saying that "the interim injunction restraining MultiChoice Nigeria or its agents and representatives was to halt its continuing implementation of any increase in subscription rates or price review policy imposing increased charges and costs on the consumers".

This past Friday, MultiChoice Nigeria spokesperson Caroline Oghuma said the injunction by the CPC is "an affront to the free market economy" and that MultiChoice Nigeria is filing a notice of appeal.

"In light of the application for a stay of execution, the status quo therefore prevails," said MultiChoice Nigeria, saying the price increase will remain in effect. "MultiChoice Nigeria will always operate within the ambit of the law and will continue with the authorities to ensure the best outcome for our customers."

"We remain committed to providing the best quality of entertainment and premium content at the best possible prices."

Babatunde Irukera, director-general of Nigeria's CPC, told Judge Nnamdi Dimgba on Tuesday that MultiChoice Nigeria said publicly that it refused to comply with the injunction.

"The evidence is that the defendant has declined to comply with the order of the court. In a public statement, MultiChoice characterized the court order as an affront, and repeatedly said to subscribers who tried to renew their subscriptions pursuant to the court order that it will not, and has no intention of obeying the order."

On Tuesday Judge Nnamdi Dimgba about MultiChoice Nigeria's appeal application to have the injunction set aside, said "my order is in force. I believe it is in force until it is set aside. My order has to be obeyed. That is my position."

The matter has been adjourned to 3 September.

MultiChoice dumps DVB-H broadcasting in Kenya as its DStv Mobile and GOtv Mobile service reaching end of life, will get shut down 1 September.

MultiChoice is finally also dumping its DStv DVB-H mobile pay-TV service in East Africa with MultiChoice Kenya shuttering its DStv Mobile service from 1 September.

The outdated and obsolete DStv Walka and DStv Drifta are going dodo with the DVB-H service - "H" standing for handset - getting shut down this coming Saturday, 11 years after DStv Mobile was launched in 2007 in South Africa and in 2011 in Kenya.

MultiChoice wants mobile users to access DStv and GOtv through the DStv Now app, streaming TV content through using data.

"Our Mobile TV service was fist launched in 2007. At the time, we were the first to pioneer technology to broadcast to mobile mobile phones," say MultiChoice Kenya in a statement.

"However, as technology has evolved, and with the introduction of broadband, the streaming of audiovisual content to multiple devices - for instance smartphones, tablets and laptops - has become more attractive."

"DVB-H-based mobile TV broadcasting, along with the range of devices used to access this technology, have reached their end of life. The DStv Mobile and GOtv Mobile TV service will therefore end on Saturday 1 September".

Katlego Arnone appointed new MultiChoice Botswana managing director from September.

Katlego Arnone has been appointed as the new MultiChoice Botswana managing director overseeing Naspers' pay-TV business in the Southern African nation from 3 September that operates services like DStv Botswana and GOtv Botswana.

Katlego Arnone will oversee MultiChoice Botswana that employs around 80 staffers and comprises a national Botswana footprint of 69 retailers, 90 accredited installers, 6 agents and 24 direct sales force agents.

MultiChoice says Katlego Arnone's new role will "include a sharp focus on customer service and reshaping the business to improve on customer experience, whenever and wherever there is customer engagement".

Katlego Arnone joins MultiChoice Botswana from Liquid Telecom where she was chief commercial officer. She has an MSc in leadership and change management from Leeds Metropolitan University and a B.Com management degree from the University of Botswana.

Katlego Arnone in a statement says "In line with the business purpose of enriching lives, MultiChoice was a natural choice for me".

"It offers a number of platforms to fuse my passion for people and technology into powerful projects to change lives; whether it is the life of the boy in the rural area who has never seen a TV set before, to reaching out to those who we have left behind, to tapping into the creativity and tech savviness of the youth."

"After a rigorous search process, we are delighted to welcome Katlego Arnone to the MultiChoice family," says Nyiko Shiburi, MultiChoice's southern regional director in a statement.

"Katlego has very significant experience in the ICT industry with an emphasis on customer experience. I look forward to working with Katlego to continue the growth of our business in Botswana".

