Saturday, March 1, 2014

BREAKING. Oscar Pistorius trial TV content to be pushed to MultiChoice's DStv Explora Catch Up; some content made available BEFORE its aired.

You're reading it here first. 

You will need a DStv Explora for this: MultiChoice plans a TV content smorgasbord download of special Oscar Pistorius documentaries, interviews and inserts  - and not only that: MultiChoice will be making some of this Carte Blanche produced content accessible to DStv subscribers before it is actually broadcast on television.

MultiChoice and Carte Blanche will do a repeat of what it did at the end of 2013 after the death of Nelson Mandela when hours of dedicated, special content covering a wide aspect of the life and times of Nelson Mandela were pushed to DStv Explora decoders. DStv subscribers were able to access and watch it instantly and on their own time.

Now MultiChoice and Carte Blanche will do the same with the content that will be broadcast on the linear Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel which will run on channel 199 on DStv, making large chunks of that content also available to DStv subscribers on an on-demand basis on the DStv Explora.

No list of programming or schedule of the documentaries which will be broadcast on the DStv channel has been released or made available yet, but TV with Thinus can reveal that there will for instance be a documentary entitled (or in the style of) "The Real Reeva". It will be shown on Thursday 7 March at 19:00 on channel 199.

Other documentaries and inserts which will be shown on the channel and which will be pushed to the DStv Explora's Catch Up functionality include things like multiple Crime Scene: Pretoria inserts, Robert Shapiro: For the Defence and Burden of Truth.

What even more startling is that some of this content will also be made available to DStv subscribers on the DStv Explora even before it is broadcast on the linear channel 199.

With DStv Catch Up on the DStv Explora DStv subscribers will be able to watch documentaries, inserts and interviews from the DStv Oscar Pistorius trial TV channel hours before its shown in some cases.