Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is South African pay-TV looking at Lifetime? Is the A+E Networks UK TV channel going to be added to satellite TV here?

Is South African pay-TV looking at Lifetime?

Sources told me recently they're hearing chatter that Lifetime - more specifically Lifetime UK, an offshoot of the American and Canadian pay-TV channel Lifetime - is heading to South Africa.

Lifetime in the United Kingdom started in November 2013 where it is operated by A+E Networks UK.

Lifetime is a TV channel geared towards women - think TLC Entertainment but with drama series like Drop Dead Diva, instead of reality shows.

TV with Thinus asked South Africa's pay-TV operators whether Lifetime is going to be added as a TV channel and whether there was or is negotiations or plans to add this channel. Their responses are non-specific.

I also reached out to A+E Networks UK to hear if they're bringing Lifetime to South Africa and I heard back from them at the beginning of this week.

A+E Networks UK tells me: "At A+E Networks UK we're always looking for exciting opportunities across our portfolio of channels. When we have any news about future plans, we will be happy to share it".

A+E Networks UK already runs two TV channels - History and the Crime & Investigation Network - on MultiChoice's DStv platform; and nothing yet on On Digital Media's StarSat.