MultiChoice has over 10 000 pay-TV subscribers in Botswana.

The country's telecommunications regulator recently ordered MultiChoice Botswana to first submit applications and notifications of possible subscriber price hikes to the regulator for approval, before DStv and Gotv subscribers' fees are increased - something MultiChoice said it won't and can't do.

From over 3 100 entries from 13 Africa countries, MultiChoice Africa announces the 60 students that will take part in its first MultiChoice Talent Factory TV and film internship programme.

MultiChoice has started to announce the students from across Africa that will receive year long internships as part of its new MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) programme to help them gain experience and knowledge in Africa's TV and film industry.

MultiChoice Africa's MultiChoice Talent Factory follows M-Net in South Africa's 4-year old Magic in Motion Academy that was established in 2014 to provide a year long intensive internship to new graduates in the film and TV sector.

The students from across sub-Sahara Africa, but excluding South Africa, will get training at three MultiChoice Talent Factory academies hosted in Nairobi, Kenya (for East Africa); Lagos, Nigeria (for West Africa) and Lusaka, Zambia (for Southern Africa) - with 20 students each.

The MultiChoice Talent Factory received over 3 100 entries from 13 African countries.

Students will create local content that will be broadcast on the various M-Net channels carried on MultiChoice's DStv and GOtv satellite pay-TV platforms throughout Africa, including Africa Magic, Maisha Magic East, Maisha Magic Bongo, Zambezi Magic, M-Net and SuperSport.

Each of the three academies will be overseen by an Academy Director who are experts in film and TV: Njoko Muhoho in Nairobi, Femi Odugbemi in Lagos and Berry Lwando in Lusaka.

"From the thousands of applications received, it's evident that there's a strong desire to learn from and work with other African creatives," said film director and producer Femi Odugbemi.

Four filmmakers from Ghana will attend the first year at the West African hub that the MultiChoice Talent Factory will run. They are Edmund Kobby Asamoah, Henry Konadu Denkyira, Irene Dumevi Yaamoakoa and Patience Esiawonam Adisenu.

Nigerian filmmakers who will attend the programme include Idongesit Amba, Allen Onyige, Gilbert Bassey, Precious Iroagalachi, Nanret Paul Kumbet, Akpera Mnena, Umm’salma Saliu, Ugwu Uchenna Eileen, Sonia Nwosu, Moses Akerele, Metong Minwon, Bolaji Adelakun, Joseph Adeniyi, Kemi Tamara Adeyemi, Tochukwu Nwaiwu, and Blessing Bulus.

Three filmmakers from Namibia will attend the programme in Zambia. They are Esther Beukes, Ashivudhi Nghidipohamba and Sally Jason.

Two Zimbabwean filmmakers will attend the programme in Zambia. They are Nobert Mapfoche of Bulawayo and Rutendo Mahofa from Harare.

Two Botswana filmmakers will attend the programme in Zambia. They are Serena Serene Mmifinyana and Nikita Mokgware.

In East Africa 11 Kenyans grabbed spots for the programme that will start on 1 October. The 11 from Kenya are Adala Makhulo, Michelle Angawa, Tecla Joan, Shilla Gathoni, Mary Wanjiku, Samuel Makau, Hillary Lanogwa, Karanja Ngendo, Antony Njoroge, Millan Lwanga and Hillary Sabuni.

For filmmakers from Tanzania will attend the programme in Nairobi, Kenya: Sarah Kimario, Wilson Nkya, Jamal Kishuli and Jane Moshi.

Four filmmakers from Uganda will also attend the programme in Nairobi: Cissy Nalumansi, Hilda Awori, Aaron Tamale and Casey Lugada.

Fisehatsion Nibret from Ethiopia has also been selected to attend the MultiChoice Talent Factory in Nairobi.

Dumped Afro Worldview channel's staffers won't all get employed by Newzroom Afrika when the new TV news channel launches in early 2019 on MultiChoice's DStv.

