Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In ongoing MultiChoice sex scandal DStv staffers are wondering if it's okay to have an extra-marital affair at the office without apparent consequences as DStv Uganda boss Charles Hamya returns to the office where his marketing manager lover Phoebe Nakabazzi works.

Charles Hamya and Phoebe Nakabazzi

A MultiChoice sex scandal in Africa keeps unfolding as the married MultiChoice Uganda general manager Charles Hamya is back at the office according to DStv Uganda staffers - the place where the MultiChoice Uganda marketing manager Phoebe Nakabazzi works who and who he has been having an extra-marital affair with.

Staffers at Naspers' pay-TV arm in the African country are wondering if it is okay to have an extra-marital affair at the office, as well as what message it is sending not just inside MultiChoice but to the corporate world and the TV industry in Uganda, and Africa, at large.

In late-July a MultiChoice sex scandal saw Charles Hamya take abrupt leave after his long-suffering wifeCrusid Matovu, in an email to MultiChoice Uganda staffers, revealed the pain, heartache and frustration of Charles Hamya's torrid affair with the DStv Uganda marketing manager.

Crusid Matovu in an email detailed Charles Hamya and Phoebe Nakabazzi's extra-marital affair and their secret hotel trysts that she said "shouldn't be what MultiChoice Uganda stands for".

Crusid Matovu said the MultiChoice Uganda top executives have "proven that they do not value marriage or work ethics. This level of unprofessionalism should not be what MultiChoice Uganda stands for and for that matter I no longer want to be associated with both parties".

Charles Hamya went on abrupt leave "to attend to a family issue that found its way to the work place".

Willem Hattingh took over as acting MultiChoice Uganda general manager while Charles Hamya went to try and sort out his personal life and relationships at home and at work after the nasty private details that spilled into the public eye and inside MultiChoice Uganda's corporate corridors.

Phoebe Nakabazzi apparently stayed at work but kept a low profile while Albert Nga did the public appearances as DStv Uganda marketing manager, for instance when M-Net launched its new Pearl Magic channel on DStv at a press event earlier this month.

DStv Uganda staffers are however now buzzing that Charles Hamya is back at work with Phoebe Nakabazzi - apparently without any consequences or shame - and wondering how a boss can have a multichoice of romantic entanglements with different women, including one working for him.

DStv staffers are speaking out about how MultiChoice allegedly warned them not to talk to the public about the Charles Hamya and Phoebe Nakabazzi sex scandal. "Our bosses are now fully back in office," said a MultiChoice Uganda sales representative to an Uganda gossip site.

Charles Hamya reportedly didn't respond to emails sent to him and Tina Wamala, MultiChoice Uganda publicist reportedly couldn't be reached for comment.