Friday, July 1, 2011

BREAKING. Mike Siluma suddenly appointed as the new acting head of news at the SABC in the latest shocking execu-move madness.

Are they making this up as they go? Seriously? The SABC has just issued another statement saying that Mike Siluma is going to act as the new acting head of news at the SABC - hours after announcing that Phil Molefe (who used to be the head of news at the SABC) is now the new acting group CEO of the public broadcaster. Mike Siluma has been the head of radio news and current affairs at the SABC and he's now taking over for Phil Molefe, who is taking over for Robin Nicholson.

The announcement of Mike Siluma as the acting group executive for news and current affairs at the SABC is the latest in a wave of shocking news from the SABC today - following in the wake of the resignation of the SABC board member Peter Harris, the apparent ousting of Robin Nicholson as chief financial officer and acting group CEO, and the appointment of Phil Molefe who used to run the news division, now the acting top exec over all of Fawly Towers in Auckland Park.

Who ever is ''managing'' this latest scandalous top-level executive travesty at the beleaguered SABC is ... not. Why on earth would the SABC not send out one, very clear, very complete and comprehensive press statement or have a press conference? Instead the SABC has re-ignited a media feeding frenzy by issuing shocking information in drips and drabs, creating the impression that the broadcaster's top execs are grasping at shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic yet again.

Flabbergasted media observers and the press are once again flummoxed and bewildered at the latest behind-the-scenes execu-moves that seems inexplicable. Meanwhile Robin Nicholson who got the doors of Auckland Park suddenly shut behind him, says he'll be back on Monday.

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