Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel dumps shows, changes schedule; swops studio for fake, bad virtual set, can't bother to ensure correct DStv EPG.

They're not on trial here but it's very bad that the Ocar Pistorius Trial TV channel (DStv 199) on MultiChoice's DStv decided to dump shows in primetime and change the schedule of the just-resumed channel without even bothering to tell the press or to even ensure a proper and correct electronic programme guide (EPG) on DStv.

Furthermore the Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel dumped its beautiful real set and now does coverage from a cheap and fake-looking virtual rendering of how the set used to look, but added blue lines and souped up flooring (because when you're colouring in with them Crayola's, why stop?)

The cut-out superimposed virtual insertion of the desk and chair floating in the air looks rough and clumzy.

The baby blue line and floor screening doesn't fit and someone forgot to draw some shadows. But hey, why care while you're drawing, right? And let's just "Starship Enterprise" this thing while we're at it.

No panning is possible anymore, just "camera angles" of zooming in and out, and the white back barrier of the "set" flashes with black spots as part of the overall new fake virtual feel.

Meanwhile The Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel dumped The Editors with Katy Katopodis - one of the best regular strands of the channel - as well as things like Social Media Analysis of the Day.

In its place is the hour long The Trial Overview with David at 18:00 (co-incidentally not even with David O'Sullivan but with John Webb actually anchoring), Court Today with Katy at 19:00 for an hour, and Legal Round Table with David at 20:00 for an hour, until 21:00.

That is when the Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel repeats the day's court proceedings and shows highlights of the day, ending an hour earlier than before.

The recordable and indicted timeslots on the DStv EPG do not correspond with what is actually being shown on the Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel.

DStv subscribers recording or tuning in for The Editors will see something entirely different.

At 18:00 the DStv EPG still lists Social Media Analysis of the Day, although its The Trial Overview with David which is actually being shown.

"News of Court Today" says DStv at 19:00 on its EPG, although the real name is Court Today with Katy as Katy Katopodis now suddenly appears here, doing a different show.

(Court Today with Katy incorporates some of what The Editors was previously, with media representatives in the fake virtual studio to talk to Katy Katopodis.)

Sadly neither the channel run by Combined Artistic Productions nor MultiChoice could be bothered to communicate the changes in line-up beforehand on the dedicated DStv channel to the press and TV critics.

Nor was there any warning or basic programming publicity note that the TV channel which resumed again on Monday is now starting an hour later with the day's new programming, at 08:00 in the mornings, as opposed to 07:00 before.

The Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel apparently also gave up on spelling with the on-screen text that appear. (unless there's really a Thee Times reporting on an Offscar for instance.)

TV with Thinus asked whether The Editors with Katy Katopodis was cancelled.

The surprising answer from the channel is: "The Editors are still on but with Katy during the 19:00 show. The duration of the live elements have been reduced for this final phase of the trial broadcast. The start time in the morning is now 8:00 and not 7:00".