Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MultiChoice does a positive name change and switches DStv Extra to DStv Compact Plus; 'upgrades DStv Compact subscribers to Compact Plus for September.

On Tuesday the satellite pay-TV service MultiChoice did a positive name-change in South Africa to one of its DStv bouquets, changing its second-tiered DStv Extra bouquet offering to DStv Compact Plus.

MultiChoice has been offering, and using, a DStv Compact Plus bouquet elsewhere in Africa and the "introduction" of it through a name change in South Africa is a good service adjustment to align its second best offering in South Africa with what it is called on the rest of the African continent.

MultiChoice quietly launched DStv Extra just over 4 years ago in June 2013 but based on the brand name alone, consumers struggled to know where exactly it would fit into the tiered DStv offerings.

The renamed DStv Compact Plus makes it clearer that it's an enhanced "plus" version of DStv Compact.

From 1 September to 31 September all existing DStv Compact subscribers - DStv's third-tiered bouquet - will be "upgraded" and get access to the DStv Compact Plus (or old DStv Extra) channels without being charged more as a consumer sampling exercise.

DStv Compact Plus costs R489 per month and these DStv subscribers get access to DStv BoxOffice, DStv Catch Up and DStv Now online and on the app for smart devices.

DStv Compact Plus contains more channels than DStv Compact and additionally has channels like Comedy Central Africa (DStv 122), ITV Choice (DStv 123), Lifetime Africa (DStv 133) and the Afrikaans channel kykNET (DStv 144), as well as SuperSport 7 (DStv 207), SuperSport 8 (DStv 208) and BBC Worldwide's CBeebies (DStv 306).

"DStv Compact Plus is a great solution for our Compact customers looking for more entertainment for their family," says Mark Rayner, MultiChoice South Africa CEO in a statement.

"We strive to continuously enhance our DStv packages to give our customers more entertainment value for their money."

MultiChoice says the change from DStv Extra to DStv Compact Plus will also eliminate confusion between the DStv Extra offering and MultiChoice's XtraView service which allows customers to connect more than one decoder under one subscription.

SABC buys another season of The Amazing Race; SABC3 will broadcast 25th season on Mondays concurrently with Survivor on Tuesdays.

After bringing South African viewers back-to-back seasons of the American reality show Survivor that SABC3 used to alternate with The Amazing Race, a new season of The Amazing Race will finally return to SABC3 on Monday 25 September at 19:30.

SABC3 used to alternate series of Survivor and The Amazing Race on Mondays, but stopped during the South African Broadcasting Corporation's cash-crunch and evisceration of international content from the SABC - especially SABC3's schedule.

SABC3 earlier this year moved Survivor also from its longtime scheduling berth of Mondays to Tuesdays at 19:30 where Survivor: Worlds Apart is currently being shown.

Now SABC3 has acquired and paid for another season of The Amazing Race that will return to Mondays from Monday 25 September at 19:30.

What this means is that it will mark the first time that SABC3 is showing both Survivor and The Amazing Race concurrently on the public broadcaster's only commercial TV channel, instead of alternating them.

In the 25th season of The Amazing Race there's 11 teams of 2 people, racing through 8 countries - and for the first time ever, 4 teams competing in the final leg of the competition.

Like with Survivor, SABC3 is falling further and further behind America and the rest of the world with The Amazing Race.

While Survivor isn't available in high definition and not shown on any other TV channel available in South Africa, The Amazing Race can be seen on the Sony Channel (DStv 127) on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform.

The Sony Channel is currently broadcasting the very latest 29th season of The Amazing Race with new episodes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19:30.

Monday, August 21, 2017

TURN AROUND. Total eclipse sees a resurgent Bonnie Tyler eclipse everything as she conquers the world's hearts.

Monday's total solar eclipse in America eclipsed everything - except Bonnie Tyler whose star burnt brightest thanks to her hit song "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

While the American president Donald Trump was warned not to - and then decided to look directly into the sun - it was Bonnie Tyler who lit up on Monday during the total eclipse when she sang her hit 1983 song on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and beforehand also did several interviews with a multitude of TV news channels and shows.

Bonnie's trippy power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" surged to number 1 on iTunes and sales of the single jumped a whopping 267% on Amazon as the solar eclipse took place across America but was beamed by satellites to TV screens and followed worldwide.

Her Greatest Hits album also climbed to number 3 on Amazon's Movers & Shakers list. On the music streaming service, play of her song surged 2 859%.

According to Billboard, digital download sales of the song jumped by 503%.

