Saturday, August 31, 2019

The SABC appoints the boss of its TV Licence fees division Sylvia Tladi as the South African public broadcaster's next acting chief operating officer.

The South African public broadcaster has appointed Sylvia Tladi, the head of the SABC's TV Licence division as its latest acting chief operating officer (COO).

She replaces Dr Craig van Rooyen who unexpectedly quit as acting COO citing personal reasons and who replaced Chris Maroleng who was fired.

Earlier this week the SABC on Wednesday in parliament, Madoda Mxakwe said that the beleaguered and technically insolvent SABC has a massive problem with SABC TV Licences and that although the SABC's database has 9.6 million SABC TV licence fee payers, only a shockingly low 2.2 million people are still bothering to pay their licence fees, with "455 000 doing it in instalment terms. As you can see the gap is quite huge".

Sylvia Tladi runs the SABC's struggling TV licence fees division since May 2013, with the SABC that out of everybody available Sylvia Tladi "is best suited to act whilst the organisation finalises the process of appointing a permanent chief operating officer".

Sylvia Tladi joined the SABC in 2004 as the manager for business accounts at the SABC TV Licence fees division and became the compliance manager for business and retailer accounts at the division in 2011.

In 2012 Sylvia Tladi was appointed as the acting SABC TV licence division boss and was permanently appointed in the role since May 2013.

Sylvia Tladi has been in charge of managing the entire TV Licence division which has seen multiple ongoing challenges and problems ranging from system issues to the hiring and firing and non-permanent staffers angry over their employment status, and irregularities and allegations of corruption over outsourcing of work to SABC TV licence fees debt collection agencies.