Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BREAKING. Viewers fuming as SABC dumps the Afrikaans TV news bulletins, Nuus om 7, entirely after moving it to SABC3.

You're reading it here first. 

You won't see it because it doesn't exist: South African TV viewers are fuming because they can't find the Afrikaans TV news bulletin on the SABC - and they can't find it because it doesn't exist.

The SABC and SABC News entirely dumped the Nuus from its schedule for this week.

The SABC moved the daily Afrikaans Nuus om 7 half hour bulletin from SABC2 where its usually broadcast to SABC3 at 19:30 for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

But now the Afrikaans news bulletin has disappeared because SABC3 also doesn't have space for it and the SABC doesn't care enough to show that news bulletin to that language group this week.

Meanwhile viewers are desperately trying to find where the bulletin went since the beginning of the 2014 FIFA World Cup since it was moved to SABC3 with little communication.

Two weeks into the SABC's soccer coverage viewers are now wondering where SABC3 moved it to and if they're missing it due to tuning in and the "wrong" times - the reality is that it doesn't exist.

Meanwhile the SABC, which moved the Afrikaans news from SABC2, saying it had to make space for soccer matches and SABC1 programming, is now again showing news in the 19:00 timeslot - but the Xhosa and Zulu news bulletins, which means that the Afrikaans news could have remained in that slot.

The SABC says SABC3 is supposed to show the Afrikaans news but because SABC3 is also showing soccer matches this week, that it won't be broadcasting the Nuus.

The first time that Afrikaans SABC viewers will be able to see Nuus again, will be on Friday 27 June on SABC3, with no Afrikaans TV news provided in that language by the public broadcaster on SABC2 or SABC3 this week until then.