Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bridget Masinga slams Kim Kardashian on e.tv's Screentime with Nicky Greenwall; reveals the TV industry's very true open secret about the Kartrashians.

Telenality Bridget Masinga is slamming Kim Kardashian, revealing an open secret inside South Africa's TV industry about the disgusting behaviour, self-consumed narcissism and out-of-control diva-demands which makes working with the Kardashians pure hell for those working in the TV biz.

In Wednesday night's episode of the pre-recorded Screentime with Nicky Greenwall on e.tv at 21:35, Bridget Masinga will reveal the nightmare behind-the-scenes she herself and her TV crew endured at the hands of the "Kartrashians" when Kim and sister Khloe jetted to South Africa in 2010.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian's South African visit in December 2010 for a terrible Brutal Fruit launch was an unmitigated disaster and a totally unmanaged mess behind the scenes, where journalists and the media in Johannesburg and Cape Town who tried to get access, cover events or do even short interviews grinded their teeth about the demands, disgusting behaviour and aloof disinterest of the sisters.

"She was just so sour," says the former All Access presenter who in 2010 tried to interview Kim and Kloe for the M-Net magazine show.

"She was a diva extrodinaire!" says Bridget Masinga, pointing to an image of Kim Kardashian, revealing that the sister had a "camp" of minders with them who made several demands on the production team. "Crop her here", "Can I check the lighting" , "Please make sure if it's a wide shot it doesn't go below the knees because she doesn't like her knees".

Bridget Masinga says she didn't like Kim Kardashian's disinterested behaviour during the interview.

"I do think they were a little jet-lagged - but I also believe in being professional: you've committed to something, you've been briefed. She irked me completely. I un-followed her that day."

Viewers won't know it but Nicky Greenwall herself and several other TV biz insiders suffered at the hands of the sisters.

In December 2010 Nicky Greenwall herself, then still doing The Showbiz Report on e.tv, also tried to get an interview.

After being made to wait for literally hours with a camera crew at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town where the launch took place, with no indication of what is happening or who the PR people are (in fact there were none and even Brutal Fruit abandoned the launch event where the Kardashians blatantly ordered and drank Red Bull showcased in an aluminium ice bucket) even Nicky Greenwall packed up and left.

Insiders at Top Billing on SABC3 described that magazine show's interview with the Kardashians at the time as "utter hell" and "one of the most unprofessional, difficult and traumatic shoots ever" and Janez Vermeiren who interviewed the sisters didn't know what to do when he and the Tswelopele Productions crew found it impossible to get the sisters to look up from their phones, focus and show interest and actually answer any questions.

Khloe Kardashian's disdain for the South African press was once again evident earlier this year at MTV Base's MTV Africa Music Awards in June.

She refused to do interviews with the media, yet interrupted and overshadowed the pre awards event press conference with her massive entourage and then blatantly got up and moved out of shot during the live awards show when the producers wanted to frame her in the background of Bonang Matheba who did a link introducing a next category of nominees.

Here is what Janez Vermeiren had to say about his excruciating encounter with Kim Kardashian "who shouldn't even be a celebrity":

(start watching from 5:14 to 6:15)