Friday, January 28, 2011

BREAKING. Human Target makes an early return to M-Net to fill the unexpected gap Law & Order: Los Angeles is creating.

I can reveal that it will be the 2nd season of Human Target that will be replacing Law & Order: Los Angeles on the M-Net schedule when the latest Law & Order spin-off will abruptly stop on the pay broadcaster after 8 episodes on 4 March.

From 11 March it will be Human Target making a comeback, with M-Net that jumped to find a replacement show. Last week I told you that M-Net - as probably other broadcasters around the world - were blindsided by the show that suddenly fired cast members, is creatively retooling and went on an indefinite break. Had M-Net known this, the channel would in all likelihood not have started broadcasting Law & Order: Los Angeles in the first place.

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