Meanwhile, as everyone tries to just hold on forever and South Africa's Elon Musk on Monday warned against killer robots, REM silently waited their turn for "It's the End of the World" - probably not too far off now since we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.

On CNN - that always said it was different than E! Entertainment - anchor John Berman interviewed Bonnie Tyler, because, lets face it, when there's a total solar eclipse, Bonnie belting out a ballad is what we as the world need more than ever.

While a buoyant Bonnie (67) on a boat in the Bermuda Triangle was trying to keep her hair out of her face, John Berman awkwardly asked her" "How do you think a total eclipse of the heart differs from a total eclipse of the sun?"

Because it's important, he also wanted to know from Bonnie "Can you stare into a total eclipse of the heart without glasses?"

(Well, don't ask Donald Trump - he just might decide he wants to.)

Brave Bonnie in her raspy voice tried her best to answer and said "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is "the number one karaoke song".

Then Bonnie - who said the universe is amazing - decided to sing. And just like that, while the world these days seems to be falling apart, she brought back the light to our lives.

Luckily the CNN studio's fire sprinkler system was switched off or wasn't working on Monday because the anchor took out and flicked on a lighter, swaying a flame from side to side.

There was nothing we could do, but social media had a field day:

Thankfully the British were more reserved in their proper solar eclipse coverage.

On Sky News (DStv 402) anchor Kay Burley was running around just like she did at the Lindo Wing when Kate and Prince William had babies, asking people starting at the solar eclipse how they're feeling.

Even The Guardian was helpful for those suffering from bright eyes:

Forever really is gonna start tonight.

Here's Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" music video. But be warned - ninjas:

SABC3, Vodacom and Jeep South Africa all distance themselves from the imploding Cape Town model search production Beeldskoon.

The SABC's SABC3 TV channel, Vodacom and Jeep have all distanced themselves from the controversial and imploding Cape Town model-search production Beeldskoon from Snapshots TV Productions.

The Weekend Argus reported that Beeldskoon, a model search competition done in Cape Town that made many promises to many people, has imploded.

Beeldskoon, allegedly fraught with problems and short on cash, saw its production manager Megan Scholtz reportedly quit halfway through who says it was difficult to feed the models daily while the production was filming in a Camps Bay villa and in Stellenbosch.

Beeldskoon created by Alfredo Alfred, promised a Jeep Renegade as a SMS competition prize "sponsored" by Jeep for the public, and a Fiat for the winner and a Los Angeles based modelling mentorship.

Beeldskoon was punted for broadcast on SABC3 from September with a years-old logo of the SABC's SABC3 TV channel, although SABC3 says it knows nothing about the competition.

"On behalf of SABC3, we are not aware of this title," said the broadcaster.

Vodacom and Jeep also disavowed their involvement with Beeldskoon.

Crew who worked on Beeldskoon told The Weekend Argus they haven't been paid their salaries. Alfredo Alfred allegedly also owes money to a hair salon, the Rosenview Guesthouse and the Camps Bay villa.

Veteran SABC journalist and Johannesburg assignment editor, Zola Ntutu, dead at 51.

The ill veteran SABC News journalist Zola Ntutu has died. He was 51.

Zola Ntutu joined the SABC in the early 1990's as a SABC News reporter and has been the SABC's SABC Radio news assignment editor in Johannesburg.

The SABC reported that Zola Ntutu was found dead at his flat in Kenilworth south of Johannesburg on Sunday morning.

Zola Ntutu's brother Eric Ntutu told the SABC that he got a call that Zola Ntutu's flat was locked for about two or three days.

"We had to break down the door. We found him lying in his bed. He was everything to me. I'm very shocked and sad about his passing."

Oakbay Investments sells controversial ANN7 on DStv and The New Age Newspaper for R450m to former ANC publicist Mzwanele Manyi in a 'vendor licensing' deal.

The former ANC publicist Mzwanele "Jimmy" Manyi's Lodidox company has brought the controversial "Gupta-news" TV channel ANN7 (DStv 405) on DStv for R300 million and the Gupta-newspaper The New Age for R150 million under a "vendor licensing" deal.

"Vendor licensing" means that the Guptas is lending Jimmy Manyi the money to buy their ANN7 and The New Age.

The Bank of Baroda is closing Oakbay Investments bank accounts - including those of ANN7 and The New Age at the end of August.

The borrow-to-buy ANN7 and The New Age sale means the Oakbay media entities get new bank accounts through Jimmy Manyi.