The staffers from Mzwanele Manyi's controversial and now shuttered Afro Worldview TV channel on DStv won't all be employed by Newzroom Afrika when the new TV news channel makes its debut in early 2019 on MultiChoice DStv satellite pay-TV service.

Newzroom Afrika will give "special consideration" to former Afro Worldview staffers, but this doesn't mean that they will be hired. Also not all Afro Worldview staff will apply. 

MultiChoice dumped Afro Worldview last week as it said it would at the beginning of 2018, leaving 300 people jobless who were employed at the former Gupta-owned ANN7 that shut down after 5 years mired in allegations of corruption and of being a propaganda channel.

The owners of Newzroom Afrika, Thokozani Nkosi and Thabile Ngwato on Tuesday said they would give "special consideration" to people who have worked at Afro Worldview and who apply for positions - not advertised yet - at Newzroom Afrika.

That however doesn't they will get jobs.

In an email to Afro Worldview staffers, Mzwanele Manyi told them that details about their salaries will be communicated soon. Mzwanele Manyi said there's no further future for Afro Worldview and that operations have to shut down.

Mzwanele Manyi told staffers not to hope that they'll get employed by Newzroom Afrika and to search for other employment opportunities without waiting. Contracts of Afro Worldview staffers are not being formally terminated.

Meanwhile the Communication Workers Union (CWU) wants to meet with Mzwanele Manyi to negotiate severance packages for staffers.

The South African National Editors Forum (Sanef) said it welcomes the commitment by Newzroom Afrika to give "special consideration" to Afr Worldview staffers for possible jobs.

"Sanef notes the fact that the channel is 100% black owned and 50% women owned. We also note MultiChoice and Newzroom Afrika's stated commitment to journalism ethics and independence and the decision to establish an oversight body," said Sanef in a statement.

"We will be carefully watching this space to see if the new channel's commitments are upheld. We also keenly await their announcements in early 2019 about their programming offerings and line-up."

Mr. Robot seen on M-Net and Showmax cancelled after 4 seasons; 4th season in 2019 gets expanded final episode order.

The computer hacking drama series Mr. Robot, first seen on M-Net (DStv 101) for its first two seasons and then inexplicably shunted to Naspers' subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service Showmax for its third season, has been cancelled with the upcoming 4th season that will be its last.

Mr. Robot followed Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a cyber-security engineer who becomes involved in the underground hacker group fsociety, after being recruited by its leader (Christian Slater).

While the first season of Mr. Robot was great, the show imploded during its second season and lost buzz and ratings and never recovered.

Now it's cancelled with the 4th season that will be its last, with The Hollywood Reporter that first reported the news and that the final season will see its episode order increased from 8 to 12 episodes.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail says "when I first created the world of Mr. Robot, I thought it would be a niche television series with a small, cult following".

"Over the past three years, it has become so much more, and I am continually humbled by the show's recognition and by the amazing cast and crew that work tirelessly to help bring my vision to life."

"Since day one, I've been building toward one conclusion - and in breaking the next season of Mr. Robot, I have decided that conclusion is finally here".

He said that "we ultimately have too much respect for Elliot's journey to extend past its inevitable ending. Therefore, season four will serve as the final chapter of the Mr. Robot story. To fans of the show: thank you for the past three years, and I can't wait to share this exciting final season with you."

Andre van der Veen quits as eMedia Holdings CEO after just a year, replaced by Khalik Sheriff.

Andre van der Veen is out as eMedia Holdings CEO after just a year, with the executive who had resigned effective from 20 November.

Andre van der Veen was appointed eMedia Holdings CEO from November 2017 and eMedia Holdings didn't bother to give any reason for his resignation.

Andre van der Veen will be replaced by Khalik Sherriff who has been deputy CEO.

eMedia Holdings that is listed on the JSE, owns 67.7% of eMedia Investments.

eMedia Investments runs broadcaster, the TV news channel eNCA (DStv 403) on MultiChoice's DStv satellite platform, the struggling and still unprofitable Openview free-to-air satellite platform that recorded a net operating loss of R367 million in the financial year to 31 March 2018, and the YFM radio station.

