Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is the SABC clueless, simply out of touch with what its doing, or lying about its own coming huge schedule changes? Which is it?

It's hilarious how the SABC is working in a PR blitz segment as "news" every evening on the public broadcaster's English language news bulletin directly in relation to my ongoing news stories.

The SABC is saying things which are completely the opposite of what is happening at the SABC schedule wise, and what is going to happen.

It's okay. First belittle the messenger as a big institution and try to destroy a journalist's credibility, and then cast aspersions like saying legitimate reporting from a legitimate journalist and longtime TV critic seems "to some extent instigate racial and linguistic divisions".

 I won't stop providing news reporting on South Africa's TV industry and the SABC's latest ongoing scheduling changes and the affects that it will have on the country and viewers.

(By the way, the SABC doesn't even have its own image to use of the SABC's Afrikaans news - they have to use mine - oh the irony! using the self proclaimed TV critic's photo of one of your own shows - with their own story.

On the SABC's SABC News website with their story - and for which nobody from SABC News asked me for any comment - it is basically the SABC press release masquerading as news - they're using my image I took from August 2013 without any photo credit. Madness.)

What I have to ask is whether the SABC's spokespeople are lying, or whether they genuinely just don't know what is happening at the public broadcaster with the schedule after the World Cup? 

Please look and watch this clip for instance of just one of this week's inserts on the SABC's news bulletin which the SABC keeps doing, following my ongoing reporting.

It's strange that SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago would tell news anchor Vabakshnee Chetty on SABC3's news bulletin that "we will come back to our normal programming after the World Cup".

That is definitely not happening, yet the SABC keeps saying that.

Meanwhile SABC's TV executives are on record that the TV schedules are changing and that the Afrikaans news is moving to SABC3 permanently, and that the bulk of Afrikaans programming on the SABC is moving from SABC2 to SABC3 permanently as part of "drastic" scheduling changes coming to SABC television from 14 July.