The controversial Jimmy Manyi with close ties to the Guptas frequently appears as a "political analyst" and as an "analyst" on the controversial ANN7 channel carried on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform that just turned 4 years old where he shills for the Guptas and mentions the Bell-Pottinger created "white monopoly capital" catch-phrase.

The unprofessional and news-skewing ANN7 and The New Age continue to hog headlines as part of the "Gupta-leaks" trove of emails and ongoing revelations regarding South African "state-capture and notorious Jacob Zuma-linked dealings.

The Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments in a statement says the R450 million sale of its two media entities "is part of Oakbay’s commitment to preserve jobs and provide certainty to over 7 500 hard-working employees throughout the group and to safeguard the inherent value of the businesses in which they work."

Offloading the controversial ANN7 TV channel from Infinity Media Networks and The New Age to Lodidox "will also allow the shareholder the time to focus on clearing its name in the face of unfounded media allegations", says Oakbay Investments.

"Under a new majority shareholder, Oakbay believes that both businesses and their employees will have the bright and prosperous future they deserve," says Ronica Ragavan, Oakbay Investments acting CEO in the statement.

"We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Lodidox and the management team; the sale of our shareholdings will secure the future of these businesses and help preserve the jobs of their employees."

"Both businesses are inherently sound and well positioned for growth in their respective market segments. We wish them every success in the future."

Jimmy Manyi says he is "delighted to have reached agreement with Oakbay and look forward to successfully completing the deal."

"These are two strong businesses which are full of potential and, under the right external circumstances, can become an increasingly important and relevant part of the South African media landscape."

"In addition, I am particularly impressed that the shareholders of Oakbay have agreed to do a vendor financing at acceptable terms as part of their commitment to transformation and to expedite the transaction."

After quitting SABC1's Generations, Thando Thabete's risque TV talk show on TLC Entertainment on DStv will be entitled Thando Bares All.

Thando Thabethe as the latest on-air face to quit the South African public broadcaster will be starting her upcoming TV talk show on TLC Entertainment (DStv 135) in early 2018 that will be entitled Thando Bares All.

The "slightly risque" 8-episode Thando Bares All is produced by Oxyg3n Media and will see Thando Thabethe talking with people about "body positivity" and "things that society might be afraid or embarrassed to speak about".

Thando Thabethe recently quit her role on the SABC's Generations weekday soap on SABC1 for the chance to appeal to a pay-TV audience in a localised African TV talk show for Discovery Networks International's female-focused African channel feed of TLC Entertainment.

Thando Thabethe couldn't continue to be seen on the South African public broadcaster as a SABC face and as one of Discovery's new faces on TLC Entertainment and opted to take a chance on appealing and reaching out to a new audience after she appeared on TLC Entertainment in 2016 as a judge in a presenter search competition.

Topics in the 8 episodes of Thando Bares All will discuss polygamy, "naked attraction", outrageous style and body issues with themes borrowed and synchronising with other well-known TLC Entertainment programming.

Casissa Cupido, winnter of TLC Entertainment's Next Great Presenter Search 2016 and now the official TLC Entertainment voice-over artist, will film vox pop inserts with the public for Thando Bares All.

'When TLC approached me to present this show, I was ecstatic," says Thando Thabethe in a prepared statement.

"I'm a huge fan of the channel and thoroughly enjoyed with the brand as a judge for its Next Great Presenter competition in 2016."

"This for me is a step in the right direction for my career in the entertainment industry. I can't wait to start filming Thando Bares All and finding out what South Africans think about the topics that really matter," says Thando Thabethe.

"TLC Entertainment proudly celebrates inspirational, larger-than-life characters and we are incredibly excited to welcome Thando to the family," says Dilek Doyran, vice president of commercial development and country manager of Africa at Discovery Networks Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA).

"Thando Bares All is about bringing people together and tackling topics we know our viewers will have strong opinions on."

"With her charismatic personality and unique presenting style, Thando was the perfect fit to front the series and we look forward to bringing even more 'OMG' moments to our viewers when Thando Bares All comes to TLC early next year," says Dilek Doyran.

"Oxyg3n Media are delighted to be working with TLC Entertainment on this new and exciting talk show," says Rebecca Fuller-Campbell, Oxyg3n Media CEO.

"We can't think of anyone better than Thando and Carissa to talk TLC topics with the heart that represents the channel."

"It has been a very interesting journey for us to decide what topics to discuss, but I have no doubt that the TLC audience will be captivated by this unique, colourful, heartfelt and slightly risque talk show."