Trying to put a positive spin on Andre van der Veen's quitting and Khalik Sheriff's appointment, eMedia says in a statement that Khalik Sheriff "has worked in the media industry for more than 25 years".

"He is the most experienced television executive within eMedia Holdings, having been with the group for more than 15 years and has been responsible for revenue and the success of the company’s dynamic sales team".

"Khalik’s extensive knowledge of the changing South African media industry will continue to be of immense value as he takes over the reins from Andre," says eMedia Holdings in its statement.

Netflix South Africa switches to pricing in rand - and is suddenly cheaper as it now rivals Naspers' Showmax in basic price.

Netflix South Africa is switching to pricing in rand with the result that South Africans consumers using the global subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service are now paying less and with Netflix SA's basic price now the same as rival Showmax but with a bigger catalogue.

Netflix decided to switch to billing South African subscribers in rand instead of dollar from Tuesday 28 August and in a media enquiry confirmed to TVwithThinus that the dollar to rand switch happened and is part of its "ongoing efforts to localise its offering for the South African market".

The dollar to rand billing switch and resultant decrease brings Netflix's Basic subscription fee of R99 per month to exactly the same as Naspers' Showmax SVOD service run by MultiChoice that is also priced at R99.

Netflix South Africa is aggressively ramping up its efforts to increase its presence, market penetration and general consumer brand awareness at the southern most tip of Africa, the most sophisticated TV market on the African continent and Netflix's "test case" for the continent.

Netflix is targeting rivals like MultiChoice, Showmax, Cell C black, Amazon Prime Video and the flurry of smaller SVOD players trying to make inroads in the growing over-the-top (OTT) digital direct-to-consumer video market.

"With the switch to billing in rands, Netflix has released the local pricing structure for each package. The Basic plan will cost R99 per month, the Standard plan R139 per month, and the Premium plan R169 per month," Netflix tells TVwithThinus.

Until before the dollar to rand switch, Netflix South Africa users had to pay $7.99 (R114.69) for Basic, $9.99 (R143.40) for Standard and $11.99 (R172.11) on Wednesday's rand-dollar exchange rate. 

"Since launching in the country in January 2016, the content library on the Netflix SA service has grown by over 500%, with shows that speak to South African audiences such as Girlboss (produced by SA-born Charlize Theron), Mindhunter (also developed for Netflix by Charlize Theron) and Troy: Fall of a City (filmed in Cape Town)," says Netflix that also recently licensed the South African film, Catching Feelings, as a Netflix Original.

Netflix says it will "add even more locally-developed content to its library. This will include exclusive series, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy shows and kids’ content."

"New product features and enhancements to the overall Netflix experience will also ensure that South African viewers can always find something great to watch, fast."

M-Net renews The Voice South Africa for a third season, entries open until 30 September.

M-Net (DStv 101) has renewed The Voice South Africa for a third season that will start on the channel in early-2019 and with entries for singers who want to be on the show open until 30 September 2018.

"We know that there are many nightingales, crooners, songbirds and rockers out there who are reacting to the news with songs of joy," says Lani Lombard, M-Net’s head of publicity.

"During the past couple of months, our M-Net social media accounts were inundated with direct messages from performers and fans with a burning desire to take part in The Voice South Africa."

"Now the moment has arrived, with the launch of a new season, and we can't wait to meet the next group of talent whose vocal artistry will swirl the coaches' chairs around and launch their musical journeys to stardom."

M-Net will announce the names of the presenters and coaches for the third season later.

The previous two seasons of The Voice SA were produced by AMPN based on the Talpa format. For the third season M-Net will be doing the production of the format reality competition show in-house.

The Voice SA has no upper age limit but contestants must be at least 18 and a South African citizen. Solo singers and duos may enter and sing in the genre of their choice – from pop, rock and indie, folk and country to cabaret, opera and blues.

For the new 3rd season there's only one way to enter The Voice South Africa – through the online entry form on the M-Net website.

People who want to enter at, must complete an online audition process that includes an application form with a few personal questions and thereafter submit a 90-second long video showcasing your vocal talent.

