Monday, May 31, 2021

Former model and South African TV chef Sonia Cabano (57) found dead in her home.

by Thinus Ferreira

The TV chef Sonia Cabano unexpectedly died and was found dead in her home on Monday. She was 57.

The death of the well-known South African chef was confirmed by her brother Meyer de Waal to Netwerk24 that first reported about the death of Sonia Cabano. 

He confirmed that Sonia Cabano's body was found in her home but couldn't confirm her cause of death.

Sonia Cabano, previously known as Sonia de Waal, was born in Bloemfontein and grew up in Brandfort in the Free State but lived in Cape Town after she returned following over a decade of living in London.

Sonia Cabano leaves behind two children, Guillaume (21) and Sabah (19) that she had while married to Dr Deon Cabano.

As a former model during the 1980s, Sonia de Waal appeared on magazine covers and in multiple local and international advertising campaigns in print as well as in TV commercials, in photo sessions shot around the world for marketing campaigns for several sought-after consumer beauty brands.

Her modelling work in the United Kingdom led Sonia de Waal to organising dinner events, including for people like Tina Turner and Margaret Thatcher.

She returned to South Africa and to Cape Town, intent on saving money to go and study at a chef school in France but her dad refused and she instead returned to live and work in London for another 12 years where she worked in restaurants.

Sonia Cabano was well-known as a food fundi, a food stylist, a specialist food writer and she was an in-demand public speaker, professional caterer, personal private chef and a public speaker and facilitator doing cooking demonstrations and corporate presentations. 

Sonia Cabano's father was Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's lawyer in Brandfort while Sonia Cabano was a teenager who became a friend of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela at the age of 14 in a friendship that grew in the years since they first met, with Sonia that said Winnie taught her about "endurance and commitment".

Sonia Cabano, who also worked as a chef in the United Kingdom for a number of years, was the author of 4 cookbooks like Luscious Vegetarian, Relish and Easy, Simple and Delicious, and Kombuis.

Sonia Cabano was also the TV presenter of the popular Afrikaans food and travel lifestyle series, Pampoen tot Perlemoen that was broadcast on kykNET (DStv 144) and on SABC2 since 2002.

Sonia Cabano was also the food stylist for the opening sequence of the food reality competition show MasterChef South Africa that was broadcast on M-Net (DStv 101).

Poignantly Sonia Cabano wrote in late 2020: "Well, the upside of a long and very traumatic period of lockdown, extreme isolation and separation for all of us is that my children have both finally returned home, have learned to cook and clean properly after themselves, and have not only learned to shop sensibly for good, proper ingredients, but know what to do with them."

"Chop. Peel. Grate. Steam. Fry. Sauté. Wow. This, to me, is a massive progression in our own personal family evolution."

"They cook brilliantly. Deliciously. They work seamlessly together as a team in our tiny kitchen and actually cook better and more interestingly than I do."

"Both exceed at their studies online, and despite real trials, both are interesting, amusing and engaging humans, both love music and reading and my word ... they can cook."

Friday, May 28, 2021

TV REVIEW. HBO Max's must-watch Friends: The Reunion TV special is definitely The One that You Want to See.

by Thinus Ferreira

9 TVs

If you've ever watched the American comedy series Friends and liked or laughed with them, their Friends: The Reunion TV special from HBO Max coming to M-Net (DStv 101) and Showmax is definitely The One You Want to See as the 6 iconic characters unite to reflect, laugh and even shed a few tears about not just its decade-long run but also how it profoundly changed their lives.

The TV special that is over 2-hours long becomes a bit dragged out, especially towards the end with some unnecessary segments.

Friends: The Reunion however starts out on an incredibly emotional, and wonderful note, and ends on an emotional highpoint as well, with multiple must-see nostalgia-filled moments strewn throughout the special.

The format of Friends: The Reunion - although just longer in duration (1 hour 44 minutes without adverts) - is exactly like episodes of The Oprah Show where the set of The Mary Tyler Moore Show would be recreated and the cast invited to reminisce about their characters and the series. 

James Corden is the host and isn't very good although the strength of the content and what the 6 friends - Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer - bring to Friends: The Reunion, absolutely makes the special a must-watch event.

The behind-the-scenes perspective brought by the Friends co-creators and producers Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, as well as the bloopers, cutting floor outtakes and an insiders' view shared by the main cast is priceless viewing for fans of Friends.

The episode that was filmed on Stage 24 that is also known by a "The Friends Stage" plaque outside on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank in Los Angeles, California, includes a recreation of the Friends set - including the actors' dressing rooms on the right-hand side - where reflections and a quiz takes place.

There is also an outdoor sit-down interview in front of a live audience, moderated by James Corden, in front of the water fountain that appears in the iconic opening sequence that has been specially adapted for the TV special, as well as soundstage table reads with outtakes from episode scripts.

Friends: The Reunion is very poignant - especially in certain places. Matthew Perry looks not well. The special is laugh-out-loud funny, is packed with actor's insight and producer's insight that is a TV lover's dream, and is a wonderful addition to watch for anyone interested in the history of TV making, the production of television, or an oral history of the specific creation and production of Friends.

Friends: The Reunion works best and immerses the viewer in exceptional TV nostalgia when Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are just sitting in the purple-painted Friends apartment or around a table doing table reads as cameras pan around while they share anecdotes and personal recollections of a time when they were the biggest stars on TV.

Various celebrity appearances are nothing but bloat (who cares about what Kit Harington or David Beckham really think about Friends?), while vox pop from fans around the world (including a "Jerome" from Cape Town, South Africa) is equally superfluous filler. 

Most striking is the 6 wandering around the meticulously recreated Friends set, gawking, remembering, sharing memories, laughing, holding on to each other and letting viewers into their world - and back into our world - of a time in our lives as young adults when your family is your friends.

Friends: The Reunion will broadcast on M-Net (DStv 101) on Sunday 30 May at 20:00 and will be available on MultiChoice's Showmax video streamer from Monday 31 May. to launch its video streamer eVOD in July, Openview now seen in 2.36 million homes.

by Thinus Ferreira plans to finally launch it's own video streaming service eVOD in July this year with the service that has now undergone a name change after it missed its planned launch date in October 2020 of what it originally planned to call Openview Plus.

