Friday, September 10, 2021

I already have the Eames Lounge chair - now it's just for Hisense SA's biggest TV yet, the Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV at R100 000, for that true home cinema experience.

by Thinus Ferreira

I already have the black leather modern-classic Eames Lounge chair and ottoman in my lounge that I bought a few years ago. What I don't have is Hisense South Africa's biggest TV yet: the Hisense 120-inch, 4K Smart Laser TV, that Hisense has now launched and that costs R100 000.

With laser cinema that is definitely one of the ongoing and advancing new trends in television projection as people constantly desire bigger and better TVs against their walls, the Hisense 120" 4K Smart TV looks like great "wall television".

As part of the future of large screen television viewing, Hisense SA says that its biggest TV yet, has a lightweight and slim screen that can hang wirelessly and seamlessly to show off its massive 120-inch display.

While Hisense SA is selling its 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV 120L5 | 120L5F for a recommended retail price of R100 000, it is now on promotion for R79 000.

It's available from HiFi Corporation, Hirschs, House and Home, Tafelberg Furnishers, Game, Makro, Takealot, Kloppers, Rectron, Esquire, Atlas, Masons, Metro Home City and Nictus. 

Besides thinking how many piggy banks you'll have to break for the R79 000, the other thing I immediately thought about was if you buy it, how do plan to get this giant home and through your front door.

Interestingly, that's taken care of. Hisense South Africa tells me it offers a 4-year warranty on the Laser TV, and that it comes with free delivery and installation.

Hisense SA's 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV looks beautiful in Hisense's publicity hand-out images though and conjures up the idea of "true home cinema".

With 8.3 million pixels, this whale of a TV has four times more pixels than traditional full HD. 

Although not tested, Hisense SA claims that this wall giant's resolution provides "a razor-sharp, stunningly realistic picture with beautifully natural motion and incredible detail, which sets the standard for amazing quality and clarity".

The Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV has X-Fusion laser light technology that provides "up to 25 000+ hours of entertainment without the need for replacing a bulb, plus extreme brightness with 2700 lumens".

According to Hisense SA, the Laser TV also "reflect the image off their display rather than transmitting it straight to your eyes". This apparently allows you to watch your favourite shows and movies "without worrying about hurting your eyes"

In terms of other specs, the Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV has a VIDAA U4.0 smart operating system, and it's easy to access content from a variety of media apps, as well as built-in music and movie apps such as Netflix and YouTube. 

The Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV has a simplified design that allows a user to "effortlessly switch between all apps and devices, making it easier and quicker to enjoy a world of on-demand entertainment".

For sound it comes with embedded 30W speakers delivering "superior audio performance" according to Hisense SA, with award-winning audio offered by dbx-tv digital audio technology that delivers rich, detailed sound. 

It has 4 HDMI ports available to connect different audio and video systems and components.