Wednesday, July 11, 2018

MultiChoice Nigeria is hiking DStv subscriber fees and lowering some GOtv subscription prices from 1 August as Nigerians freak out - although they're still paying the least.

MultiChoice Nigeria is hiking DStv subscriber fees and lowering some GOtv subscription prices from 1 August.

It's MultiChoice Nigeria's first increase in DStv subscriber fees in more than a year since May 2017, with MultiChoice Africa and its parent company Naspers that kept absorbing the losses of its DStv service in Nigeria due to the ongoing currency decline of the West African country's naira against the dollar the past three years.

Despite ongoing vocal complaints from Nigerian DStv subscribers, the pay-TV content offering they get for what they are paying in naira, compared to the rest of Africa and South Africa, is actually the best.

When all African countries individual DStv payments are currency converted to American dollar, Nigerian DStv subscribers are by far getting more pay-TV bang for their buck considering the number and type of TV channels included in Nigeria's DStv bouquets.

Nigeria struggles with a rampant inflation currently at 19%, and the ongoing weakening of the naira.

After August's price hike, DStv Premium in Nigeria - the priciest DStv service - will still cost only N15 800 (R590.29) in Africa's second largest economy, compared to R809 for DStv Premium in South Africa that has Africa's largest economy.

MultiChoice Nigeria didn't issue a press statement about the DStv price hike and GOtv price reduction and also failed to notify subscribers at least a month before the time about the price increase, but have been sending DStv and GOtv subscribers messages from 9 July to alert them about the subscriber fee change kicking in from August.

MultiChoice Nigeria is increasing the monthly subscription fee of DStv Premium from N14 700 to N15 800 (R590.29), DStv Compact Plus from N9 900 to N10 650, DStv Compact from N6 300 to N6 800, DStv Family from N3 800 to N4 000 and on DStv Access from N1 900 to N2 000.

MultiChoice Nigeria is lowering the monthly subscription fee of GOtv MAX from N3 800 (R141.97) to N3 200 (R119.55). The subscription fee of the other GOtv packages will remain unchanged at N1 900, N1 250 and N400.

"Great news, effective 1 August 2018, GOtv Max subscription will be N3200," MultiChoice Nigeria messaged GOtv subscribers.

Nigerian DStv subscribers were messaged: "Dear customer, please be advised that DStv Premium subscription will change from N14 700 to N15 800 from 1 August 2018."