Thursday, November 8, 2018

How Do You break the How Do I Look South Africa set? You won't believe what a participant did in the new second season - and that the producers decided to leave in for viewers.

How Do You break the set of How Do I Look? SA? Well, you won't believe what a participant did in the second season of the fashion makeover show in a funny gone-wrong moment that the producers decided to leave in the episode, and that the two presenters call their favourite moment of the season.

The second season of How Do I Look? South Africa starts tonight on E! Entertainment (DStv 124) at 20:00 - produced by Black and White Productions and filmed at Sasani Studios. Six of the 12-episode season will be broadcast this year, and another 6 in early-2019.

Both Roxy Burger and Kat Sinivasan return as presenters, with a set change as well as other improvements to the localised version of the NBCUniversal International Formats show that makes the pretty good first local season now even better.

Kat Sinivasan is given more screen time and more to do, participants are profiled better before the makeover, the massive white walls have been toned down and pastelised, the runway-room is more intimate with amber raindrop lights, the curtain-pull reveal has been replaced by a sliding door revealing a mirror, and especially panning shots and editing in general are tighter and better.

Speaking about their favourite moment of the upcoming second season, Kat Sinivasan says "It's our favourite moment. Everybody's going to love it when they see it."

Roxy Burger explains. "So we had an absolute superfan of How Do I Look?. She watched the international versions, she watched How Do I Look? SA the first season, she nominated a friend to be in the show, she was so incredibly excited, and all that she wanted to do, was to take clothes and put them up the vacuum tube that sucks all the old clothes into fashion heaven".

"So I pulled her over and said come on over. So she she walks up so confidently to the suction tube and she takes that handle and she pulled it so hard that she broke it. And we've kept it in the show!"

"She's hysterical and mortified and she's such a fan of the show. And she just goes: 'I broke the set.' She's literally almost in tears and it's a hilarious moment. So that was incredibly funny."

More personalised
About other changes in the second season of How Do I Look? SA, Roxy Burger says "It has more of a local South African flare and flavour".

"We delve deeper this time into the journeys that each of our participants go on. We scratch deeper below the layers and get a bit more intimate and each of them come from really different walks of life and I've personally learnt so much on this season."

"This season we've also focused on supporting local creatives: from photographers to artisans to designers."

"There an episode this season where all connections are completely local - custom-made local pieces done for a particular woman in that episode. And it's really important for us to shine a light on the talent that we have in this country, because there are exceptional talent here."

"I think the moments where I get to reveal each participant and they get to see themselves for the first time is also something new in the second season - it's a really special moment. So I've felt quite honoured and privileged to take them through that moment and to share that moment," says Roxy Burger.

"The set is amazing - our loft apartment - is really cool. The set is very different from the first season."

"And then also the makeup room: The 'props' were makeup and hairstyling equipment so it was amazing. We pretty much used everything and the director would literally shout in my ear because I would stare at all the lipsticks and he would say 'Don't touch the props.' It was great and a very functional set."

"Also this season I'm not pregnant," laughs Roxy Burger.

"Literally in the first season on a Tuesday I would try something on and by Thursday it would not fit. And these poor stylists just looked at me. They were so exasperated. My belly was growing at a rate of zero to a hundred. So the second season of How Do I Look? SA is fantastic. I could drink Red Bull. I could have coffee and I wasn't growing by the second."

Kat Sinivasan says "I have gone to the homes of each and every single one of our participants this season. Going to their houses and speaking to the accomplices I've got a real sense of why the're fashion stunted. Roxy on the other hand goes through the entire makeover process with all the ladies - their style insecurities."

"Every time they feel like they don't want to do something, she brings them back to the table. She has also managed to mold herself to every single lady because every episode of the second season of How Do I Look? SA has been created for that specific individual as a journey. And seeing Roxy going through this journey with each of the ladies is absolutely incredible."

"What's really incredible is that it's a format show but we're able to morph it into it's own thing to give it its own South African flavour. For me this season was special for me in this I get to go to all their houses to help viewers get to know more about each participant."

"By the time they walk into the studio, we understand their lives. So this time around it's more personalised and we get to see their duality in every single episode," says Kat Sinivasan.

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