Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Viewers fuming after SABC3 has now shown the same episode of The Transporter 3 times in a row.

Viewers are fuming after SABC3 has managed to show and repeat the same episode of the drama series The Transporter three times in a row over three weeks with no explanation to viewers.

After showing an episode of the European drama series The Transporter, the SABC's only commercial TV channel has now shown the exact same episode for three Mondays in a row, again repeated that episode yesterday with no apology, explanation, on-screen scroll or programming advisory to viewers.

Earlier this year SABC messed up and repeated episodes of ReGenesis, and local talker Three Talk with Noeleen went missing for months and got stuck in repeats with no explanation.

The first season of NCIS: Los Angeles is supposed to start on SABC3 next week but there's been no word from SABC3 whether that American drama series will now start given the ongoing mess-up with The Transporter at the channel which isn't showing the season finale viewers have been waiting for.

SABC executives recently briefed parliament about the ongoing audience decline of SABC3, revealing that SABC3 is facing an ongoing struggling with falling ratings and viewers fleeing the channel.

Responding to a media enquiry made on Tuesday, SABC3 tells me that "the overseas tapes were incorrectly labelled and it was discovered last week. The episode 12 tape was sent to final control (FCC) yesterday and it was apparently again a repeat. They are currently trying to find out what is going on."