Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BREAKING. ''We could immediately see Sony Max fitting in perfectly with the DStv platform,'' says MultiChoice content exec.

You're reading it here first.

''I hope we can do many more Sony channels on our DStv platform. We are very lucky to have 4 such great Sony's brands on the DStv platform, 2 in English and two in Hindi,'' said Aletta Alberts, general manager: content at MultiChoice, at the official launch function earlier this evening of the new Sony Max channel. Sony Max (DStv 126) starts on 1 February at 21:00.

''I think Sony Max - from the time we started discussing this channel - we were all very excited. We could immediately see Sony Max fitting in perfectly with the DStv platform. Also, this is a genre that our audiences love and I think for both our subscribers to DStv Premium as well as the DStv Compact market, Sony Max is going to do great.''

''I do think that the channel is for males, but Sony Max will be happy to tell you that wrestling has big female interest as well. I really want to thank Sony Max for its commitment to content,'' said Aletta Alberts. ''Lastly, I have mentioned wrestling... and I see all my friends that I always wrestle with... the media. Thank you very much for coming. I hope you're going to write a lot about this channel. Talk to us, continue talking to us on Twitter and our forum. For those who are very brave and want to push the boundaries, pick up the phone and call us,'' she said.

''So my old rhetoric as always is, if you think we're doing well tell us and write about us, and if we're not doing well with certain things write about us and tell us. And happy new year.''

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