Friday, August 9, 2019

MultiChoice Uganda marketing manager Albert Ngambeki exits after just 7 months 'with a little pinch of sadness and with great joy and pleasure' after appointment of his new boss Hassan Saleh.

Just 7 months after his appointment as MultiChoice Uganda's new marketing manager, Albert Ngambeki is exiting MultiChoice Africa's satellite pay-TV business "with a little pinch of sadness" a week after the appointment of Hassan Saleh as the new MultiChoice Uganda boss with whom he apparently doesn't get along with all.

Albert Ngambeki handed in his resignation just 7 months after his appointment on 22 January 2019 earlier this year to replace Phoebe Nakabazzi in the position.

Phoebe Nakabazzi was forced to leave after her and her former MultiChoice Uganda boss Charles Hamya's torrid extra-marital sex scandal in the office was revealed by his wife to all MultiChoice staffers in an email that shocked the MultiChoice Uganda office and damaged the DStv Uganda brand.

Albert Ngambeki, known as Albert Nga, reportedly doesn't get along with Hassan Saleh, with the conflict dating back to when they both worked at Coca-Cola.

"Dear colleagues, it is with a little pinch of sadness that I write this farewell message but at the same time with great joy and pleasure that I am flipping a page into the next part of my career journey," Albert Ngambeki wrote to MultiChoice Uganda staffers on Wednesday 7 August in an internal goodbye memo.

"I am proud to have worked with MultiChoice and the association I have had with DStv and GOtv will last a lifetime. Working here was a great pleasure and my decision to resign was taken after careful thought and deep consideration."

"One of the most important things in life’s journey is to know when to start as well as know when to stop. This I am confident has been the best timing for me amidst all the developments that have surrounded my workspace in the last 7 to 8 months," Albert Nga wrote.

Last week MultiChoice Uganda announced that Hassan Saleh is taking over as the new MultiChoice Uganda managing director from August 2019, replacing the disgraced Charles Hamya.