Walter Mokoena quits the SABC after 19 years as a presenter for SABC Sport; says he's 'not quitting because I had issues' with the SABC.

Walter Mokoena has resigned from the SABC's SABC Sport division where he has been a presenter for almost 19 years saying he's had enough.

"I enjoy challenging myself. I'm not quitting because I had issues, the SABC has been good to me and is the reason I'm the person I am today."

"I’d like to thank the public broadcaster for contributing to the person I’ve become. But I won’t be lost in the game, as I’m running a management company, through which we’ve signed an impressive list of players."

"I’ve been spending most of my time in studio for all these years, so it’s about time I give my kids the attention they want as their father."

Walter Mokoena is a father of two girls and is also lecturing at the University of the Witwatersrand in journalism.

"I’ll always be grateful to the SABC. The company allowed me to grow as a presenter and afforded me opportunities, including starting the Joburg Post, an online news site," he says.

Possible criminal charges after parliament reports finds Faith Muthambi, James Aguma, Ben Ngubane, Mbulaheni Maguvhe allegedly lied in SABC inquiry.

Possible criminal charges could be coming for minister Faith Muthambi, James Aguma, Ben Ngubane, Mbulaheni Maguvhe and former SABC company secretary Theresa Geldenhuys who allegedly lied during the SABC inquiry by parlement.

A parliamentary report has found that these 5 witnesses in parliament's SABC inquiry into maladministration, corruption, and mismanagement at the troubled South African Broadcasting Corporation may have deliberately misled the South African parliament's ad hoc committee that investigated the SABC rot.

The National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete finally quietly tabled the report that she has kept hidden for months amidst calls for it to be made public who parliament found may have lied during the inquiry.

Faith Muthambi, then the minister of communications - now the public service and administration minister - could face a charge of contempt and abuse of parliamentary privilege that is punishable by a fine or a prison term not exceeding 12 months or both.

The same goes for the other 4 with the controversial Ben Ngubane and Mbulaheni Maguvhe who served as former SABC board members and James Aguma who quit as acting SABC CEO.

The report by parliament's legal services division found that Faith Muthambi's testimony regarding the appointment of the controversial and now fired executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng "does not align with the content of minutes of the SABC board meetings".

"To this end the testimony proffered by the then-minister of communications could be seen as an attempt to misled the enquiry."

The report found that the controversial Mbulaheni Maguvhe likely misled parliament when he claimed ignorance of the shocking labour dispute involving the so-called "SABC8" SABC News journalists who were fired after they voiced concern over the Hlaudi Motsoeneng's abruptly introduced SABC News censorship policy.

The parliamentary report found that the controversial Ben Ngubane misled parliament in his testimony on the massive amounts the SABC had been paying to produce The New Age Breakfast Briefings broadcast on SABC2's Morning Live.

"The testimony offered by Ben Ngubane could be seen as an attempt to mislead the inquiry and that false information was presented to the inquiry," parliament's report states.

The parliamentary report found that the controversial and now gone James Aguma might have provided the inquiry with an email which "purports to lack authenticity as being that generated by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)."

"In order to establish this fact conclusively, further investigation needs to be undertaken to ascertain whether the email was generated by the CIPC".

The parliamentary report found that Theresa Geldenhuys refused to provide parliament's ad hoc committee with requested documents, citing that they were "commercially sensitive" - only for the documents to be provided later, and being proven to not be commercially sensitive. 

Theresa Geldenhuys also failed "to inform the committee that she was no longer the company secretary which could be considered as an attempt to mislead the inquiry".

Parliament's legal services division recommended that the 5 people be investigated for misleading parliament.

In a statement, Phumzile van Damme, a member of parliament (MP) of the Democratic Alliance (DA) political party, says that "now that the speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete has finally tabled the report from parliament's legal services unit identifying those who misled or lied to the SABC ad hoc committee, she must ensure that criminal charges are laid against them."

"The recommendation in the report of the ad hoc committee on the SABC inquiry was that parliament itself lay charges against the individuals who misled the committee."

"Although the DA welcomes the tabling of this report, the reality is that it is almost 12 weeks overdue and has been sitting on the speaker's desk since 5 June."

Friday, August 18, 2017

SABC1's holds 'Spring Burst' Newtown event hoo-haa about new drama Tjovitjo although channel head Clara Nzima promises more new shows 'in the upcoming months'.

The SABC's SABC1 channel did a "Spring Burst" media launch in Johannesburg's industrial Newtown district on Thursday afternoon to launch supposed new programming and get some media exposure but the event gathering was basically only a media hoo-haa for the channel's new gritty pantsula dance show Tjovitjo and not much else.

