Monday, January 28, 2019

Phoebe Nakabazzi fired as MultiChoice Uganda marketing manager after tawdry extra-marital office affair with boss Charles Hamya who finally decided to quit.

 Charles Hamya and Phoebe Nakabazzi

Media in Uganda are reporting that Phoebe Nakabazzi, MultiChoice Uganda's marketing manager has been fired, following an embarrassing sex scandal after the MultiChoice office extra-marital affair was exposed between her and her boss, Charles Hamya, by his angry wife.

Charles Hamya finally decided to quit earlier this month and will be gone by the end of March.

Albert Ngabirano has now apparently been appointed in the position of head of marketing for MultiChoice Uganda. Albert Nga previously served as GOtv marketing manager and has worked at MultiChoice Uganda for over 6 years.

Phoebe Nakabazzi is out of her position, as is Charles Hamya, following the shocking disclosure by Charles Hamya's wife, the long-suffering Crusid Matovu in July 2018, when she sent an email, circulated to all MultiChoice Uganda staffers of her husband's trashy behaviour and illicit office romance with a fellow MultiChoice staffer working under him.

Crusid Matovu in an email detailed Charles Hamya and Phoebe Nakabazzi's extra-marital affair and their secret hotel trysts that she said "shouldn't be what MultiChoice Uganda stands for".

Crusid Matovu said the MultiChoice Uganda top executives have "proven that they do not value marriage or work ethics. This level of unprofessionalism should not be what MultiChoice Uganda stands for and for that matter I no longer want to be associated with both parties".

The MultiChoice Africa sex scandal forced Charles Hamya to first take leave in August 2018.

Then MultiChoice staffers started wondering why MultiChoice allows extra-marital affairs between bosses and co-workers apparently without consequences when Charles Hamya returned in October 2018 as if nothing happened.

At the beginning of this month the controversial and shamed MultiChoice Uganda boss finally decided to quit following apparent pressure from MultiChoice Africa leadership. He will be leaving MultiChoice Uganda on 31 March 2019 as general manager.