Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Elemental Technologies says its helping MultiChoice with the launch of a time-shifted SVoD service; MultiChoice says it's not planning to launch such a service soon.

MultiChoice which doesn't have a time-shifted subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) service says the satellite pay-TV operator is not planning to launch such a service anytime soon - although Elemental Technologies says it is helping MultiChoice with the launch of a forthcoming SVoD service for DStv.

MultiChoice saying it isn't planning to launch a time-shifted SVoD service follows after a press release in which Elemental Technologies, a supplier of software-defined video solutions, says MultiChoice is now making use of Elemental to power the launch of its time-shifted satellite VOD and SVoD service.

"This new offer will support MultiChoice DStv Box Office and MultiChoice DStv Catch-up such that premium subscribers can watch the latest movies, sports and television shows up to seven days after they air," says Elemental Technologies.

Elemental Technologies says its solution will help MultiChoice to drive its video-on-demand workflows, optimise the delivery of live streamed content and support MultiChoice's future time-shift SVoD offer.

"MultiChoice does not have a time-shifted SVoD service, not are we planning to launch something like this anytime soon," MultiChoice told TV with Thinus.

Elemental, an Amazon Web Services company, says in its statement that Elemental is helping MultiChoice with its "forthcoming SVoD service".

Elemental Technologies says that it is "pleased to bring the high-resolution, high-performance power of the Elemental software-defined video ecosystem to bear to help MultiChoice deliver quality experiences to its viewers and to support the company's expansion."

In the Elemental Technologies statement, Jean-Pierre Rossouw, the head of MultiChoice's video-on-demand operations is quoted as saying "our biggest challenges with this expansion were managing scalability and our ability to react to market conditions as we launched new services."

"With Elemental, we were able to adapt to a rapidly increasing volume of content and growing subscriber base while meeting customer expectations around the clock."