The start of Tjovitjo on Sunday night at 20:00 will see the new half hour drama be followed by the umpteenth rebroadcast of the beyond stale 10-episode drama series Shaka Zulu, suddenly replacing the abruptly ditched magazine show Zaziwa in the 20:30 timeslot that will now only return on 8 November mid-way through its 5th season.

SABC1 conveniently didn't say a word about it or why it's made the programming move to yet again replay an over 3 decades old drama in prime time instead of new content.

The SABC literally seems unable to stop showing Henry Cele's Shaka Zulu - whether as filler to pad schedules holes or for whatever reason. The 1986 show literally was on SABC3 in 2014, then on SABC Encore in 2015 less than two years ago, and now its on SABC1. Again.

"SABC1 is known for its quality local drama offering," says Clara Nzima, SABC1 channel head, in a statement.

"The decision to extend this offering to the weekend is paying off. We are looking forward to the channel's new tranche of programming launched in the month of August 2017".

"In line with the agenda of a developmental country and the call to 'open up the industry', the drama series, Tjovitjo takes ordinary South African youth who have never acted before let alone been on TV and turns their lives around, transforming them into stars".

"Through a variety of our programs [sic] we continue to provide a guaranteed platform of expression for both the established and undiscovered talented and creative youth of Mzansi," said Clara Nzima in the statement.

SABC1 didn't elaborate much on the other programming on offer but notes that "other exciting additions to the schedule will include the introduction of 2 brand new local sitcoms, Rented Family and uThuli Nothulani".

These shows already started.

"Back by popular demand is the documentary strand Sisters with Soul which now includes male artists under the new banner, Sisters and Brothers with Soul."

"Other shows brought back by popular demand are Shaka Zulu and Intersexions S1 which will serve to strengthen the channel's Sunday prime-time offering, providing our audience with an enhanced viewing experience."

"Viewers should look forward to brand new shows coming to SABC1 in the upcoming months," says Clara Nzima.

KINDA TRASHY. Poor Pearl! Pearl Modiadie had to hear from the media that SABC1 abruptly dumped Zaziwa from Sunday for ... Shaka Zulu.

Poor Pearl, nobody apparently bothered to tell her Zaziwa has abruptly been dumped from the SABC1 schedule from this Sunday to make way for ... Shaka Zulu.

SABC style, a flabbergasted Pearl Modiadie had to hear from the media and not the SABC that uhm, Zaziwa has abruptly been shelved from its struggling Sunday evening timeslot.

SABC1's channel head Clara Nzima decided that Zaziwa must make way from this Sunday for an old Shaka Zulu 10-partner at 20:30.

Pearl Modiadie presents and produces Zaziwa.

The struggling Zaziwa will move back to a weekday from 8 November after ratings for the show tanked when SABC1 in February moved it from its Wednesday timeslot to Sundays, losing more than a million viewers for the SABC.

SABC1 publicist Phillip Mabitsela didn't respond to a media enquiry as to why Zaziwa - only midway through its 5th season and with 36 episodes left - is being taken off the air for two and a half months.

Zaziwa's could have gotten somewhat of a ratings boost as the lead-out from the new Tjovitjo starting this Sunday at 20:00 on SABC1 if the gritty pantsula dance drama itself manages to lure big enough audiences.

Now the SABC will treat SABC1 viewers to the umpteenth reshowing of the 1986 Shaka Zulu drama with Henry Cele in the title role that actually more belongs on MultiChoice and the SABC's library rerun channel SABC Encore (DStv 156) on DStv.

The SABC3 Isidingo's Thabang character revealed to be gay: 'I want a guy with a good physique'.

The Isidingo character Thabang has just been matter-of-factly revealed to viewers of the SABC3 weekday soap to be gay, calling a friend on his cellphone saying "I want a guy with a good physique".

Played by actor Pholosa Mohlala in a temporary part as the son of one of the Horizon Deep miners, the character's friend Matlatla who've been trying to get him a girlfriend, as well as his dad, are not aware of his sexual orientation.

Matlatla  has even suggested some magical "muti", thinking that Thabang has a problem with his "equipment" because he's too shy and "unable to handle the ladies" and got him a "concoction" that will "get your tools to work".

In Wednesday evening's Isidingo episode viewers however saw Thabang call a friend saying: "I want a guy with a good physique. Good physique, good looks and a mind to match. Someone I can have a proper conversation with."

