Friday, May 3, 2024

eNCA adds The Dan Corder Show as its first satirical late night news show in almost a decade.

by Thinus Ferreira

After exiting the SABC 5FM last week Friday, radio DJ Dan Corder is joining eMedia's eNCA (DStv 403) where he will host a biweekly show of his own from Monday.

The South African TV news channel is adding The Dan Corder Show on Monday and Tuesday nights at 21:00. 

It comes after the rising star did well at the SABC's commercial youth radio station for three years and branched out recently by rapidly expanding his own social media presence through things like his podcast, The Issue with Dan Corder over the last six months.

eNCA declined to say for how many episodes The Dan Corder Show has been commissioned for but Siyabonga Mposula told TVwithThinus that "Dan Corder is part of eNCA's future growth strategy".

While Nick Archibald, the presenter of Top 40 on 5 is replacing Dan Corder on 5 Breakfast on an interim basis, Dan Corder is gearing up for eNCA's first return to a humouristic current affairs commentary show in 9 years.

In 2015 when eNCA cancelled Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola produced by DiPrente Productions, the channel said it would replace it with a new satirical late night news and interview show but nothing came from the promise.

According to eNCA, Dan Corder will "share his quick wit, captivating storytelling and blunt analysis in the stories that cut to the heart of South Africa". Like LNN, The Dan Corder Show is described as "a blend of comedy, insight, satire, daring interviews and topical deep dives into the country's most controversial moments".

Norman Munzhelele, eNCA managing director, says eNCA is "excited to bring in a fresh and exciting addition to our late night news".

"Dan will be a great way of transitioning into a new sphere of how news is told, and how different audiences can be united in a fun and innovative way. We hope to grow and reach new heights and change how news is told - one joke at a time."

On his podcast yesterday, Dan Corder said "my lifelong dream has always been to host a satirical new show in the American style best done by a Jon Stewart or a John Oliver".

"I never thought that I'd be able to do that because there's no culture of that in South Africa - it's not something that channels or networks option and something that they do - which I've always found completely insane because South Africa is the perfect country for this kind of show. It is wild."

"Unbelievably, we got a call from a network. And not just any network but the most trusted, reputable news network in South Africa - eNCA. And they said 'guys, how about you do what you've been doing on YouTube, for us."

"We've now got a late night show for you - a political and late night satire news show for you for South Africa because of what we've built here together on YouTube - because of what we've done on TikTok."

Dan Corder said "you're also going to be able to catch it online in full if you can't catch it at that time or if you don't have DStv or the option that gets you channel 403."

The Issue with Dan Corder will also continue independently on YouTube as a podcast.