Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As more black presenters accuse SuperSport of racism, unequal pay, intimidation and victimisation, SuperSport says their concerns have been resolved.

Following the Ashwin Willemse on-air studio walkout that shocked DStv subscribers, more black presenters have come forward to accuse SuperSport of racism, victimisation, unequal pay and intimidation - issues that SuperSport claims have been resolved.

SuperSport anchors Owen Nkumane, Xola Ntshinga, Kaunda Ntunja and Gcobani Bobo sent a letter through MVMT Attorneys to SuperSport in May accusing SuperSport of discrimination after the Ashwin Willemse incident happened on 19 May.

The black SuperSport anchors accused SuperSport in the letter on 28 May of "victimisation, public humiliation, abusive language,intimidation and other inappropriate management", also saying that certain roles at SuperSport "are reserved for non-white pundits".

They also made claims about unequal pay, saying white contractors are paid more than black contractors.

SuperSport says it addressed the concerns.

"We received the attorney'sletter some time ago but agreed with the presenters to investigate the matter and resolve the issues between ourselves," says Gideon Khobane, SuperSport CEO in a statement SuperSport released on Monday evening.

"All of those commentators and presenters confirm that racism has not played any role in regard to the concerns raised and resolved."

SuperSport didn't want to specify how it resolved the claims of unequal pay, victimisation, public humiliation, abusive language, intimidation and inappropriate management.

Owen Nkumane says "we are happy with the way the whole process has been conducted by SuperSport. We have achieved our goals as a collective of a conducive working environment at SuperSport."