Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Twitter teams up with E! News for new live-stream show While You Were Streaming on the social network with Danielle Robay discussing television series.

by Thinus Ferreira

The Twitter social network and NBCUniversal's E! (DStv 124) channel is partnering up, with E! that will be doing a new, "made-for-Twitter", live-stream series, While You Were Streaming from its E! News division.

While You Were Streaming will have Danielle Robay as presenter, who will be joined by rotating guests. 

While You Were Streaming will discuss various TV series, both on traditional television as well as those seen on video streaming services.

"The Twitter timeline is where highlights hit first. It's the place people come to watch, debate and participate in the biggest moments across sports, news, gaming and entertainment every day and we're so excited to announce an incredible line-up of new content opportunities," said TJ Adeshola, Twitter's head of global content partnerships.