If eMedia manages to launch eVOD in July it will pip the South African public broadcaster to the post that is also furiously working on its own video streamer that will work similarly to the BBC's iPlayer and that the SABC plans to launch before the end of this year.

On Thursday eMedia Holdings released its annual financial results for the year that ended 31 March 2021 and said that "The new financial year will also see the launch of the group's over-the-top (OTT) service eVOD in July 2021".

eMedia didn't specify any eVOD pricing or reveal any further details about its planned video streaming service and whether it would be a using a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) model where users will have to pay to watch, or if it will go the advertiser-funded "freemium" route.

eMedia said that South Africa's "television market is facing numerous technology and viewership challenges which will require the group to continually assess its strategic alternatives".

eMedia recently launched its Openview Connect dongle as a new broadband internet service - something that will help to carry and funnel eVOD as a content service into viewers' internet connected homes. 

eVOD will join and compete with a crowded space of VOD services available in South Africa including Netflix, MultiChoice's Showmax, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Acorn, Vodacom's Video Play, Telkom ONE, VIU and a few smaller services.

Some international services like Disney's Disney+, WarnerMedia's HBO Max, Discovery Inc.'s Discovery+ and ViacomCBS Networks' Paramount+ haven't yet launched in South Africa, with BritBox, the joint 50/50 streaming venture between BBC Studios and ITV, that plans to launch in the country later this year.

eMedia originally planned to call its video streaming service Openview Plus as a content extension of its existing free-to-air, direct-to-home (DTH) satellite-TV service. Khalik Sherrif, eMedia Investments CEO, said in a CEO report in September 2020 that "by October 2020 the group will launch its own over-the-top (OTT) offering called Openview Plus".

Speaking about Openview, eMedia said that it is "looking to launch a few more channels on the
Openview platform in the new financial year". 

According to the company Openview set-top box activations continue to grow at an average of 35 000 per month. At the end of March 2021 a total of 2 361 443 decoders have been activated, compared to 1 992 844 a year ago.

eMedia said that its spending on content costs for Openview, including its multichannel business, increased from R366.9 million to R308.7 million the previous year and that "The increase is attributable to the additional sports on the news and sports channel as well as the addition of the Afrikaans block on eExtra".

eMedia however dropped and ended the subsidy on Openview decoders that it used to offer to help drive sales, something that helped to decrease Openview's operating expenses by 7%.

The group’s television advertising revenue is approximately 8% better than the market and said that this can be attributed to the increased prime time market share from 24.6% in March 2020 to 29.6% in March 2021 - an increase of 20.33%.

About its TV news channel eNCA (DStv 403) that it provides to MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV service, eMedia said that although eNCA "is not offered on all DStv bouquets yet it was be the most watched 24-hour news channel in the country among LSM8 to LSM10 and was the most watched news channel among all adults as well at the end of March 2021".

"Through the pandemic eNCA has achieved its advertising revenue targets while its costs were being well maintained."

Thursday, May 27, 2021

South Africa's Eleni Giokos promoted to CNN International anchor and moving to Dubai in the UAE to help with Connect the World, will continue to do Connecting Africa and will play a central role in upcoming Marketplace Middle East.

by Thinus Ferreira

South Africa's CNN International (DStv 401) correspondent Eleni Giokos is getting promoted to anchor position on the international TV news channel and is moving to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where she will be working alongside Becky Anderson on Connect the World.

Although based in Dubai and taking on an ever-expanding role, Eleni Giokos will continue to to anchor her show, Connecting Africa, and she will continue to travel into Africa and across Africa from the UAE.

Eleni Giokos will also play a "central" role according to CNN in the new CNN Marketplace Middle East that will launch later in 2021 as a new programming strand on the channel.

Eleni Giokos joined CNN International in 2015 from Bloomberg TV Africa and has reported extensively on the ground across Africa from Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Zimbabwe, to Rwanda, Senegal, Ghana, Lesotho, South Africa and more.

She has travelled to the United States several times, reported from South Korea and Kazakhstan, and have sat in to anchor several CNN programme blocks from CNN's London, New York, and Atlanta hubs, most notably for Richard Quest on Quest Means Business.

Meara Erdozain, SVP of Programming at CNN International, says in a statement "Eleni is an outstanding anchor as well as a skillful and exceptionally versatile correspondent".

"This move will bring that talent and experience to a new region. Being based in Dubai, one of the world’s most connected cities, will also mean she can maintain her presence in Africa, and build on the success of her Connecting Africa show."

Eleni Giokos says "This is such an exciting time to be moving to the UAE. There are so many interesting business and cultural stories there, and with Dubai Expo on the horizon it is a really dynamic moment".

"I'm also incredibly passionate about Africa, and the beauty of this move is that I will be able to travel easily across the continent from my new home."

CNN International says that Johannesburg will remain a key hub for CNN and that the newsgathering team there is being led by the international correspondent David McKenzie who will continue to be based in the bureau there.

The prolific veteran South Africa actor David Butler - Bob in CTM's 'Bob and Nige' ads - loses his battle against lung cancer at 61.

by Thinus Ferreira

The veteran South African film, stage and television actor David Butler known for a litany of roles and his iconic TV commercial role of Bob in the CTM Bob and Nige ads has died from lung cancer. He was 61.

His TV commercial co-star Peter Terry who played Nige on Thursday said "such desperately sad news of David Butler's death. He was a brilliant actor. Outstanding. We had great fun together as Bob & Nige for over a period of 10 yearss - 1996 to 2006 doing the CTM tile commercials. This makes my heart very sore".

David Butler who leaves a massive on-screen legacy in the form of numerous character roles died on Thursday just a few months after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2020.

David Butler was a veteran South African actor well known for a wide body of work in theatre, television and film.

David Butler who studied drama at the Unversity of Cape Town (UCT) made his theatre debut on-stage at the Baxter and Market theatres in the play Another Country in 1983, and made his South African television debut in the same year in the SABC drama, The Canterville Ghost.

