Sunday, September 29, 2019

A week later the untrustworthy DStv Now streaming service crashes again during the 2019 Rugby World Cup; MultiChoice again says it couldn't cope with the number of DStv subscribers trying to log in.

A week after the last crash, MultiChoice's untrustworthy and temperamental DStv Now again collapsed on Saturday, again during the 2019 Rugby World Cup featuring a match including South Africa, with MultiChoice again giving the same reason of being unable to cope with the number of DStv subscribers trying to log in.

After the crash on Saturday 21 September of DStv Now when DStv Now buckled under the number of viewers who wanted to watch the match of South Africa against New Zealand of the 2019 Rugby World Cup on SuperSport, the video streaming service again collapsed on Saturday 28 September with angry and frustrated DStv subscribers complaining about being unable to watch the match of South Africa against Namibia, as well as a degraded streaming quality for those who could get a video stream.

Saturday's DStv Now blackout was the latest implosion of the service that keeps breaking with MultiChoice's Connected Video division, headed up by Niclas Ekdahl, struggling to provide adequate live concurrent streams capacity as MultiChoice works on launching a streaming-only version of its DStv pay-TV service before the end of 2019.

Upset DStv subscribers and DStv Premium subscribers on Saturday again said that they would be cancelling their subscription services because of the DStv Now problems, with many DStv subscribers who slammed MultiChoice for the DStv Now blackout and with many not getting any answers or help about what went wrong.

The DStv Now crash, bad customer service and lack of communication to subscribers asking for help led to further brand damage on Saturday for MultiChoice's video streaming service.

In response to a media enquiry on Saturday, MultiChoice on Saturday told TVwithThinus that the same problem again cropped up on Saturday with the pay-TV operator unable to handle the number of customers who tried to log in on DStv Now.

"We'd like to apologise to some of our DStv Now customers who were unable to access the platform for the Springbok Rugby World Cup match against Namibia," said MultiChoice.

"All DStv Now customers that were logged in ahead of the start of the match were able to view the game seamlessly, however there was a problem with the influx of fresh logins on the platform, which have to be individually verified, causing a delay in accessing the platform."

"We encourage our customers to try and logon to the platform during the match build ups, so that their access is not delayed by the login verification process, which is critical to ensure that our customers are able to have access to the platform that is specific to their entertainment requirements."

"This process verifies a users’ login details, password, devices connected, package, etc.

We continue to strive to ensure our customers’ user experience is not only personalized, but that access to their platform is also protected," MultiChoice said.
With the exact same problem again occuring, it means that MultiChoice did nothing - or too little - in the past week since the previous DStv Now implosion to fix the problem and to up the capacity of its video streaming service.
MultiChoice seems unable to handle large volumes of viewers on its rickety DStv Now app with MultiChoice technicians who have been unable for months to properly ensure adequate capacity, backups and functionality on the service.

In April with the debut of the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones on M-Net (DStv 101) DStv Now spectacularly crashed in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa, angering viewers who stayed up until 3:00 to watch the episode. It happened again in later weeks.

In mid-May MultiChoice once again saw DStv Now implode, with the breakdown once again happening during a big weekend viewing schedule. 

On 12 May 2019 DStv subscribers missed the English Premier League final, The Voice South Africa on M-Net and other shows, three days after a botched "systems upgrade" on the preceding Thursday took down the entire service for hours, causing DStv Premium subscribers to miss the finale of The Bachelor SA on M-Net.