Thursday, June 3, 2010

BREAKING. Mumm-Ra will NOT be happy. The Cartoon Network reviving the classic 80s animation series ThunderCats.

''Thunder, thunder. . . ThunderCats!'' Hello Lion-O: The ThunderCats, the classic TV animation show broadcast in South Africa on TV1 during the 80's is making a huge TV comeback.

The Cartoon Network (DStv 301) is reviving the ThunderCats and will be producing a brand-new version of the show, reports Reuters. Warner Bros. Animation will be producing the series for America's Cartoon Network, which means the likelihood is great that South African viewers will also get to see it, similar to the popular Star Wars: Clone Wars currently in its second season on Friday nights on the animation channel.

The animation show about a set of anthropomorphic cats led by Lion-O, battling the evil Mumm-Ra on a distant planet, had 130 episodes (I have them all). A big screen ThunderCats movie is also in the works, although by a different studio. Other new TV shows South Africa will also hopefulyl get to see on The Cartoon Network and that is currently in development in America for the channel is an animation series build around The Green Lantern, as well as a live-action series Unnatural History which looks great. In Unnatural History Henry Griffin (Kevin G. Schmidt), a teenager, moves to a very strange high school.