Saturday, March 1, 2014

FIRST LOOK! The white, beautiful, high-gloss set of MultiChoice's new Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel on DStv.

You're seeing it here first. 

This is your first glimpse of the new white, high-gloss, custom-built set that viewers will see on MultiChoice's new Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel on DStv on channel 199 for the month of March.

This set will be used and seen on the dedicated Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel on DStv when the court trial of Oscar Pistorius starts on Monday 3 March at the Pretoria High Court.

Who knew there would be a specifically designed and custom-built set? Look at the white - possible the most difficult colour to bring successfully to screen on television - both on people and in a set, but it looks as if whoever created this, mastered it perfectly.

Look at the curvature of the design - the circles, the ellipticals, the "roundedness" of it all. There is a high gloss surface white anchor desk with a gleaming black top, and to the right hand side a Dark tan, almost Chamoisee coloured couch.

The almost Arctic grey and silverish backdrop (look at the little transparent perspex pop-up "railing" fencing the circumference screams "television current affairs".

Pity that it will have to come down after this limited-run channel is done; having seen it, and not even knowing there would be one, I suddenly wish M-Net or DStv or someone can find an actual longer-life use for it beyond just the Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel.

It looks very sophisticated, is extremely well-designed to facilitate both solo anchoring from multiple angles, as well as in-studio and on-set discussion on the couch corner, but even clearly behind the anchor desk as well as other places on the set where two or three people can easily all talk in the same frame and still have a great set background.

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