"Don’t fret too much about the visual aspect of your video," says Lani Lombard. "Remember, as the name of this worldwide television hit suggests, it's all about The Voice. The selection team only wants to assess the quality, tone and timbre of your vocal chords and get a sense of your performance skills."

For the video entry, you have to sing the verse and chorus of any song that will show off your vocal prowess. The song may be performed with or without accompaniment. Live videos in front of audiences, music videos or produced singles and tracks will not be allowed.

Online applications that are successful will be contacted by The Voice SA team for call-backs.

The eventual winner will get a recording deal with Universal Music South Africa, as well as some other prizes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

BREAKING. MultiChoice chooses Newzroom Afrika to replace Mzwanele Manyi's dumped Afro Worldview as a new local TV news channel on DStv.

MultiChoice has chosen Newzroom Afrika as the new 24-hour local TV news channel to replace Mzwanele Manyi's dumped Afro Worldview channel on DStv.

Newzroom Afrika will launch in early 2019 on DStv and no channel logo is available yet.

When Newzroom Afrika launched early next year, it will take the channel number of 405 on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform, the one where ANN7 that turned into Afro Worldview, launched and was dumped from earlier this month.

Newzroom Afrika, following after eNCA (DStv 403) and SABC News (DStv 404) will be made available to all DStv subscribers, meaning that it will have a wider reach that eMedia Investment's eNCA.

MultiChoice received 111 expressions of interest for a new TV news channel on DStv.

The two directors heading up Newzroom Afrika are Thokozani Nkosi of the production company Eclipse TV, and Thabile Ngwato of Rapid Innovation, the SABC News anchor who left the SABC last week.

Eclipse TV produced shows for the South African public broadcaster like It's Gospel Time and I want to sing Gospel for SABC2 and The Chatroom and Big Up for SABC1.

"Today marks the birth of an exciting new and independent media voice in South Africa," said Calvo Mawela, MultiChoice South Africa CEO.

"We set out to find a quality, new, black-owned, independent news channel to expand the diversity of South African news and enrich our democracy - we're excited by the outcome.

"The Eclipse TV and Rapid Innovation teams have a track record of entrepreneurial success. They will be supported by an editorial team that will deliver independent views of events unfolding in South Africa and around the world, while the owners concentrate on running the business successfully."

"Their bid stood out for its potential to bring a fresh, creative and diversified approach to news reporting, which included an integrated digital strategy, combined with sound audience analysis and appealing on-screen execution".

MultiChoice in a statement says "this new channel will greatly enhance and enrich the news offering on DStv, while at the same time creating a new black-owned entrant in South African news media. It will promote the diversity of voices in media and give all our customers the chance to find a news channel on DStv that resonates with them."

"We were looking for a news channel that is distinctly different from what is currently available‚ and we certainly found it in Newzroom Afrika. We want to drive sustainable transformation in the television industry and to contribute to the diversity of views in our country and our continent."

Thabile Ngwato in a statement on Tuesday said Newzroom Afrika "is committed to provide independent and dependable reporting, and will deliver that through our strong editorial team".

Thokozani Nkosi said "this is a great opportunity for us to bring a fresh perspective to the South African news agenda by building a news channel from scratch. We're excited and raring to go."

MultiChoice and Newzroom Afrika will start negotiations about the channel carriage agreement soon.

Zanele Mthembu who was previously the group head of's content production division, will head up Newzroom Afrika's broadcasting operation, with Malebo Phage running the newsroom operations. Malebo Phage also previously worked for

Joe Thloloe and Dinesh Balliah will be on Newzroom Afrika's editorialethics oversight board.

Newzroom Afrika won't hire all of the Afro Worldview staffers who got fired last week when Afro Worldview got dumped from DStv, if if some of them apply, they will get "special consideration".

"In terms of employees at Afro Worldview, they will certainly be prioritised when it comes to our recruitment process. Each and every person who applies for various positions will be given an opportunity to go through the recruitment process but they will certainly be prioritised," Thabile Ngwato said at a media briefing on Tuesday.