Friday, January 24, 2014

DStv's Explora and HD PVR subscribers required to reset 4 things for 4 TV channels from after 29 January following a PVR decoder reboot.

Similar to On Digital Media's (ODM) StartSat subscribers who had to do - and are still doing some - resetting on their decoders since the end of the year, MultiChoice's DStv Premium subscribers with HD PVR's will be required to reset some things on their decoders at the end of this month.

Since Discovery HD Showcase is soon disappearing on DStv with Discovery Channel getting upgraded to an HD channel as well as other technical transponder changes at MultiChoice, DStv premium subscribers will have to reset a few things on their decoders from after 29 January.

This include their favourite channels list, scheduled recordings, channel blocking and reminders where any these four things involve any of these 4 TV channels which are all broadcast in HD: Studio Universal (DStv 112), Universal Channel (DStv 117), FOX (DStv 125) and Discovery HD Showcase (DStv 180).

The resetting is necessary since MultiChoice is migrating the four HD channels on 29 January at 00:01. The channel numbers are not changing, although the technical changes will create a reboot for DStv's HD PVR's and the DStv Explora early in the morning of Wednesday, 29 January.

It will result in DStv subscribers who will have to delete and reset their favourite channels list, reminders, channel blocking and scheduled recordings as it involves these channels after this date.

If DStv subscribers are recording something on any of these channels, DStv subscribers will have to manually reboot their DStv decoder - so best to rather keep these channels clean of recording and not to record or set any planned recording for these 4 channels on 28 and 29 January.

Also best to keep your DStv HD PVR or DStv Explora on. If it is off or in standby during this period, the decoder will rescan when you take it out of standby or switch it on again, and will  then automatically update the channels.