Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FAILURE! (AGAIN) Super 5 Media once again misses its own starting date to launch a pay TV platform in South Africa.

Super 5 Media has once again NOT launched its pay TV platform yesterday on June 1 as it said it would, and is currently hiding away and not speaking to anybody or responding to media enquiries.

I've lost count as to how many times Super 5 Media has promised to start, had the date roll by, to then simply come up with a new date. Super 5 Media has lost all credibility within the local TV industry after it has - in only this year so far - promised to start its pay TV service in February, then May, then June - and has now also missed that date.

I called the troubled Super 5 Media several times yesterday and sent numerous email requests. This morning I phoned again and during the afternoon. No response. Shenzhen Media SA is the majority shareholder in Super 5 Media after Telkom sold their share and the name changed from Telkom Media to Super 5 Media.

Who knows what date Super 5 Media will dream up next. July? September? Just like The Bible Code, the Mayan 2012 calendar, Nostradamus and prophecies predicting the end of the world, Super 5 Media's self-imposed starting date remains more massive myth than actual fact - and then, when it eventually rolls around, constantly keeps getting pushed always further into a fake new future.