Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BREAKING. MGM channel on MultiChoice's DStv and ODM's StarSat renamed AMC, will add TV shows and bigger movie range before end of 2014.

MGM (DStv 140 / StarSat 142) on MultiChoice's DStv and on On Digital Media's (ODM) StarSat platforms is changing its name and will be changing from MGM to AMC soon, and will in addition to that start to add movies from the Paramount and Sony film libraries and will also start to show TV dramas.

MGM on DStv and on StarSat will change to AMC within months and before the end of this year as AMC Networks International starts to replace MGM where it is internationally broadcast with locally versioned channel feeds - such as the MGM seen in Southern Africa on DStv and StarSat.

MGM as AMC will also start to show TV series, like the new series Halt and Catch Fire and The Divide, produced by AMC Studios, which will be shown on AMC internationally, in an exclusive first TV window.

The quick rebranding of MGM follows the renaming of Chellomedia which runs MGM, to AMC Networks International in June after AMC

Besides films from the MGM vault, the MGM or now AMC channel will soon start to also broaden its range of titles and add films from the Paramount and Sony libraries.

"We intend to reproduce our United States strategy, expanding AMC's brand throughout the world and creating a new way of distribution our original content," says Ed Carroll, operations director at AMC Networks.

Some of AMC's productions, such as Breaking Bad have been among the most pirated content ever and their local broadcasting on other TV channels in the world have drawn million of viewers. Following such interest, AMC Networks International wants to attaining rapid worldwide success with the MGM to AMC rebrand.

"The international interest in our productions, plus movies from the main production houses to complete our schedule, means a great opportunity to make AMC an international entertainment channel," says Bruce Tuchman, AMC Global's president.

AMC Networks International runs channels on DStv and StarSat like CBS Reality, CBS Drama, CBS Action, JimJam, Extreme Sports Channel and MGM - or now AMC.