Tuesday, June 4, 2024

M-Net pays evicted former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Yolanda Monyai to be Mzansi Magic brand ambassador who said she wants to 'f*cking molest' and 'rape' people.

by Thinus Ferreira

M-Net has decided to appoint and pay the evicted former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Eulanda "Yolanda" Monyai to become a new Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) brand ambassador who was removed from the show in March after saying she wants to "f*cking molest" one contestant and "rape" another.

M-Net says Mzansi Magic is "proud" to have Eulanda "Yolanda" Monyai as a Mzansi Magic brand ambassador after her abhorrent behaviour and utterances that saw MultiChoice, Red Pepper Pictures and M-Net evict her from the show in mid-March.

Yolanda is one of a group of five former Big Brother Mzansi Sya' Mosha reality show contestants who M-Net is now paying to be Mzansi Magic brand ambassadors.

The decision is raising questions as to why Mzansi Magic is so apparently talent poor that it's resorting to bottom-barrel reality stars with tarnished reputations to now represent the M-Net channel on DStv.

Christinah Mazibuko, head of marketing and publicity for Mzansi Magic, says M-Net is "extremely proud" to have the group of people, including Yolanda, represent Mzansi Magic.

"We are extremely proud and happy to welcome these five amazing young people to the M-Net family. For us this means aligning with our mandate of nurturing and sustaining talent, and we hope this opportunity will result in a long-term mutually beneficial relationship."

In March, after evicting Yolanda, MultiChoice said it takes threats and threatening remarks around gender-based violence (GBV) very seriously - but now it apparently doesn't, rewarding Yolanda with money through being a brand ambassador and saying she aligns with Mzansi Magic's brand values.

In March on television the 32-year old sales consultant and model from Limpopo said she was ready to sexually assault another contestant, saying "I want to f*cking molest her". 

She also said "I am going to rape Ghost. I'm going to force myself into his bed," in reference to Sabelo "Papa Ghost Ncube, who is TV presenter Andle Ncube's brother.

TVwithThinus asked M-Net on Monday why someone who threatened other people on DStv's airwaves that she wants to molest and rape them, represents Mzansi Magic's brand and brand values.

MultiChoice in response says "Mzansi Magic is committed to the safety and well-being of all housemates on the show. In the case of Yolanda's comments, the situation was addressed while she was still a participant on Big Brother Mzansi season 4."

"Following her exit, Yolanda received remedial training, demonstrating her willingness to learn from her actions. Mzansi Magic's approach to using former housemates as brand ambassadors is to nurture, develop and sustain talent."