Thursday, November 29, 2012

TOLDJA! Noluthando Gosa appointed as the latest new SABC board member - a position she knows since she did it until she resigned in December 2005.

Two months ago, way back in September, I reported that Noluthando Primrose Gosa will become the new SABC board member.

It was made official today, two months later by president Jacob Zuma who once again rubber-stamped the "new" old SABC board member when he signed the papers to make Noluthando Gosa the latest SABC board member of the beleaguered South African public broadcaster.

Noluthando Gosa resigned in December 2005 as an SABC board member but now wanted back in at the struggling SABC. She's replacing Clifford Motsepe who resigned in April.

Noluthando Gosa previously accused her fellow SABC board members of tolerating corruption within the SABC. Noluthando Gosa was herself under investigation at the time.

Noluthando Gosa's appointed as an SABC board member (again) is a very au courant deja vu situation: the current SABC board member Cawe Mahlati is also accusing the SABC board and SABC chairperson dr Ben Ngubane of tolerating corruption and Cawe Mahlati is herself under investigation.

"I wish Ms Gosa well in the execution of this important function in the country's public broadcaster," said the office of president Jacob Zuma said in a statement. Noluthando Gosa's appointment was based on a recommendation by the National Assembly and the portfolio committee on communications.

Noluthando Gosa's appointment and termf of office will be until January 2015 - unless of course she resigns before that period ends as she did in December 2005.