Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TV NEWS ROUND-UP. Today's interesting TV stories to read from TVwithThinus - 16 January 2019.

Here's the latest news about TV that I read and that you should read too:

■ Maria Bartiromo was a generational icon for financial television. What happened?
The former CNBC (DStv 410) "Money Honey" sadly transformed into a Donald Trump acolyte.

■ Shocking: MultiChoice's DStv decoder insurance is a disgusting rip-off.
MultiChoice fails to respond after DStv subscriber is offered a "refurbished decoder" that doesn't even work.

■ New study finds Americans spend half their waking hours staring at screens.

■ Gossip Girl Penn Badgley now in the drama series YOU on Netflix says his masturbation scene felt "surprisingly disgusting".
During a round table interview that's part of the YOU's current press tour in the Philippines, Penn Badgley says director wanted him to close his eyes during the awkward scene.
■ "If you do something and you just don't move your face muscles, it becomes very creepy," he tells Rappler.
■ The "Netflix Effect": Creepy YOU surges in popularity since moving to Netflix.
■ Netflix made YOU a thing - let's hope it doesn't ruin it.

■ Schitt's Creek on Netflix: The funniest sitcom you're (probably) not watching.

■ Gillette facing massive backlash and consumer boycott over "toxic masculinity" TV commercial.
Explained: Men are saying to Gillette, "We feel marginalised, criticised and accused rather than feeling inspired and empowered".

■ The "Game of Thrones Effect".
How the fantasy drama series seen on M-Net (DStv 101) has been both a blessing and a curse for tourism and its key filming locations.
■ And what actor Kit Harington took from the set as a keepsake after filming wrapped.

■ Twitter suspends The New York Times' photo account @NYTPhoto after its horrific trash publishing of dead bodies in the DusitD2 terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya.
■ BBC Africa business editor, Larry Modowo, slams The New York Times and dares the newspaper to point to any of the US mass shootings where The New York Times published photos of the dead.
■ Graphic photo of killed people in Nairobi terror attack in The New York Times draws anger.

■ How SpongeBob sank with Viacom's dreams in China.
There's no money to be made in trying to get Chinese viewers hooked on MTV and Nickelodeon.

■ Outside of Los Angeles, Vancouver in Canada is the place for TV shows.
19 movies and TV shows filming there in January 2019.

■ SuperSport announces South Africa's controversial Vision View as the production company to handle its outside broadcasts of the Zambian Football League in Zambia.
Oddly, Vision View will now be responsible for the actual live feeds for SuperSport, using 4 outside broadcast vans.

■ The fastest-growing pay-TV channel in America? The Tennis Channel.

■ Police warn: Don't call 911 if you're fighting and can't decide what TV channel to watch.

■ Why old-fashioned, free-to-air TV watching in America is booming.
One in 7 American TV households don't have pay-TV and prefer to watch local TV news and free TV channels - and the percentage is growing.

■ Nat Geo Wild's (DStv 182 / StarSat 221 / Cell C black 262) Dead at Dawn is the first great new horror show of 2019.
The world's first "horror nature series" is honestly one of the most terrifying horror shows you'll see on TV this year.

■ Man smashes a flat-screen TV set over a woman's head.

■ Instead of Xenu, Scientology blames Leah Remini and her show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on Crime+Investigation (DStv 170) for inciting murder.
 A man died after being stabbed in the neck at the Scientology headquarters in Sydney, Australia on his way to a so-called "purification ceremony".

■ Women now dominating lead roles in TV dramas as men are being reduced to stereotypical "cop" roles.

■ Netflix's largest-ever price hike - why now? Also, the latest price increase won't affect South Africa Netflix tells me.

■ Why the aliens on the new Roswell reboot drink nail polish remover instead of Tabasco hot sauce.

■ SABC1's shameful botching of Diamond City while the channel is in desperate need of successful local dramas.
And my reporting about the SABC's mess-up here.