Monday, January 30, 2012

Current TV on TopTV closing down on 11 March; final documentary will be Shed Your Tears and Walk Away.

Current TV (TopTV 406) which will be closing down on 11 March and which means that the South African pay TV operator TopTV will lose another channel, will be going off the air with  the documentary Shed Your Tears and Walk Away as its final documentary.

''We are awaiting feedback from Current TV,'' TopTV tells me, with the pay TV operator waiting to get final word or the future or demise of Current TV's feed from the United Kingdom which is what South African viewers are seeing here.

Current TV has named 11 March as the end of its transmission period after which the broadcast of the channel will cease. It will be the third channel within months no longer being provided by TopTV after the channel providers close because of money issues.

''We have been overwhelmed by the passion of our supporters, viewers and producers who are flooding our message boards and others with their dismay about Current's likely closure,” said Current UK managing director Jane Mote in a statement.

''The depth of anger, disbelief and determination will ensure that the fight for democracy and plurality for independent film-makers will live on and grow long after Current has gone.''

Current TV's final documentary deliberately has an ironic title - Shed Your Tears and Walk Away. The film is set in the small Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge and follows a former heroin addict as he comes to terms with his own mortality.