Thursday, November 8, 2018

IN PHOTOS: The new Sasani Studios set of the second season of E!'s How Do I Look? South Africa.

Here's how the new set of the second season of How Do I Look? SA looks.

The second season of How Do I Look? South Africa starts tonight on E! Entertainment (DStv 124) and will see 12 episodes (6 this year, 6 in early-2019) broadcast on Thursdays at 20:00.

In July TVwithThinus did a set visit while the second season was in production at Sasani Studios.

Black and White Productions did the second South African season of the NBCUniversal International Formats show that moved from Urban Brew Studios where the first season was shot last year, to Sasani.

I did a set visit and got a guided tour from the producers who explained the changes, with the set that looks quite different from last year, with several notable improvements (not that the first season was bad).

Afterwards I went to go sit in the control room in the dark with the director and producers to watch the filming of one of the episode's reveal-scenes.

In the second season of How Do I Look? South Africa there are a lot less white walls and everything has been redone to look much less intimidating and more intimate. There are more background depth and perspective and more colour.

The runway-and-reveal section is smaller, is more "toned down" with colour and a purple hue, and got amber raindrop lights added, making it more like coming out with a new makeover reveal to friends than doing a fashion show catwalk for a new season's latest must-have's.

Overall, all the set sections all feels more chic "home-sey" and loft-living like, with pastel colours like turquoise and pink that have been added.