Monday, May 3, 2010

BREAKING. The Top One TV schedule is tops! Is TopTV's new Top One maybe the new M-Net?

You're reading it here first.

Is TopTV's new premium entertainment TV channel, Top One (TopTV 150) maybe the new M-Net? Could be. I've gotten my hands on the Top One schedule and it looks great in terms of what subscribers to the new TopTV pay operator will get in return for what they're paying.

I made a clip of the new Top One channel's ident which you can see RIGHT HERE - and it looks awesome. On the massively impressive Top One schedule? Well, Top One (TopTV 150) has a daily transmission time of 15:30 to 01:30 to start with, which will be extended from 17 May from 09:30 to 01:30. On the schedule is a mix of TV shows and movies. Great TV shows like Kyle XY (first season), One Tree Hill (first season), Dirt (first season), The Closer (first season), CSI Miami (first season), Brothers & Sisters (first season), Lost (first season and second season simultaneously), and the reality show The Bachelor (sixth season).

Movies are shown daily on TopTV's Top One as well like The Simpsons Movie, Beowulf, Flight 93, Madeline, Lake Placid, and Dreamland to name just a few and shows like Judge Penny Smythe Family Court, Platinum Weddings and the daily New Morning with Timberley Whitfield.