This was the start of over 100 other roles for David Butler in TV in series and commercials, in film and on the stage who played any character he was offered.

Just some theatre roles include appearing in A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Great Gatsby, Mannetjies Mentz, Cock and Bull Story, Anatomie Titus, Skyf and his highly-acclaimed one-man show, A Touch of Madness about the life of Herman Charles Bosman.

He was a staple in numerous locally-produced South African TV soap operas and telenovelas acting in front of diverse audiences, ranging from SABC1's Generations, Egoli on M-Net (DStv 101) to Gomora on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) and the Afrikaans Binnelanders on kykNET (DStv 144).

He was seen in roles in South African drama series aired over decades across various TV channels like Shado's, Snitch, Room 9, Soul City, Yizo Yizo, The Game, To The Ends of the Earth, Madiba, Life is Wild, Jacob's Cross, Cape Town, Dead Places, aYeYe, Heartlines, Timber, Uncle Max, Sokhulu & Partners, Sorted, Jozi-H, Zero Tolerance, Scoop Schoombie, The Republic, Triptiek, Justice for All and more.

He also scored numerous roles in co-productions and international series that were filmed in South Africa including American TV series like A&E's Black Sails, ABC's Of Kings and Prophets and HBO's Warrior, the BBC miniseries Rhodes, The Triangle, The Prisoner, The Book of Negroes, and Tropical Heat.

In film he had roles in Cop Land (1997), Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target (1999), Circles in a Forest, Gums and Noses and Zulu Love Letter.

David Butler's final on-screen appearance will be in the upcoming M-Net (DStv 101) crime drama series Reyka with his youngest daughter Ruby-Rose who also has a role in the show.

M-Net in a statement to TVwithThinus says "M-Net sends their heartfelt condolences to South African actor David Butler's family and friends".

The Quizzical Pictures producers of Reyka in a statement to TVwithThinus say "We are so sad to hear of David Butler's passing. We have been working with him on the drama series Reyka where he gave a brilliant performance as the lawyer Bloom".

"He also helped us during the casting of the series and his daughter Ruby Rose plays the role of Jessica. Despite his illness he performed with great professionalism and focus. He was and will always be a rare talent. We wish his family strength and love."

In a statement, the family said that "Our beloved father, son, brother, grandfather and friend, David passed away peacefully this morning at around 10.30am."

"He was surrounded by family in a room filled with love. Although he had been ill, it is still, as is always the case, a huge shock. Nothing prepares one. We take comfort that David is reunited with his beautiful son."

In January 2021 David Butler in a letter he sent to YOU and Huisgenoot magazines, noted how the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 caused work to dry up as South Africa's film and TV industry stalled and how his income disappeared.

He had to move in with his daughter Liane (28) and join her medical aid fund as well since he was unable to afford his own medical aid payments. Then he was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his brain.

David Butler said that although he's portrayed characters from Herman Charles Bosman to C. Louis Leipoldt and Bram Fischer, that the biggest role of his life faced him now in fighting cancer.

David Butler leaves behind his ex-wife Kate, three daughters Annie (27), Laine, Ruby Rose and a son John Peter.

SHOCKER. MultiChoice Africa and M-Net claim it's practising and adhering to Covid-19 TV and film production regulations - but shocking photos show a lack of mask wearing and flouting of social distancing on set.

by Thinus Ferreira

While MultiChoice Africa and M-Net claim to adhere to "strict" Covid-19 safety measures on-set during the filming of their TV shows to keep casts and crews safe, shocking images are surfacing from just one TV show currently being filmed on the continent, showing a lack of wearing masks and a complete disregard for even the most basic of protocols like social distancing to be followed.

Last week, Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice Group CEO of general entertainment, praised the talent, casts and crews of various MultiChoice and M-Net productions and their resilience "as our industry navigated the complexities brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic which were characterised by production stoppages and a period of uncertainty for many creatives".

Now very serious questions are being raised about the degree to which the African continent's largest pay-TV operator is really respecting the resilience of productions if there appears to be little to no real oversight on keeping industry workers safe and protected from Covid-19 and to really ensure that Covid-19 safety rules are adhered to.

MultiChoice Uganda last week took journalists and influencers on a set visit to Sanyu, one of M-Net's brand-new telenovelas for MultiChoice new Pearl Magic Prime channel that was launched on DStv in February.

At the time Hassan Saleh, MultiChoice Uganda managing director, said that MultiChoice is "proud of the role we are playing in the entertainment sector in Uganda and look forward to connecting with our audiences".

Now it looks like MultiChoice Uganda is raising the on-set risk of cast, crew and media to connect with Covid.

During the Sanyu set visit, media took photos that DStv Uganda and M-Net oddly wanted the journalists to take at the production that is done by Nabwiso Films and that is also streamed on Showmax.

The shocking photos show crew members from various divisions working behind-the-scenes with none wearing masks, actors who are not in front of the cameras also not wearing masks, and even insouciant media hanging onto each other without masks on and posing for selfies.

Make-up artists and stylists work on talent with no masks or social distancing adhered to at all.

The photos also show how the Sanyu crew and cast - including the MultiChoice Uganda PR and media liaison officers and the visiting media completely disregard the most basic of Covid-19 safety protocols during the set visit.

A DStv Uganda PR person is photographed literally rubbing shoulders with others - with no social distancing and no masks visible anywhere - smiling and posing for social photos,  alongside Matthew Nabwiso in a green T-shirt who is the Sanyu series director.

TVwithThinus asked MultiChoice how the lack of creating and adhering to Covid-19 safe on-set protocols on shows produced for DStv align with MultiChoice's publicly-stated comments that it is adhering to Covid-19 safety regulations.

"We continue to adhere to strict protocols when it comes to on-set safety as the safety of our cast, crew and staff remain our number one priority," said Thandeka Mqaba, a MultiChoice PR and marketing manager.

"In the specific case of the Sanyu cast members, these members kept their masks off only when shooting scenes, all cast members are tested for Covid-19 ahead of filming and they currently stay at one location to limit the Covid-19 risk. It is in our interest to keep cast, crew and the media safe from Covid-19."

