Thursday, April 28, 2011

BREAKING. The Showbiz Report's Nicky Greenwall is pregnant; expecting first baby with her longtime boyfriend Robin Fryer.

You're reading it here first.

I want to exclusively break the news that Nicky Greenwall and her boyfriend Robin Fryer is pregnant and expecting their first baby, with a source telling TV with Thinus that the presenter of the weekly entertainment magazine news show The Showbiz Report Saturdays at 19:30 on is with child.

The baby will be Nicky Greenwall and her longtime boyfriend Robin Fryer first child that's expected just before the end of the year in September.

''Nicky is about three to four months along with her pregnancy,'' quips a friend who spilled the news and added when I asked: ''If you look carefully, you will no longer really see her appearing full-length on The Showbiz Report - it's now all just middle up on the TV screen to hide the new and growing baby bump.''

Besides presenting the show since 2005 Nicky Greenwall is also the executive producer of The Showbiz Report done by her own Greenwall Productions and I'm told that with the bun in the oven she plans on taking things a little bit slower from now on. Running Greenwall Productions Nicky Greenwall is also responsible for the shows The Style Report and The Tech Report.

''Nicky Greenwall will still be doing The Showbiz Report for the forseeable future but she's definitely cutting back some stuff,'' says a source. ''She ending or going to stop the former daily entertainment news stories for the eNews Channel (DStv 403) for instance, although she's planning to still continue doing the Friday appearances on the eNews Channel,'' says a well placed-source.
''Nicky Greenwall is very happy about the prospect of becoming a mother,'' says another source. ''Nicky and Robin can't be more happier about the pregnancy and the baby that's on the way. Nicky looks radiant and happy.''