Wednesday, September 23, 2015

E! Entertainment on DStv censors Jimmy Kimmel saying 'masturbating' to Ryan Seacrest on Emmy red carpet, but the Kardashians can say f- and s- .

NBCUniversal Networks International continues with the crazy and irrational censorship of E! Entertainment (DStv 124) on MultiChoice's DStv - this time suddenly censoring Jimmy Kimmel saying the word "masturbating" to Ryan Seacrest on the Emmy Red Carpet - after first showing it uncensored and then inexplicably deciding to mute out the word in Jimmy Kimmel's joke.

E! Entertainment remains an utter frustration and irony to watch while NBCUniversal Networks International keeps botching the channel that has Botched with bad censorship that makes no sense.

Shows like E! News are constantly blurred and bleeped to irritating effect, while reality trash like Keeping Up with the Kardashians are "allowed" to say words like "sh*t" and "f-" uncensored.

Initially, viewers on E! Entertainment heard Jimmy Kimmel's joke uncensored on Sunday. He took over the mic on the E! dais in a joke with Ryan Seacrest and asked him what he's wearing. Ryan Seacrest of course now wears his own Ryan Seacrest Collection.

Jimmy Kimmel told Ryan Seacrest "Oh you're wearing yourself? That's like masturbating" in one of the red carpet night's funniest impromptu jokes, after which Ryan Seacrest grabbed the mic back.

In the initial live broadcast and the rebroadcast of the E! Live on the Red Carpet the joke remained uncensored - until E! Entertainment suddenly had the word censored and muted out on DStv in later broadcasts.

Strangely, and bizarrely, on Wednesday night in Fashion Police on E! in its post Emmy special, the exact same clip was used - and this time Jimmy Kimmel's "masturbating" was heard - meaning that the E! Entertainment and NBCUniversal Networks International censorship is not even done consistently.

It's apparently okay to see massive bare breasts on Botched on E! Entertainment and other private parts of the human anatomy and other distateful scenes and words on shows like The Soup but you can't hear the word "masturbating" on E! Entertainment more than twice.

The constant, irritating and inappropriate E! Entertainment censorship and deplorable infringement on freedom of speech (on NBCUniversal Networks International's own channel!) makes E! extremely hard to watch with the incessant and ongoing interruptions.

E! on DStv makes you feel as if you've suddenly forgotten to put on your glasses when things inexplicably go blurry while watching a supposed news show like E! News, or as if you need to change your hearing aid batteries because of intermittent sound problems.

Meanwhile there's nothing wrong with your eyesight or hearing - it's NBCUniversal Networks International botching their own channel for the people who the channel is supposedly for: viewers.

If the content E! Entertainment shows on MultiChoice's platform isn't appropriate for E! and E! doesn't want viewers to see or hear a word like "masturbating", why is NBCUniversal Networks International then carrying the channel on DStv in the first place?