Tuesday, July 2, 2019

IN IMAGES. 50 photos from inside the house of the 4th season of Big Brother Naija and its colourfully designed interior.

The inside of the camera-house at the studio lot in Lagos, Nigeria used for the 4th season of Big Brother Naija pops with the four vibrant colours of green, blue, red and yellow - just like Google and board games.

The decor inside the Big Brother Naija house all relate to the three primary colours and yellow as a secondary colour - because just like Ludo as a strategic board game, Big Brother Naija is a strategic game broadcast on television as well.

The 4th season of MultiChoice Africa and M-Net West Africa's Big Brother Naija reality show started on Sunday night on DStv channel 198 and is shown across Sub-Saharan Africa including South Africa with the theme of "Pepper Dem".

For the first time since 2006, the production is done from Lagos, Nigeria this year.

MultiChoice invited media from across Africa to Lagos to tour and see the Big Brother Naija house although South Africa, where the show has a big and growing viewership under DStv subscribers, was excluded.

Sadly none of the invited group of journalists who also stayed over for a night in the house last week as part of a weeklong press tour before this past Sunday's live launch show had by Tuesday bothered to report anything about their stay and junket or to show or share images from how the 4th season's Big Brother Naija house looks inside.

The Big Brother House has a very friendly, playful and upbeat atmosphere, enhanced by the bright colour scheme.

The Big Brother Naija house has a beautiful Scandinavian Design. It's offset by some slight African art mural patterns and other artwork since it is an African show, in a house built in Africa after all.

Yet it looks less "Africa" than what even Disneyworld in Florida did with the design of the Animal Kingdom Lodge hotel - think a splash of Africa in terms of patterns coating Norwegian design, instead of Africa or Nigeria as the design origin.

The house has cute emoji placemats at the dinner table, emoji scatter cushions,  a beautiful piece of peacock carpet under the throne chair, a private royal-looking bedroom suite, and Scanfrost kitchen appliances (made in Nigeria).

The Big Brother Naija house has a little swimming pool, as well as a fake indoor-outdoor garden area to mimic a natural, relaxing environment - complete with pink plastic flamingos as astroturf lawn ornaments.

Cameras and microphones blend in beautifully into the wall aesthetics.