Monday, July 8, 2024 ends Power-UP! rerun channel on Openview it started as a workaround for Eskom electricity blackouts.

by Thinus Ferreira

Openview and today removed the Power-UP! TV channel from its satellite TV service channel line-up, a year and a half after Power-UP! was started in January 2023 as a rerun channel to give viewers another chance to see content due to South Africa's crippling Eskom electricity blackouts called "loadshedding".

Openview viewers got no advance warning about Power-UP!'s removal. eMedia started Power-UP! as a linear content repeat channel to give viewers a second windowing opportunity to see a repeat of content they would have missed due to a lack of electricity to keep a TV set on.

In an announcement, said that "With recent improvements in power stability, Openview announces discontinuing the Power-UP! channel (channel 114 on Openview) from Monday 8 July 2024".

Marlon Davids, managing director of channels, says "We are thankful to our viewers for their ongoing support. Your engagement has been invaluable, and we are excited to bring you an even more thrilling prime-time experience. Our commitment to providing nonstop entertainment has always been unwavering and will continue to be so".