Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS. Expresso presenter Ewan Strydom becomes a first-time dad of son Kian: 'Nothing can prepare you for the moment.'

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: unlike some of the other trash purporting to cover television TV with Thinus won't cover the personal lives of people on or working in television unless it starts to impact their on-screen work.

He was at work today, which means he manages his private life quite well away from the cameras, but congratulations are in order for Ewan Strydom, the Expresso presenter on SABC3 who became a first-time dad yesterday.

This morning on the weekday morning breakfast show Ewan Strydom shared with viewers this picture of the new dad and his son, Kian. Ewan Strydom (who was/is a model) met his wife Adrienn - now a mom - on a modelling shoot in Thailand.

Baby Kian was born Monday morning at 02:00 and weighed in at 3,81kg. "Nothing can prepare you for the moment when you meet your son," said Ewan Strydom.

The Expresso team said: "We congratulate Ewan and mom Adrienn on the new addition to the Strydom family and to our family too."

At least dad is already used to very early mornings.

Congratulations guys.