Photos taken on set however clearly show that crew members don't wear masks and don't social distance, and that cast members are clearly also not wearing masks when they're not shooting scenes.

MultiChoice was also asked that since cast and crew, and even media, are not wearing masks on a TV set in Uganda, if MultiChoice deems there to be no Covid-19 in Uganda, or a very low risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19.

"MultiChoice is very conversant of the risk of Covid-19 in all the markets in which we operate, many of our shows are shot in a Covid bubble, with all productions adhering to strict protocols. We continue to take all precautionary measures in the interest of the safety of our staff, cast and crew. Only a few members of the tour removed their masks as pictured," said Thandeka Mqaba.

MultiChoice was asked why DStv Uganda is fine with the cast and crew of a TV show like Sanyu not wearing protective Covid-safe gear on set, and why media are taken to such a show and showcased such a production.

"We continue to adhere to strict protocols when it comes to on-set safety as the safety of our cast, crew and staff remain our number one priority," said Thandeka Mqaba.

"In the specific case of the Sanyu cast members, these members kept their masks off only when shooting scenes, all cast members are tested for Covid-19 ahead of filming and they currently stay at one location to limit the Covid-19 risk. It is in our interest to keep cast, crew and the media safe from Covid-19."

The pay-TV company was also asked when MultiChoice changed its position regarding practising Covid safety measures during filming either for Africa overall, or for specific African countries, and for Uganda, and how this work and why this changed.

"MultiChoice has not changed its position regarding practising Covid-19 safety measures in any of our operations, we continue to adhere to strict safety regulations in line with government protocols across our operations," said Thandeka Mqaba.

7th season of Ultimate Braai Master to film in Nelson Mandela Bay over 6 weeks as a contained Covid-safe bubble show, will broadcast on and stream on Netflix.

by Thinus Ferreira

The reality competition show Ultimate Braai Master has been picked up for a 7th season and will this time be broadcast on and streamed on Netflix SA while it has become the second series that will be produced as a Covid-19-safe bubble production in the Eastern Cape following shortly on the heels of M-Net's upcoming latest season of Survivor SA that was also shot in the province.

Gqeberha, previously Port Elizabeth, will pay R2 million to the production of the 7th season of Ultimate Braai Master, with host Justin Bonello, for the series to film a self-contained season within the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality. 

In previous seasons, Ultimate Braai Master produced by Okuhle Media, would criss-cross South Africa in roadtrips for braai challenges at various scenic locations in the country.

However, with the ongoing Covid-pandemic, the only viable and practical possibility is to film a new season of Ultimate Braai Master over the course of 6 weeks that is geographically contained. This is similar to what Afrokaans did for M-Net with Survivor SA: Immunity Island in the Eastern Cape that will play out on the Wild Coast from June.

Besides Justin Bonello, the chef-judges Peter Goffe-Wood and Benny Masekwameng will return to judge the braai challenges in which teams of two compete against each other to win R1 million. 

The season of 13 episodes will again be shown on and for the first time in Ultimate Braai Master history, on Netflix SA as well.

About the Nelson Mandela Bay metro paying R2 million to the show, mayor Nqaba Bhanga in a statement says that "We believe sport and entertainment unifies our people, it's not about politics. We support this - this show will put us on Netflix, we will be watched by the entire globe and throughout South Africa and we will be the centre of attraction".

"We don't want to compete with Durban and Cape Town, we are competing with the world. We are not setting the bar low."

"We want to see value for money as our hospitality industry has suffered and we want to inject money that will assist the industry."

Thsonono Buyeye, deputy exeuctive mayor, says "We welcome this show, the exposure that we will be receiving as a city is massive. We fully support this, we wish to thank SRAC, I think this is a brilliant one that we should support. It is what we have been calling for; that we should be a destination of choice for such events".

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Veteran actor Ben Kruger (64) known as Okkie in Binnelanders on kykNET dies from Covid.

by Thinus Ferreira

The veteran actor, writer and producer Ben Kruger, known for his role in Binnelanders on kykNET (DStv 144) has died from Covid-19 complications. He was 64.

A kykNET spokesperson on Wednesday morning confirmed the news of the actor's passing to TVwithThinus.

Ben Kruger was known for his role as Okkie Ferreira since 2014 in the weekday Afrikaans soap Binnelanders produced by Stark Films, and as teacher Christo de Wet in the drama series Skooldae produced by Franz Marx on the SABC's then-TV1 channel.

Ben Kruger leaves behind his wife Cheryl, and their 3 sons Dan, Ivan and Niku.

kykNET in a statement on Wednesday afternoon sent to TVwithThinus said "Ben Kruger, known as Okkie Ferreira, in Binnelanders, as well as Mr De Wet in Skooldae, has passed away this morning due to Covid-19 complications at his house in Brooklyn, Pretoria".

Karen Meiring, M-Net director for kykNET channels, says "We keep Ben Kruger’s family and the Binnelanders cast and crew in our thoughts, while we process the shock of his passing. Ben was loved by all –  this is a huge loss for our industry."

Elsje Stark, Binnelanders producer says "It's with great sadness that the Binnelanders family heard about the sudden passing of Ben Kruger, a much-loved member of our team of actors".

"Ben portrayed the role of Okkie Ferreira for nearly 9 years in his own unique way and held a very special place in the hearts of his colleagues and loyal viewers. We will always remember him for his professionalism, dignity, humour – and without a doubt for his ability to make the best potjie! We're going to miss you Ben."

According to kykNET Binnelanders episodes are recorded 3 months in advance, which means that the character, Okkie, will be in Binnelanders for the next few months.

Ben Kruger who was born in 1957 in Bothaville in the Free State, took part in various radio plays, advertisements and stage plays with the help of his drama teacher and also acted in his first movie playing Dirkie Uys in Dave Millen's movie Die Voortrekkers.

He obtained his BA degree in drama from the University of Pretoria. He was Sakkie Bezuidenhoudt in the SABC2 drama series Zero Tolerance;  Neef Gert in SABC2's 7de Laan and James Gregory, a former jailer and later friend of Nelson Mandela, in the 1997 made-for-TV movie Mandela and de Klerk.

