Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BREAKING. M-Net to officially announce that it's secured the broadcast rights to Terra Nova; will show it from early 2012.

You're reading it here first.

Steven Spielberg. Hot new TV show. Science fiction. Big-budget family drama.

Yes, Fox Entertainment (TopTV 180) has the awesome new Steven Spielberg science fiction family drama Falling Skies starting on 4 July on TopTV, but M-Net is fighting back BIG time and has gone all out to secure the even more awesome new Steven Spielberg science fiction family drama Terra Nova for DStv. (Of course subscribers would be able to see it in all its glorious dyno high definition on M-Net HD.)

I can exclusively break the news that the pay broadcaster has officially secured this epic, high-buzz, new Steven Spielberg show - chronicling a family who travels back in time to prehistoric Earth to start a new society amidst the dinosaurs. I can say Toldja! to what I told you right here in January and today it will be official.

I'm told that M-Net is set to officially announce today (a Tyranno roar will be in order) that it has scooped Terra Nova - the most expensive TV show ever produced (it's filmed on location in Australia) and the biggest and most anticipated TV show for 2011. I can reveal that Terra Nova will start in early 2012 on M-Net, very close after the show's start in America.

The first two episodes of Terra Nova was supposed to start in America in May (which means this Steven Spielberg drama would actually have been first, and have preceded the as-wonderful Falling Skies). The producers and the Fox network in America however pushed the starting date back to somewhere around the end of the year, saying the special effects of Terra Nova needs more time.

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