Monday, August 31, 2015

SABC3 repeats the same episode of Minute to Win It on Friday night making it two weeks in a row - showing the episode for the 3rd time.

There's been no explanation, nor apology from the SABC for showing the same episode of Minute to Win It on SABC3 for two weeks in a row - the third time the episode has been shown on the SABC now.

On Friday evening on 28 August, SABC3 repeated the same Minute to Win It episode from the previous Friday, 21 August. The episode is already a rebroadcast from the season which was shown before and is being repeated.

"The entire season was broadcast previously, which makes this repeat even more irritating," says SABC3 viewer Colin Corbett told TV with Thinus.

"And why is it that the SABC broadcasts repeats when they have new shows that are taken off the schedule at the last minute? It seems counter-intuitive to broadcast repeats when new programmes remain unshown".

"Shame on you SABC3 head of programming," said Joan Keane. "Wake up and do your job. Repeat after rerun after repeat after rerun. Whether its programmes, documentaries, movies, songs. The list goes on!"

"Stop repeating programmes for consecutive weeks," asks SABC3 viewer Bruce Basson.

"SABC3, I wonder if you could train a chimpanzee to press repeat. Because if you could, you might employ him for free and use the money you've saved to buy new shows," said Devin Du Plessis.

"Really SABC3? This is the third time you have broadcast this episode of Minute to Win It! It it so hard to get it right?" asked Pamela van Wyk.

In 2014 SABC3 showed the same episode of The Transporter three times in a row over three weeks and in June this year the SABC's only commercial TV channel again angered viewers by botching The Good Wife and showing several episodes of the 4th season completely out of order.