Sunday, August 25, 2013

ANN7: 'We seem to have a slight technical problem. Benjamin what is the atmosphere like out there ...' ANN7's technical stuff-ups continue.

The cringe factor on the worst TV news South African television has ever seen continues on ANN7 (DStv 405) without end, as inexperienced news readers are embarrassed on-air due to ongoing, terrible technical mistakes making for an unbelievable array of public blunders.

ANN7 continues to make for hilarious and sad moments on "GuptaTV" or Gupta News" as the mediocre TV news channel - South Africa's third 24-hour TV news channel - has become known as since it started with haphazard broadcasts filled with mistakes.

Infinity Media's 24-hour TV news channel which MultiChoice's launched on Wednesday evening on its DStv satellite pay-TV platform has since delivered ongoing disaster filled television.

Unexperienced news readers, technical mistakes and on-air incompetence are combining to not just make viewers laugh but hugely damage the reputation, credibility and image of ANN7 and Infinity Media right from the start.

In the clip above of ANN7 of coverage taken from Saturday, its self-evident how massive sound problems and technical sound engineering incompetence continues to have a huge negative impact on the terrible on-air quality of ANN7's news product.

A live cross-over to an ANN7 reporter doesn't work, with the technical on-air mess making for not just an uncomfortable news reader but also uncomfortable viewing.

Look at the further cringe worthy and embarrassing litany of technical mistakes on ANN7 in the clip below, also from Saturday, showing how pervasive and across the board the totality of amateur output the DStv news channel is from its headquarters in Midrand:

Notice the ANN7 news reader's faltering delivery. Notice the ongoing, disturbing sound equalisation problems easily solved on modern sound desks by adjusting the highs and mids.

Notice how the ANN7 news reader is reading and suddenly the packaged insert starts while's she's still speaking.

Notice the unintentional irony of the ANN7 news reader saying "leaves a lot to be desired" just before the clip play-out of the sports package interrupts her.

Notice how the sound of the play-out then fluctuates, how the sound completely disappears; how the clip abruptly stops and it all suddenly cuts back to the news reader.

Notice how (bizarrely!) the news reader - without even apologising or acknowledging the jumble of problems which makes for very jarring television for the ordinary TV viewer, makes as if it didn't/isn't happening, and tells readers to keep watching ANN7.