Sunday, August 25, 2019

Poppie Nongena sweeps the 9th kykNET Silwerskermfees and bags 12 awards with biggest haul ever for a single film at the festival.

The haunting and visceral big-screen adaptation of Elsa Joubert's book, Poppie Nongena, on Saturday night swept kykNET's 9th Silwerskermfees, scooping up 12 awards - the biggest haul ever for a single film at the Afrikaans film festival.

Poppie Nongena, based on Elsa Joubert's Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena [The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena], cleaned up and swept all categories it received nominations in, with the legacy film winning for Best feature film, Best screenplay, Best director, Best actress, Best supporting actor, Best supporting actress, Best editing, Best cinematographer, Best hair and make-up, Best costume design, Best sound design and Best ensemble cast.

With June van Merch and Bennie Fourie as hosts who opened the awards held at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town with a hilariously filmed skit recreating an iconic scene from Fiela se KindTobie Cronjé was honoured as this year's Silwerskerm legend for his contribution to the South African film and TV industry.

The South African born actor Arnold Vosloo, now living in the United States, and who flew to South Africa to present an acting masterclass and who was nominated for his lead role in Griekwastad, was announced as the first-ever patron of the festival.

Griekwastad, Flatland and Toorbos were all shut out of the awards with none of the three films managing to win any prizes while fan-favourite, Fiela se Kind that won the People's Choice award, only managed one other win for best original score for Kyle Shepherd.

Christiaan Olwagen and Saartjie Botha won for best screenplay for Poppie Nongena, while Christiaan Olwagen won for best director, Clementine Mosimane won as best actress, Chris Gxalaba won as best supporting actor, Nomsa Nene won as best supporting actress and Eva du Preez won for best editing for the film.

Vicci Turpin won as best cinematographer, Gale Shepherd for best hair and make-up, Sylvia van Heerder for best costume design, while Poppie Nongena also saw awards go to James Olivier, Richard West and Simon Ratcliffe for best sound design, and the film winning in the new category of best ensemble cast.

Helena Spring, Poppie Nongena producer on Saturday night said about the film "Two questions arose in my head. The one was: 'Is it still relevant?' And my heart overwhelmingly said yes. The other was: 'Will I be able to get it financed?'"

"I thought about it and the third question it lead to was 'What is the cost of not doing a film like Poppie Nongena?' There's so much commercial pressure on what films we're going to do and will it make money. The question should rather be: 'What would we have lost if Elsa Joubert didn't write this novel?"

Clementine Mosimane who won as best actress said "Poppie Nongena wasn't an easy movie to make and I believe it's still relevant for our country so that we can have a flashback, so that we can know what our destination is going to be like.We are only at the beginning, the end is still coming."

"Viva to all the women - black and white, Afrikaans and English, Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa."

Karen Meiring, director of kykNET channels at M-Net, said "The Silwerskerm film festival’s focus has been, and will always be, the South African and Afrikaans film industry".

Here's the list of winners of the 9th Silwerskermfees:

Best feature film
Poppie Nongena

Best screenplay
Christiaan Olwagen en Saartjie Botha – Poppie Nongena

Best director
Christiaan Olwagen – Poppie Nongena

Best actor
Stian Bam – Die Verhaal van Racheltjie de Beer

Best actress
Clementine Mosimane – Poppie Nongena

Best supporting actor
Chris Gxalaba – Poppie Nongena

Best supporting actress
Nomsa Nene – Poppie Nongena

Best production design
Chantel Carter – Die Verhaal van Racheltjie de Beer

Best editing
Eva du Preez – Poppie Nongena        

Best cinematographer
Vicci Turpin – Poppie Nongena

Best original score
Kyle Shepherd – Fiela se Kind

Best hair and make-up
Gale Shepherd – Poppie Nongena

Best costume design
Sylvia van Heerden – Poppie Nongena

Best sound design
James Olivier, Richard West, Simon Ratcliffe – Poppie Nongena

Best ensemble cast
Poppie Nongena

Web series
Deur die Blare

People’s choice
Fiela se Kind

Script search
Gerhard Marx – Asem
Reginald Hufkie – Kinderhuis kind
Nico Steyn – Skrop

Ilka de Beer – Cry/Huil
Melanie Tait - Ligspoor

Best short film
Oedipus: Die Musical – ‘n Dokumentêr

Best screenplay
Luan Jacobs – Hoe om ‘n perd te teken

Best director
Stefan Benadé – Oedipus: Die Musical – ‘n Dokumentêr

Best actor
Luan Jacobs – Hoe om ‘n perd te teken

Best actress
Ansu Visser – Binnelandse Sake

Best supporting actor
Ludwig Binge – Oedipus: Die Musical – ‘n Dokumentêr

Best supporting actress
Ilse Oppelt – Janneman

Best production design
Idelette Jordaan en Nadine Minnaar – My Gelykenis

Best editing
Canya Cruywagen – Oedipus: Die Musical – ‘n Dokumentêr

Best Cinematographer
Janhendrik Burger – My Gelykenis

Best hair and make-up
Charné Burger – Oedipus: Die Musical – ‘n Dokumentêr

Best costume design
Juanita Ferreira – Die Begrafnis

Best sound design
Wesley Ayliffe – Binnelandse sake 

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