Monday, June 28, 2010

Graeme Watkins' advice for this year's M-Net Idols hopefuls: ''Don't party too hard and get a good night's rest. Otherwise . . .''

You're reading it here first.

First of all his hairstyle now reminds me of those My Little Trolls. Dunno why. Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest. And I'm not nasty with last year's Idols top three finalist Graeme Watkins, I really like the dude - who I ran into at the first birthday party of All Access on M-Net Friday night.

I immediately asked Graeme Watkins for his expert advice - having been there done that - what his advice is for the new crop of hopeful Idols contestants when they get to the dreaded Theatre round (which we'll be seeing in August on M-Net) and when they progress beyond that to the live performance spectaculars.

Graeme Watkins immediately had a warning for the Idols contestants for the Threatre phase  - and some really wise advice . . . about advice!

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''Keep a level head and just make sure that you stay true to yourself. Just take the advice you need. Not all the advice is good for you. Just take the advice you need,'' is what Graeme Watkins told me on Friday when I asked him for advice for the new crop of contestants on M-Net's sixth season of Idols that will start on 18 July.

Is there a phase of the competition - looking back - that you really enjoyed and that you can tell the contestants in the upcoming sixth season of Idols on M-Net to really focus on more and work harder on?
Yes. The Threatre phase was the hardest for me in terms of the time contraints and the amount of pressure theyput on you. The live performance stage of Idols - the top 10 was the best. By far. Enjoy those and work really hard.

And once they get to the live spectaculars, any advice for that period of Idols?
Don't party too hard and get a good night's rest, otherwise you're going to fall very short.

Idols VI starts on M-Net on 18 July.

All Access has their first birthday insert on Friday, 2 July at 19:30 on M-Net