Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MultiChoice confuses M-Net subscribers on analogue with wrong notification telling them they must upgrade to DStv.

MultiChoice has sent out a notification in error to M-Net subscribers who only have an M-Net decoder and who are subscribing to the analogue M-Net service only that their service is going to get cut within days and that they will have to switch to DStv from January 2015.

MultiChoice sent out the notification to M-Net analogue subscribers on Monday who've never had DStv or a satellite dish on the roof.

It led to confusion and anxiety yesterday as consumers who have never dealt with MultiChoice before, were told they need to switch to a new DStv subscription option.

DStv told M-Net subscribers who have M-Net analogue as a stand-alone subscription that they're on the DStv Premium service" and can from January 2015 no longer get just M-Net since "it was intended for customers who still have M-Net analogue as a stand-alone subscription".

"This is such a shock and is giving me a fright," said a longtime M-Net subscriber in Claremont, Cape Town who received the notification. "What a downer during the festive season. I don't understand what this means."

"I've only ever had M-Net. Now MultiChoice is taking it away and forcing me to get DStv,"said another M-Net analogue-only subscriber.

MultiChoice says the notification was an error and not meant for M-Net analogue-only subscribers but for people getting M-Net analogue separately and a DStv subscription together, but without the M-Net channel on that DStv line-up.

M-Net analogue subscribers don't have to do anything, will not lose their M-Net subscription at the end of the year, don't have to upgrade or make any changes and can ignore the notification.

Dear Valued Customer,

You currently receive the DStv Premium service without the M-Net 101 channel. From January 2015, we can no longer offer you that package as it was intended for customers who still have M-Net analogue as a stand-alone subscription.

We would like to invite you to please get in touch with us to choose an alternative DStv package that suits your pocket and your viewing needs. The full DStv Premium package with M-Net 101 included is R665 per month but we have five other packages for you to choose from starting at R29 per month and offer a wide variety of entertainment, news and documentary, sports and kids channels.

To compare the price and channels on these packages, you can go to: http://selfservice.dstv.com/get-dstv/compare-packages/ or contact us on 011 289 2222.

Thank you for your understanding and your loyal support.

Best wishes,

The MultiChoice team

"The intention is not to prejudice M-Net subscribers. The only change is that M-Net subscribers who also subscribe to DStv, will have to select one of DStv's six advertised packages," says MultiChoice in response to a media enquiry.

MultiChoice says "an M-Net digital option will be available shortly".

"As soon as digital migration commences, we will communicate exciting changes to M-Net subscribers," says the Randburg-based pay-TV platform.

Subscribers who are affected are only those who are receiving both M-Net through their analogue decoder and have DStv and get their M-Net channel separately through the M-Net decoder and not as one of the channels on their DStv line-up.

"When DStv started, M-Net analogue subscribers were given the option of subscribing to DStv (without M-Net) and continuing to watch M-Net on their analogue decoders," says MultiChoice.

"M-Net is now preparing for the migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) and this legacy arrangement is being discontinued - all this means is that a subscriber will subscribe either to DStv or to M-Net."

UPDATE Tuesday 23 December 2014 17:00 - MultiChoice is now apologising to M-Net subscribers, sending a new notification and an apology, saying the notification of yesterday was "sent to you in error".

"Your service will continue uninterrupted and you don't need to do anything," says MultiChoice.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please accept our apologies for the email, titled "Notice of service upgrade", which you received on 22 December. This communication was sent to you in error.

Your service will continue uninterrupted and you don't need to do anything.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you and your family a blessed festive season.

Best wishes,

The MultiChoice team