Monday, November 14, 2011

BREAKING. SABC1 wants to remain 'number one television brand' in 2012 with new seasons of Montana, Tshisa; several brand-new shows.

''The constantly evolving television landscape has become both exciting and challenging with all the envisaged changes around the digitalization of the airwaves that will result in the introduction of new channels in the near future,'' says Leo Manne, SABC1's acting channel head, reflecting on 2011, and talking about some of what SABC1 is planning for 2012.

''Consistent with our desire to remain the number one television and content brand, the channel has continued to ensure in 2011 that our viewers are kept entertained and informed through an innovative programming basket that catered for a varied mix of content covering our tried and tested favourites as well as fresh and new exciting programs,'' he says.

''Viewers can look forward to an interesting New Year with an exciting programming roll-out that includes titles on offer [such as] the second season of MontanaChild Geniuses, Daddy 24/7, the third season of Tshisa, the new local drama Fashionistas, the new local reality show Tipping Point, and the docu-reality show Stage of Life,'' Leo Manne says.