After his navy training he started working as a professional actor in a Jan Scholtz movie, 'n Sondag in September, as well as the SABC production Die Pannekoekhuis.

Ben Kruger also had roles in TV series ranging from Tiny, and Gabriel to SABC1's Generations, Jacob's Cross, Moeggeploeg, Riemvasmaak, Silent Witness, Soul Buddyz, Triptiek, Savage and Van Der Walt's Fault in which he played Paul Kruger. 

He appeared in films ranging from Orkney Snork Nie 2 to Poena is Koning and on stage he appeared in plays ranging from My Pa Dink Hy's Elvis and Groet die Grotoupa to the Afrikaans version of Arthur Miller's Dood van 'n Verkoopsman.

It's as unclear when Ben Kruger became ill and was confirmed as having Covid-19 and what safety protocols Stark Studios implemented. It's also still unclear how the character of Okkie will exit Binnelanders and how the production will work the character's exit into the show.

More information and comments as it becomes available will be added here.

Mutilated Hyde Park Corner trees to be restored after they were cut to clear a Showmax billboard for The Handmaid's Tale.

Photo: Tree Works
by Thinus Ferreira

Praise be! Hacked off trees mutilated to clear space for bigger visibility of a Showmax billboard will be restored says the Hyde Park Corner shopping centre in Johannesburg following an utter arbour uproar.

Motorists and the public were shocked when around 8 indigenous and mature Fever trees were horrifically "trimmed" to the point of destruction last week outside the shopping mall in Johannesburg's elite Hyde Park suburb.

The fever trees that were destroyed were those in front of a Showmax billboard for the American The Handmaid's Tale drama series. The specific line of trees were cut down since they were blocking the concrete wall advertising billboard facing towards motorists on William Nicol Drive. Trees not in front of billboards were left intact.

A posting by Tree Works went viral on social media and reached over 11 000 people within days on Facebook.

Hyde Park Corner shopping centre says that butchering the fever trees was not the intention and blames the people the centre pays for landscaping maintenance. "The trees were trimmed, however there was a miscommunication and they were cut shorter than we would like. The service provider has apologized and will be donating trees overseen by the Johannesburg City Parks".

"We had an arborist assess the trees and we have been assured that they will grow back. Hyde Park Corner takes enormous pride in its landscaping and the heritage of its trees," the shopping mall says.

A Showmax spokesperson said to TVwithThinus on Wednesday that "Does Showmax support the butchering of trees? Absolutely not".

"We were as horrified as the public to see what happened to these beautiful trees. Hyde Park Corner has since explained what happened and thankfully the trees are going to be OK".

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

M-Net grabs the Friends: The Reunion TV special that will be on Showmax as well, Africa to see 'The One Where They Get Back Together' 3 days after America and Britain.

by Thinus Ferreira

M-Net has acquired the licensing rights to the much-anticipated HBO Max special, Friends: The Reunion that will be broadcast on the M-Net (DStv 101) channel in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa on 30 May, 3 days after its American release date, after which it will be made available on Showmax as well from 31 May.

M-Net didn't respond with any answers to media enquiries made since 17 May asking whether M-Net is acquiring or looking at acquiring the Friends: The Reunion special from WarnerMedia.

HBO is releasing Friends: The Reunion on Thursday 27 May on its HBO Max video streaming service in the United States with Britain's Sky that secured the rights for the United Kingdom and where it will be broadcast on the same night.

M-Net has now also managed to pick up the TV special, also known as "The One Where They Get Back Together" and will debut it 3 days later on Sunday 30 May on the M-Net channel at 20:00, followed by MultiChoice's video streaming service, Showmax that will get it from Monday 31 May. 

It's not clear why Sky is able to offer British viewers Friends: The Reunion as a same-day-and-date release and why South Africans have to wait 3 days before being able to see it on M-Net, and 4 days for Showmax.

All 6 original Friends cast members will return for the show, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, who will also be joined by various celebrity guests, and a Friends quiz on the recreated Friends set on the Warner Bros. studios lot is also included.

Some of the celebrities who will make an appearance include former guest cast members like Tom Selleck and Maggie Wheeler who played Janice, as well as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, James Corden, who will be interviewing the Friends cast, David Beckham, Kit Harington, the K-pop band BTS, and the Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

INTERVIEW. A remarkable new BBC Earth documentary series followed climate activist Greta Thunberg for a year - now the producers talk about how they did it and what they've learnt.

by Thinus Ferreira

"People listen when I talk. But I don't want you to listen to me," says the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who is the fascinating subject of a new 3-episode BBC series, Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World. "I want you to listen to the science."

In Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World, starting today on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 16:00, BBC cameras got unprecedented access to the climate change activist who allowed the cameras to follow her around the world for a year. 

The result is an astounding documentary programme, showing how Greta crisscrossed the world (but not in airplanes!) to raise awareness among world leaders and the public about the dramatic changes in the world and the dangers of the dramatic changes happening on Earth because of climate change.

In the series, viewers will see Greta as she explores the science - from the melting glaciers of Canada to the coal mines of Europe.

Greta witnesses first-hand the consequences of climate change and makes clear the reasons why she thinks something must be done right now. 

On her journey she meets climate scientists and confronts the complexity of what is required to make change happen, along with encounters with some of the world’s leading scientists and economists as the series examines what the latest science tells us about what can be done to avert the worst effects of climate change. 

I spoke to the executive producer who followed Greta for a year, as well as one of the climate scientists who appears as a contributor in the series.

Can you give some insight as to the origin story and where the idea came from to follow Greta Thunberg for a year?
Rob Liddell, BBC Studios executive producer: As with all television ideas, it came from multiple sources but Greta herself was interested in making a feature documentary about herself and was very keen that her next project was something looking at the science after I Am Greta that was about herself.

So she very much wanted to do a documentary about science. She's been a contributor with us in another programme from a few years ago called Climate Change: The Facts, so we had some relationship with her. And it was a discussion between her and us and we knew she was taking this year off and she wanted to do a piece that focused on the science. 