It's not the first gay character on Isidingo but the first in this mining community setting.

The Endemol Shine Africa soap previously featured the first gay male kiss on a South African TV soap and also had the first same-sex wedding South African TV soap wedding.

Journalists should walk out of late-starting press conferences more often, says South African National Editors' Forum.

South African journalists who are kept waiting for hours for press conferences to start without any updates and advisories as to why there's delays should stage walk-outs more often in protest against the growing culture of "media should hurry-up-and-wait" in the country.

This calls comes from The South African National Editors' Forum (Sanef) and follows after South Africa's minister of social development Bathabile Dlamini kept reporters waiting for more than two hours on Thursday after which they all - except the SABC - all decided to stage a walk out and leave.

Earlier on Thursday, the infamously caustic publicist Lumka Oliphant, according to reports, hilariously had the audacity to tell the camera crews of eNCA (DStv 403) and SABC News (DStv 404) that they are allegedly not allowed to stand in front of the tables where officia for social development from various provinces would be sitting.

After camera crews moved, they were kept waiting for longer.

Lumka Oliphant later in the day in a radio interview, giving no clear explanations for why her boss Bathabile Dlamini was late and why the media were not kept up to date and told what's happening, had the audacity of accusing the media of "disrespect".

Mahlatse Gallens, Sanef chairperson said that South African journalists should stage walk-outs more often because a culture of "hurry-up-and-wait" has started to permeate in press briefings.

"It's the journalists' right to walk out. From what we understand, they were there for two hours and there was no explanation given as to why there are delays."

"They arrived and there was no-one there to explain to them when the minister would arrive. They were well within their rights."

Within South Africa's broadcasting industry the struggling South African public broadcaster has become notorious for issuing alerts for press conferences at short notice and then starting late - the lone exception under South African TV channels when it comes to late-starting pressers.

Several SABC press briefings in 2016 and 2017 started very late after the supposed stated time that reporters have been summoned to be at the SABC.

The result has been a noticeable drop-off in the number of journalists attending the SABC's hastily-arranged press briefings, since they also have other deadlines and stories to cover.

Late starting SABC press briefings have also created havoc for TV news channels who wanted to broadcast SABC press briefings live but struggle to plan due to distrust that SABC press briefing will start at the times given.

Kuhle Adams, Gontse Makgoba and Tshego Mosupye the top 3 contestants in the MTV Base VJ Search competition.

Kuhle Adams, Gontse Makgoba and Tshego Mosupye have been chosen as the top three remaining contestants in Viacom Africa's new MTV Base VJ Search for the MTV Base (DStv 322) TV channel.

Kuhle Adams from Port Elizabeth, Gontse Makgoba from Johannesburg and Tshego Mosupye from Pretoria are the last 3 remaining contestants after 8 000 people across South Africa entered the competition.

The winner will get a 12-month contract with Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) to host some shows the MTV Base channel.

The winner will also get to interview some of the music stars at the Video Music Awards (VMAs), European Music Awards (EMAs) and The MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA).

The MTV Base VJ Search winner will be announced at the competition show's finale party in Soweto on 27 August where artists like Da Les and DJs PH, Ayanda MVP, Vigilante, Milkshake, Mo Flava, Shimza and DBN GoGo are set to perform.

The final episode of MTV Base VJ Search will be broadcast on MTV Base on Sunday 27 August at 19:00.

"The MTV Base VJ Search format provides an opportunity to open up the industry for young hopefuls," says Monde Twala, vice pesident for BET, Youth and Music for VIMN Africa.

"MTV’s ability to discover and elevate talent on the continent remains a primary brand focus. We have incredible success stories such as actress, Nomzamo Mbatha, who recently flew to Los Angeles in June to co-host our annual BET Awards, and Lip Sync Battle Africa host Pearl Thusi, who has gone on to star in the US hit series Quantico."

Novice actress Reandi Grey has joined the SABC2 weekday soap 7de Laan as character Esti Fouchè.

Novice actress Reandi Grey has joined the SABC's weekday soap 7de Laan on SABC2 in the role of Esti Fouchè.

The actress is new to South Africa's entertainment industry, has no tertiary training in acting and has made her first appearance this week in the Danie Odendaal Productions produced soap.

Reandi Grey graduated with an honours degree in graphic design and development communication at the University of Potchefstroom in 2011.

The character of Esti is described as unconventional and free-spirited and goes about her job with undaunting determination and passion.

She is a hard worker and not afraid to roll up her sleeves and go the extra mile when necessary.