We went back to her with a proposal which is broadly what the programme became which is to follow her for a year and to explore the science.

The BBC has very strict rules on working with children. She's always accompanied by her father or a number of chaperones. I hope that viewers will see some of the elements of her as a child. 

She stuck me as a producer of someone wise beyond her years but there are times in the programme where you see her father telling her what to wear, and their relationship also reveals that Greta is a child, no matter how insightful she is and how she talks beyond her years and I was very aware of that throughout the programme.

Did Greta surprise you with what she said in the series?
Rob Liddell: Like many people, I didn't know Greta before I started working with her. I knew her like so many people from the headlines.

Spending time with her was very interesting. She is autistic so the conversations we had she's always very insightful, and she's very funny and very light as well. We became aware in the production that her energy levels are directly related to how much social talking she does.

We were very careful to provide her with as much privacy as we could while we filmed.

What is the aim of the series and how was the experience?
Rob Liddell: From a television perspective it's been really helpful to approach climate science from a more human angle.

The overriding experience was travelling with Greta and trying to do that in a way that minimised air travel, always doing that is as low a carbon-emissions way as possible. So we took lots of car journeys, train journeys, electrical vehicle journeys. 

And we had planned to travel much further before the Covid-19 pandemic brought much of the world to a stop. We were hoping to travel all the way to Southeast Asia.

How do you work the science into the series?
Rob Liddell: Greta was the main contributor to the programme but she's not a "presenter". The programme is journalistic independent in terms of where we went for our science sources.

We worked really very, very carefully that everything in the programme is based on the best available science at the time and stuck to that. We also worked hard to try and join some of these concepts together.

It's trying to find a mix of stories that we could do with where Greta was going to be in the world. She gave us a lot of latitude and time to try and fit things in around her schedule but also trying to make sure that we cover all of the topics that we wanted to cover.

Why does Greta cut through and ignite public interest in climate change and climate science?
Dr Tamsin Edwards, King's College climate scientist: Greta has a very particular style of communication. She is very bold and clear and firm and demanding of a response to the problem that we face.

It's a little bit about timing as well. Her concern arose as we as the world finally acknowledge that we have a problem and her communicating it to everyone else. She's a very powerful communicator in her simplicity and assertiveness in which she conveys her message.

Rob Liddell: Greta is part of a generation where the climate change models suggest that those effects are within her horizon as it were, she is helped by being the voice of that generation. You also see that the effects of climate change are already very real today and are affecting people today. It's a problem of today that will certainly be worse in the future.

What new perspectives did you arrive at about Greta?
Rob Liddell: We have been able to spend time to get an understanding Greta and who she is. Many people don't understand her background. I think that it's been very helpful to explore the science to understand what sparked the passion from her.

She talks about her autism as a kind of super power and I think it's the clarity that it has given her to look at the facts that come from the science and to stand up and talk about them. 

I think she's a much more nuanced and complex person. She's a human being and that's what the series demonstrates and that's perhaps not always that jumps first into people's minds.

How did you adapt your filming because it started before Covid-19 hit and then it happened, so how did you adjust the production? 
Rob Liddell: Like everybody everything was thrown up in the air with Covid. All our plans were put on hold. Initially we weren't sure how to respond the same as the world with everything that stopped.

Lockdown happened but as things began to settle down and we understood where things were, we gradually began to pick up things in a very incremental way, starting with Zoom stuff, starting to send our director to Sweden to do some filming. 

As the summer wore on we looked for any opportunity as the world unlocked and tried to react very quickly to those.

Some of the trips you seen in episode 3 to Denmark and so on were made literally as regulations changed. We did our best is what I would say. I think it's been very interesting what we've been able to do in that time, so I'm very happy with how that turned out.

The audience that's receptive to the idea of climate change will watch and feel this remarkable series resonates with what they believe. In the first episode we see Greta in Canada and people who work in the oil industry who are scared and don't believe in climate change. How does the media try and reach these people?
Rob Liddell: In terms of how you reach people who don't want to engage with this material - I find that a very difficult question to answer. 

All I think that we can do as programme makers is to make the programmes that try and explain and set out what the science tells us. 

My background is in science television production and I think that it's important to showcase and highlight the facts and we have to put out the facts out there for people.

Dr Tamsin Edwards: Over the years I've spent a lot of time to talk to and understand where skeptical people are coming from and I think. One of the powerful ways that Greta talks is that she cannot believe why people aren't taking action on climate change. 

And therefore in the 3rd episode she talks to someone in psychology around how do we reach people. The facts are incredibly important and it's so important for people who are on the edge of being concerned and then it's the final thing that helps them understand. 

But sometimes you just have to figure out what people's values are and their perspectives. 

You have to partner a documentary with other conversations who are skeptical about climate change and you work out what is it that's important to them, and then you talk about how climate change will affect those things that are important to them and that it isn't just a political stance or something that happens to other people and I was really happy to see that that was touched on.

If we think of climate change as being purely something that takes away from our life, then it's understandable that we would be resistant to that. 

What the documentary shows is that there are things proven that if we act on climate change can improve our lives - like around air pollution - and that there are positive steps that create jobs and new opportunities as well. So it's also about highlighting those, which the documentary series also does.

What shocked you in making the series?
Rob Liddell: When we were filming and walking on the glacier in Canada and the scientists we were talking with there said that the prediction is that this glacier will be gone no matter what action happens in terms of climate change.

This glacier is a tourist attraction. I, as a 16-year old, went on a holiday to Canada and remember going to visit this glacier. It's just the reality of climate change happening now. It's not a problem of the future, it's change that's happening all around us.

Can a TV show like this help to change people's minds?
Rob Liddell: Yes I think it can. No single thing is a silver bullet. It's about adding to a public discourse. 

I find it very striking that in the UK general elections that climate change was a debate. I find it striking that in the US presidential elections that climate change was an issue that was there in the politics as something that was deemed important to discuss.

You are seeing a broader conversation about this. I do hope it makes a difference and I hope that people watch it and hear the messages from the programme.

Dr Tamsin Edwards: I think TV makes a huge difference to changing minds and to creating new scientists and engineers. One of the reasons I'm a climate scientist is watching Sir David Attenborough talk about animals and the environment as a kid.

I know that the documentary series that David Attenborough did on climate change in about 2006 where he showed graphs of temperature change with and without human influence, projected onto the floor of a natural history museum - people were talking about that image for years after as really changing their minds on the impact of human influence.

I think a single documentary can make a big difference. I also think that Greta is really leaving a legacy in particular in cutting through to the young generation. 

I have seen young people pressure companies on their sustainability and green plans, otherwise they refuse to apply for jobs there. She's had a huge effect on a generation and that generation is now voting, consuming, taking up jobs, and getting more and more power in influence and leverage.

Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World is on Sundays on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 16:00, starting 23 May.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

FULL WINNERS LIST: 15th South African Film and Television Awards sees M-Net as the big winner with 6 Golden Horns for Legacy and The River as Netflix wins 8 for How to Ruin Christmas and another win for My Octopus Teacher.

by Thinus Ferreira

The tally of the final winners' list at the 15th South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) saw M-Net emerge as the big winner with 6 Golden Horn trophies for its new telenovela Legacy on the M-Net (DStv 101) channel, as well as 6 trophies for The River on its 1Magic (DStv 103) channel. 

Both Legacy and The River are produced by Tshedza Pictures.

With 8 Golden Horn trophies, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding on Netflix won the most film awards, while Griekwastad, produced by Scene23, won as best feature film.

Overall pay-TV shows across various MultiChoice's various DStv channels snagged 47 awards, while Netflix as a video streaming service clinched a total of 19 awards out of its 45 nominations - including yet another win for My Octopus Teacher from The Sea Change Project - South Africa's 2021 Oscars winner in the Best Documentary Feature category - that won the 2021 SAFTA in the category for Best natural history and environmental programme.  

Legacy won as best telenovela,'s cancelled Rhythm City won as Best TV soap, and the first season of Gambit Films' Blood & Water on Netflix was awarded Best TV drama. 

SABC2's The Riviera, produced by Community Media Trust for SABC2 won as Best TV comedy.

Viewers voted Entle Bizane as the best TV presenter for Hectic on 3 on SABC3. 

The public vote for Most popular TV soap/telenovela was Gomora from Seriti Films on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) although the category was once again not truly representative since viewers once again couldn't vote for Generations - The Legacy on SABC1 or Muvhango on SABC2 since both continued with their boycott of the awards.

"I’d like to congratulate all the winners as well as our valued partners, especially our broadcast partners, Mzansi Magic and S3. It truly is an honour for the NFVF to be the custodians of the SAFTAs and to watch the industry grow and flourish," said Makhosazana Khanyile, National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) CEO.

"Amidst a global pandemic, our artists persevered, entertained, and challenged themselves and this can be witnessed in the number of nominees that this year witnessed. I'm grateful for the industry that continues to walk the SAFTAs journey with us and true to this year’s theme, the industry is absolutely still shining."

Here is the complete and comprehensive list of nominees for the 15th SAFTAs:

Best short film
Address unknown (Green Leaf Films)

Best student film
Fowl Goblin (The Animation School) 

TV soap / telenovela

Best achievement in directing – telenovela
Thabang Moleya, Nthabiseng Mokoena, Nozipho Nkelemba, Lefuno Nekhabambe (Gomora season 1), Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Best achievement in directing – TV soap
Danie Joubert, Roche Knoesen, Riaan Meij, Charl van Biljon, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Jaco Vermeulen (Binnelanders), kykNET (DStv 144)

Best achievement in scriptwriting - telenovela
Gwydion Beynon, Phathutshedzo Makwarela (The River), 1Magic (DStv 103)

Best achievement in scriptwriting – TV soap
Ameera Patel, Grace Mahlaba, Daryn Katz, Kelly Robinson, Mark Wilson, Nonhlanhla Simelane, Omphile Molusi, Rosalind Butler, Stephen Simm, Tereska Muishond, Themba Mahlangu, Myolisi Sikupela, Thomas Hall (Scandal!),

Best achievement in original music/score – telenovela
Brendan Jury (The River), 1Magic (DStv 161)

Best achievement in editing – telenovela
Bongi Malefo, Edgar Sibaya, Sphiwe Nhlumayo, Ula Oelsen (The River), 1Magic (DStv 161)

Best achievement in sound – TV soap / telenovela
Ben Oelsen, Tladi Mabuya, The River, 1Magic (DStv 161)

Best achievement in cinematography – telenovela
Trevor Brown, Legacy, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best achievement in wardrobe – TV soap / telenovela
Zandile Mncwango, Legacy, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best Achievement in make-up & hairstyling – TV soap / telenovela 
Jenny Sprawson, Legacy, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best achievement in art direction – TV soap / telenovela
Amanda Scholtz (Legacy), M-Net (DStv 101)

Best actress – telenovela
Sindi Dlathu (as Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana), The River, 1Magic (DStv 103)

Best actor – telenovela
Menzi Ngubane (as Judas Nqwenya), Isibaya, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Best supporting actress – telenovela
Michelle Botes (as Angelique Price), Legacy, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best supporting actor – telenovela
Meshack Mavuso Magabane (as Nsizwa), The River, 1Magic (DStv 161)

Best actress – TV soap
Petronella Tshuma (as Pearl Genaro), Rhythm City,

Best actor – TV soap
Clint Brink (as Steve Abrahams), Binnelanders, kykNET (Dstv 144)

Best supporting actress – TV soap
Masasa Mbangeni (as Thembeka Shezi Nyathi), Scandal!,

Best supporting actor – TV soap
Mothusi Magano (as Tumishang), Skeem Saam, SABC1

Best TV soap
Rhythm City (Quizzical Pictures),

Best telenovela
Legacy (Tshedza Pictures), M-Net (DStv 101)

TV drama

Best achievement in directing – TV drama
Etienne Fourie, Elanie Rupping, Tydelik Terminaal, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best achievement in scriptwriting - TV drama
Portia Gumede, Duduzile Mabaso, Lufuno  Nemungadi, Lidudumalingani Mqombothi, Housekeepers season 2, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Best Achievement in editing – TV drama
Miriam Arndt, Alistair Thomas, Still Breathing, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best achievement in sound – TV drama
Sound & Motion Studios Sound Team, Blood & Water season 1, Netflix  

Best achievement in original music/score – TV drama
Kurt Slabbert, Jamela Vuma, Mandla Ngcongwane, Lockdown season 5, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Best achievement in art direction – TV drama
Carlu Portwig, Agent, Netflix

Best achievement in wardrobe – TV drama
Lehasa Molloyi, Nokuthula Hlatshwayo, Hannie Molefe, John Moremi, Nobuntu Ndaba, Kgomarelano Ntlane, Queen Sono, Netflix

Best achievement in make-up and hairstyling – TV drama
Babalwa Mtshiselwa, Trackers, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best achievement in cinematography – TV drama
Zenn van Zyl, Blood & Water season 1, Netflix

Best actress – TV drama
Kate Liquorish (as Abi), Still Breathing, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best actor – TV drama
Brandon Auret (as Danny), Still Breathing, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best supporting actress – TV drama
June van Merch (as Sara), Sara se Geheim season 3, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best supporting actor – TV drama
James Ngcobo (as President Malunga), Queen Sono, Netflix

Best TV drama
Blood & Water season 1, Gambit Films, Netflix

TV comedy   

Best achievement in directing – TV comedy
Lucilla Blankenberg, Lederle Bosch, The Riviera, SABC2

Best achievement in scriptwriting – TV comedy
Byron Abrahams, Lwazi Mvusi, Joshua Rous, Meren Reddy, Black Tax season 1, BET (DStv 129)

Best achievement in editing – TV comedy
Tessa Verfuss, Gugulethu Sibandze, Melanie Jankes, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best achievement in sound – TV comedy
Janno Muller, Thapelo Makhubo, Jeanre Greyling, Jonty Everton, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best achievement in art direction – TV comedy   
Martha Sibanyoni,Thabiso Senne & Savannah Geldenhuys, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best achievement in wardrobe – TV comedy
Sheli Masondo, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best achievement in make-up and hairstyling – TV comedy 
Babalwa Mtshiselwa, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix  

Best achievement in cinematography – TV comedy 
Lance Gewer, How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix    

Best actress – TV comedy    
Busisiwe Lurayi (as Tumi), How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best actor – TV comedy
James Borthwick (as Freddie), Hotel, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best supporting actress
Martelize Kolver (as Brenda), Hotel, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best supporting actor – TV comedy
Desmond Dube (as Shadrack), How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Netflix

Best TV comedy
The Riviera, Community Media Trust, SABC2

Documentary feature

Best achievement in directing - documentary 
Rehad Desai, Mark Kaplan, How to Steal a Country, M-Net

Best achievement in cinematography – documentary
Devin Carter, Chasing the Sun, SuperSport

Best achievement in editing – documentary
Megan Gill, How to Steal a Country, M-Net

Best achievement in sound – documentary feature
Charlotte Buys, How to Steal a Country, M-Net

Best documentary feature
How to Steal a Country, Uhuru Productions  

Best documentary
Lindela Under Lockdown!, Passion Seed Communications

Best made-for-TV documentary
Chasing the Sun, T+W, SuperSport     

Best natural history and environmental programme
My Octopus Teacher, Sea Change Project, Netflix   

Best children’s programme
Talakani Sesame season 11, Ochre Media, SABC2

Best competition reality show
Celebrity Mystery Box, Brightfire Pictures, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)

Best structured / docu-reality show
Pale Ya Koša, Full Circle Productions, SABC2

Best structured soap reality show
Life with Kelly Khumalo, Barleader TV, Showmax

Best international format show
Hoor My! Sien My! Soen My!, Afrokaans, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best educational programme
Made In SA season 6, Ochre Media, SABC3

Best factual programme

Best current affairs programme
Carte Blanche, Women's Month special, M-Net (DStv 101)

Best variety show
Republiek van Zoid Afrika, Brainwave Productions, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best youth programme
Africa's Biggest Brags, Lincoln Green Media, MTV Base (DStv 322)  

Best entertainment programme
Maak My Famous Showcase, All Star Entertainment, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best lifestyle programme
Come Again, Tshedza Media, SABC1

Best made-for-TV movie
Loving Thokoza, Black Brain Pictures, Mzansi Magic (Dstv 161)  

Best online content
The Adventures of Noko Mashaba - Lockdown Shandis, Rams Comics, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)   


Best achievement in directing – feature film
Jozua Malherbe, Griekwastad kykNET (DStv 144)   

Best achievement in scriptwriting – feature film
Rene van Rooyen, Toorbos, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best achievement in cinematography – feature film
Rory O'Grady, Riding with Sugar, Netflix

Best achievement in sound design – feature film
Sound & Motion Studios Sound Team, Riding with Sugar, Netflix

Best achievement in original music/score – feature film
Andries Smit, Toorbos, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best achievement in editing – feature film
Lucian Barnard, Griekwastad, kykNET (DStv 144)

Best achievement in production design – feature film
Kate van der Merwe, Riding with Sugar, Netflix

Best achievement in costume design – feature film
Annie Seegers, Riding with Sugar, Netflix

Best achievement in make-up and hairstyling – feature film
Menio Kalymnios, Stella Kalymnios, & Hannes Oosthuizen, Triggered, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play   

Best actress – feature film
Tinarie Loots (as Ava), Gat In Die Muur, Netflix

Best actor – feature film
Tshamano Sebe (as Lazarus), 8, Netflix

Best supporting actress – feature film
Tarryn Wyngaard (as Samiah), Stam, DStv BoxOffice    

Best supporting actor – feature film
Hakeem Kae Kazim (as Mambo), Riding with Sugar, Netflix

Best feature film
Griekwastad, Scene23, DStv BoxOffice

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr Gcina Mhlophe

Best TV presenter (public voting category)
Entle Bizane, Hectic on 3, SABC3

Most popular TV soap / telenovela (public voting category)
Gomora, Seriti Films, Mzansi Magic (DStv 161)